How to install Forge?

How to install Forge? Forge is a library that will help players to install almost any modifications for the game. With it, you can track which amounts of modes were installed on the assembly, as well as their proper work. In addition, using Forge, you can update additions and delete them from the assembly without the need to go to the root folder.

How to install Forge.

How to install?

1. Learn which version of the minecraft assembly was installed. This can be done using the main menu in the lower left corner or when entering the launcher. 2. Load the necessary version of Forge and unpack the archive if required. 3. The installer will be available in the folder with a modification, which must be opened on behalf of the administrator. 4. Run the standard installation process. 5. Ready!

How to install Forge.
How to install Forge.

Why do you need?

Modification is required for the work of most mods. The library is required for proper operation.

Analogs Forge.

In addition to Forge, you can use the same API called factories.

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Fashion for Minecraft is not in short supply, so when it comes to control of Forge modes, which you use in Mojang's sandbox, a huge amount of modes can be a bit overwhelming.

When you first take the study of Minecraft Forge, it can be a bit frightening. But do not worry, we have created a simple step-by-step guide for installing Forge for Minecraft so that you can quickly and easily change / add your Minecraft game world.

Minecraft Forge is a convenient place for storing, sorting and tracking all your mods.

Step 1) Load Forge To install Forge, you need to download it here. Or you can find a link to download the last version below.

Forge has long ago, so you can choose a variety of different versions, starting with Minecraft 1.13.2 and ending with the latest version of the game. Forge for a long time was the basis of the Minecraft modified. Select the desired version to the right. I would recommend the most recent version if you do not use old fashion. For example, if you use Minecraft 1.12.2, you need to choose a version forge 1.12.2. After selecting a version, click the Windows Installer if you work on a Windows computer. If you work on a Mac or Linux computer, you will need to click the Installer button. For the purposes of this manual, we will use the Windows installer.

Step 2) Go through AD-Wall Now the creators of Forge must earn some money if you want them to support it in working condition. Because of this, you must go through the advertising wall to download Forge. After pressing the download button, you will get to the site similar to the one indicated above. No matter what is written on the page, do not press anything other than the red button "skip", which will appear after a few seconds in the upper right corner. As soon as you see and click the Red Pass button, Forge will start the download.

But this step can be circumvented, without supporting the developers, namely download software right here under the article there will be a link. Swing!

Step 3) Open Forge Program After you downloaded the Forge program, it's time to open it. Do it, just double-clicking the icon. Windows Defender or your chosen antivirus can display a pop-up notification. In this case, simply click "More", and then "Run anyway". Forge downloaded millions of people, and it is safe for 150%. You have nothing to worry about.

Another problem with which you may encounter when opening Forge is that you do not have the right / latest version of Java. Forge is a Java-based program, the same as Minecraft, so it requires that you have the right version of Java. If you do not have the right version, Forge should show you an error and open the right page. If this did not happen, you can download the latest version of Java here.

Step 4) Install Forge and allow it to boot After you opened the Forge program, it's time to install it in Minecraft. Make it very simple. Just make sure that you select "Install the client", and then click "OK" at the bottom of the program. Now he will download and install Forge in Minecraft. To work, you had to play the usual unmodified version that you are trying to install. For example, if you install the version of Forge 1.13, you will need to run the Vanilla version of Minecraft 1.13 so that it works.

Step 5) Open Minecraft and select Forge. After installing Forge, you need to open the Minecraft launch program, which we all know and love. From there you need to click the arrow to the right of the play button and select "fake." After that, just click Playback. Minecraft will start with forge installed. Congratulations! Now you know how to download and install Forge in Minecraft, and you are ready to start playing in a modified Minecraft using Forge.

Step 6) Install multiple mods Forge is needed for Minecraft mods, but Forge itself does nothing. It just gives you the opportunity to install fashion. However, it has no mods already installed or something like that. Therefore, you need to know how to download and install some forge fashion. Fortunately for you, we have an instruction how to do it.

Step 7) Good luck! After your mods are installed, it's time to have fun! No matter what fashions you decide to try, Minecraft, most likely, will now be completely different for you, so enjoy! Now you can install it all in Minecraft: from Minikards to Lucky Blocks, PVP mods and everything else. We hope that this lesson helped you.

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How to install Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a special project that represents the Modding API program that simplifies the installation and the choice in the game of several mods for the game Minecraft. In this manual, we will explain to you how to install Forge for Minecraft.

Installing Minecraft Forge


First you need to download from the developer's website recommended for minecraft installation Minecraft Forge from the download page =>


Minecraft Forge.


Run the file with the .jar extension that you just downloaded, make sure that you have selected the "Install Client" item and click on OK. After the installation is completed, the program will display a message about the successful completion of the Minecraft Forge installation.


Run the Minecraft game, select Forge's Profile and then press the "Play" key.


With a proper installation of Forge, after launching the minecraft on the starting screen, in the lower left corner you will see the inscription Minecraft Forge, and the MODS key will appear in the game menu, settling under the Multiplayer key.

So, if you received the result described in the fourth point, you can congratulate you with a successful installation of Minecraft Forge. Now you can safely install various modes for minecraft on your computer.

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