Gonzo style - what is it?

Many times in the Internet either elsewhere on our eyes the word "Gonzo" came across. Which, you see, most of us unfamiliar. What is it connected where it happened and what is this "gonzo"? It turns out everything is not so difficult, but very interesting. And the term "Gonzo" is not connected with anything other, as with journalism.

The value of the term

Let's start with the definition of the word "Gonzo" - what is it? This is the name of the area in journalism, which is straightened from all other directions in that the author writes its material purely from a subjective point of view. He describes what is happening not as the author, but as a participant in the events occurring around. Most often, gonzo journalism affects the problems of various organizations, subcultures, minorities, politicians, etc.

For greater persuasiveness, the authors lived the lives of their heroes, in the literal sense of the word. The manner of writing in this style is quite sharp, with sarcasm, humor, using abnormative vocabulary. Read this material is certainly interesting, it is likely to like the reader, although they did not know that it was a gonzo, and therefore this style is pretty in demand. The Word itself is borrowed from the Irish slang, it means a person who after drunking the latter stands on the legs.

No matter how strange it sounds, but often a gonzo is a report made there where there are no events. The journalist invents them or impair them. It is here that the relevant quotation of the founder of this style is Hanter Stockton Thompson.

Not events create a reporter, but a reporter - events.

Father Gonzo journalism

History of the appearance of Gonzo.

The term "Gonzo" first appeared in the 60s of the XX century. The creator of this style was a journalist of the Rolling Stoun Hunter Stockton Thompson. It all started with the fact that the editor of the edition of Bill Cardoso gave him a task to write an article about racing. But Thompson, due to any circumstances, did not excel to visit this event. But I decided to get off the article, invented a very interesting way. He sent a note editor with fictional events that illuminated not the races themselves, but what was happening around. It concerned the audience, whom the contest itself was not very interested. Hunter brightly and in detail described their scams and alcohol consumption. The text was written bold and boldly. He passed the emotions and sensations that the reporter allegedly experienced from what is happening. It is since then Hunter Thompson and consider the founder of Gonzo.

Gonzo style on screens

In 1971, Hunter Stockton Thompson wrote a book on which the famous film "Fear and Hate in Las Vegas" was filmed. But the book itself had a slightly different name - "Fear and disgust in Las Vegas." In the film of the main characters, Dr. Gonzo and Raul Duke, perfectly play Benisio del Toro and Johnny Depp. The journalist himself, Hunter Thompson, is the prototype of the hero Johnny Depp.

The film "Fear and Hate in Las Vegas" is a good example of gonzo journalism, when the main characters want to report on the race, directly taking part in the race itself. But due to the use of a large number of drugs, it does not succeed, instead they fall into various unpleasant, but fun for the viewer.

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

In addition to the book "Fear and disgust in Las Vegas, Thompson wrote two more books in a gonzo-style -" Angels of Ada "and" Rum Diary ".

Symbol of Gonzo.

Symbol of Gonzo.

Now you know that this is a gonzo means. But do you know that this style has even your character invented by the same Hunter Stockton Thompson. As you remember on the film "Fear and Hate in Las Vegas", the main characters constantly used alcohol and narcotic substances, namely Mescalin, with which this sign is connected. The symbol of Gonzo is a fist with six fingers, which clamps a cactus flower - a paйot. It is from the cactus and produce Mescalin. Also in the emblem there is a sword that replaces the hand, and the inscription in English Gonzo. This sign symbolized the free and dismissal life of the 70s.

The origin of gonzo journalism

Gonzo-journalism is the direction of journalism, which appeared in the United States in the 60s of the 20th century, which is characterized by the reflection of the deep-subjective opinion of the journalist on any event.

The term "Gonzo" was first used in 1970 by Bill Kardoso, the editor of The Boston Globe magazine, in his reviews on the article "Derby in Kentucky decorated and viciously" Hanter S.Tompson.

Innovation of Hunter S.Tompson

His article, which was supposed to be a report from racing in Louisville, Hunter wrote in the company with the artist Ralph Stadman, who also worked at this event.

The narrative peculiarity was that the author himself was not attended by horse racing, but he completely plunged into the atmosphere around passing races, consisting of a screaming crowd, depraved parties, goules and boys.

In addition, it is believed that the Hunter was not able to bring the troubled material to a holistic type and passed an article about jumps in the form of a notebook with records. Hunter notes were very subjective, stirred with Stadman sketches. Some believe that the journalist deliberately gave his article in this form. This article containing rather tough statements and is very subjective painting, received a large public resonance.

The term "Gonzo"

Bill Cardoso in his review of Hunter used the phrase "this is pure gonzo-journalism." Subsequently, the editor explained that the word "Gonzo" was taken by him from the Irish slang, where "Gonzo" is a person who was the last of the company resigned to the legs after night alkowning disturbances.

Also, Cardoso mentioned that the roots of the word "Gonzo" can be found in a distorted French Gonzeaux that in the literal translation means "shining way".

In addition, in the oral biography, Thompson states that the word "Gonzo" was taken from the name of the song of the New Orleans Jazz Musician James Booker.

According to another version, this term can occur from Spanish Gonzagas, which means "I fooled you", "absurdity".

Symbols of gonzo journalism

The origin of gonzo journalism

The sign of gonzo journalism was introduced by Hunter S. Thompson at the beginning of the 70s of the 20th century as a symbol of free lifestyle and free literature. This is a six-pailed fist, in which Payote's flower is clamped - cactus, from which Mescalin is produced. The fist goes into the sword, the Garda of which is the word Gonzo.

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Here I recently read the word on this wall. Immediately I remembered the mid-90s, when the gonsions were given to almost half of all sorts of shtakov. The meaning of this word was forgotten here (Kule Well, Scleros). Who is such a gone, who remembers?

Quote (POL_LITRA * @ 25.8.2009, 13:40)


Here I recently read the word on this wall. Immediately I remembered the mid-90s, when the gonsions were given to almost half of all sorts of shtakov. The meaning of this word was forgotten here (Kule Well, Scleros). Who is such a gone, who remembers?

And where did you read that?))) Gonza it was a type of Marettes Shaw (then on Sundays showed).

And the film was Japanese in the 80s, called the gonza - spear-stage)))

Gonzo - the name of the character-dolls from the humorous gear of Mappet-show.Gonzo - a direction in journalism, where the reporter is a direct member of the events. The championship (film) are films in which the director (he and the operator) is directly acting by the Wikipedia. ...


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Too-free !! Gonza it's choto from a frric show like. Yes, I saw on the wall "Paho - Gonza", the inscription clearly not from this millennium, here nostalgia began to torment .... before, there was a lot of gone. Spring. , Figases you

Third, I confused with Gizmo .....


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Third, I confused with Gizmo ..... biggrin.gif

Yeah ... almost like

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Yes, for some reason they are confused. Gizmo Mile


and where did you read it on the wall? I have to come in me with one friend with such a chase, right now, we feed on the horses for the fact that drunking with your other korean scored to death, and so the boy was not bad, who will come from there of course I don't know ...


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Hester , 9 school?

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Hester , 9 school?

rather 7th))))

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Hester , 9 school?



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Gone - a bad person, but better than radish


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Quote (Spring @ 25.8.2009, 13:53)


Gonzo (film) - movies in which the director (he and the operator) is directly acting

And and, as a rule, it is porn ...


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Quote (Sergio de Tochini @ 26.8.2009, 16:46)


but better than radish

I don't know, we have to call someone with radish.

There were still hostens.


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Greka. , Yopta, voyage. Fu, Nyudyay

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