Letter Santa Claus - How to Write and Send a letter to Santa Claus

Waiting for Christmas and New Year - always magic time filled with pleasant troubles, festive mood and faith in a miracle. Very soon the Christmas tree will decorate our streets and houses, grumble multicolored lanterns, the air will be filled with aroma of fresh needles and christmas gingerbread. In this bright time we look at the future, we make desires, we open our heart to the most courageous dreams.

With trepidation, children approaching the New Year holidays. Children's hearts are filled with faith in a miracle, because the new year is a holiday meeting with his favorite grandfather frost. We, adults, become wizards and help the kids believe in a fairy tale: Together with them, we decorate the Christmas tree, christmas cookies and help them write a Message by Santa Claus.

Letter Santa Claus - For a child, a mandatory ritual before the new year! According to psychologists, writing such a message is an excellent family tradition and a valuable psychotherapeutic ritual that helps the child to express his feelings and desires.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus, so that it really has become a guide for a child in a fabulous world and helped get a long-awaited gift? These tips will help you to make a wonderful message to the winter kudesnik, and the cherished gift under the Christmas tree will not make himself wait!

When is it better to write a letter to Santa Claus?

It is best to start writing the letter in advance so that the grandfather managed to get him and answer the child. Already in November, Santa Claus receives on a thousand letters per day, and in December - more than three thousand, according to the estimates of his mail. By the holiday, the stream of news is increasing, so November - the optimal time to send a fabulous message.

In the residence of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug, November 18 marks his birthday and the mailbox for letters is symbolic. If you do not have time to prepare and send a letter in advance, you can send news to the end of New Year holidays or use email.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus?

Children write a letter to Santa Claus

Let the writing of the letter Santa Claus become a magic rite for a child. The kids most often write a message along with parents, brothers or sisters, and older children can cope on their own. You can write such a news from hand or dial on a computer, on plain paper or a special form.

Go to the preparation of text with a fantasy. Create an atmosphere of magic for a child: lit candles, put the dwarf caps, prepare beautiful paper or ready-made blanks, ornamental materials. However, sometimes it is important for a child to write a friend's frost "here and now," then it is better to immediately respond to this desire.

To respond to the letter to the letter, try to stick to a certain structure.

  1. Grandfather Frost will be nice if the news will begin with a polite greeting. Ask how his business. It teaches a child of courtesy and respect for the elders. Do not start the letter immediately from the order of gifts.
  2. Next, let the child pretend and tell about himself: what is his name, how old he is, where he lives, about his family and favorite classes.
  3. In the next part, the child can tell about his successes, behavior over the past year. It teaches the child to reflect and evaluate your actions. Describe what good things have made a child what he learned.
  4. Then the child can share his desires and dreams, kindly ask the Frost's grandfather about the new year gifts. Let the child write not only about his desires, but also about what he would like to wish his relatives. It teaches attentive attitude to loved ones and really like the grandfather.
  5. At the end of the message, you need to congratulate the grandfather of Claus with the upcoming holidays, wish him something good, thank for gifts and say goodbye. Put the date and signature. Do not forget to specify your exact return address to answer.

Sample letter of the Grandfather of the Boy

"Hello, Dear Grandfather Frost!

How is your health? How are you? How are things near Snow Maiden and your deer?

Writes you ____. I am ___ years old. I study in ___ class. I live with my mother, dad and younger brother. At home we have a cat. I really love the Lego designer and collect a dinosaur collection.

This year I learned a lot of new things and learned a lot. I went to school, learned to read and write. I am engaged in sports and got a medal at competitions. I feel good to run. This year I behaved well, helped my mother and dad, was a good friend and did not offend the brother. I diligently taught the lessons, carried out the instructions of the parents.

I am very dreaming about the set of Lego and the new dinosaur into my collection. Give, please, my brother's railway. Mom will get acquainted with a needlework, dad new tools. Grandfather with grandfather bring health, and the cat is a tasty feed.

Grandfather Frost, I congratulate you on the New Year! I wish you health and a lot of strength.

Send you a drawing as a gift.


Name. Date."

Sample letter of the Grandfather Frost from the girl:

"Good Health, Grandfather Frost!

How are you? Ta do not miss the north? Are you preparing for holidays?

Writes to you _____. I'm all good! I live with my mother and dad in _____. And we have a dog ______. I already ___ years old, and I study in ____ class. This year I managed to learn great and take the first place at the Olympics at school. For the year I did a lot of good things: helped parents, was a good friend, walked with dogs from the shelter. I dance and spent several times on the stage. I love to draw and drew a lot of drawings for the year.

Most of all I love lol dolls and beautiful office.

Grandfather Frost, I am very happy with the new doll of lol and a beautiful notebook to lead a personal diary. If you can, give mom with dad tickets to the theater, and our dog is a new collar. Bring all health, many smiles, joy and happiness!

Congratulations on your holidays. I wish you a lot of strength and health. For you, I prepared a drawing.


Name, date. "

Let the child in his message be sincere. Small blots and corrections are allowed and look very touching. If the child has not yet mastered the skill of the letter, write the text yourself, and offer the child to draw a desire. Write the words kid can also with printed letters or pencil. Usually, the kids coped well with the writing of the festive news, because they really want a gift from Grandfather Frost.

What gift can I ask for a Frost's grandfather?

How to write a letter Santa Claus

When writing a message, discuss with the child what kind of gifts he wants to ask for a holiday. Much depends on the views taken in your family. Decide which gifts are appropriate under your Christmas tree and select a few suitable options together so that the Frost's grandfather has a choice.

This is a great moment to talk about gift value. Why does the child want that? What will he do with it? How will his life change when he gets welcome? So that the joy of New Year's gifts does not only turn into material desires, it's time to discuss the spiritual value of the holiday.

If necessary, explain that too big gifts do not fit in Santa Santa Claus, that Grandfather Frost can not all give a very expensive gifts, because there are a lot of children on the planet. Tell me that friends do not give, so under the tree will not be a live kitten or puppy.

Very often, the guys who survived heavy events, wish not enough things: "Let mom and Pope be together" or "let the grandmother return from heaven." According to psychologists, this is a signal that the difficult situation has not yet been lived. Such a letter is a good reason for the conversation and in itself can be the beginning of the therapeutic process.

So that the child has not experienced false hopes, it is necessary to tell the child that even the wizard of Grandfather Frost is not able to fulfill such desires. But let the wishes of health, love, happiness and relatives remain in children's posts.

How to make a message to the Grandfather Frost?

The options for designing New Year's news, it all depends on the fantasy and child capabilities. But it is better to come to this with fiction, because the winter cockpit answers those letters who surprised him with something or touched.

A child can decorate a sheet of paper with decorative materials: New Year's stickers, sparkles, add text with drawings or patterns on winter topics. You can use bright gel handles, gold or silver marker, wovers, paints. You can write a message on white paper and on color paper. Give the child the choice of instruments and materials, and he can decorate the letter to his taste.

You can use the ready-made letters, but the message written from hand and decorated on your own, it turns out more individual. New Year's news can be originally issued in the form of a scroll, ancient message or beat the favorite theme of princesses, unicorns, machines. In the design, follow the ideas of a little creator.

Templates of letters Santa Claus

We have prepared three letters for you, which you can download free and print.

Letter Template Santa Claus - Blank 3 Letter Template Santa Claus - Blank 2 Letter Template Santa Claus - Blank 1To open the template in full, click on it with the left mouse button.

Where to send a letter to Santa Claus?

Put the ready letter in a beautiful envelope, seal, stir up the brand and be sure to specify the exact address of the Santa Claus residence in Veliky Ustyug:

House of Santa Claus, October per. 1a, Great Ustyug, Vologda region, 162390, Russia

Optionally, you can write to Santa Claus helpers in the regions of Russia or abroad. Drawing up text in a foreign language can be a good language practice for a child.

Addresses for sending letters Assistants of Santa Claus in the regions of Russia

  • Tol Babai in Udmurtia: Svoboda 9.9, p. Sharban, Republic of Udmurtia, 427070;
  • Kysh Babai in Tatarstan: Arsky district, p. Yana Kyrlay, Republic of Tatarstan, 422035;
  • Talvi Ukko in Karelia: Chalna village, Republic of Karelia, 186130;
  • Helo Muchi in Chuvashia: Cheboksar district, D. Kshausi, Ethnocomplex "Yasna", Republic of Chuvashia, 429520;
  • Yamal Iry in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District: the Uralsky district, the village of Gorneoknyazevsk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 629001;
  • Sagan Upgen in Buryatia: Buryatia, Ethnographic Museum of the Peoples of Transbaikalia, Residence Sagan Ugane, 670045;
  • Jushto Kugyza in Mari El: Sernur district, p. Cooknur, Republic of Mari El, 425467.

Addresses of foreign santa frost

  • Joulupukka in Finland: Joulupukin Kamman, Rovaniemi, Napapuri, 96930, Finland;
  • Santa Claus in Claus: Santa Claus House, 101, St. Nicholas Drive North Pole Alaska, USA, 99705Santa Claus, Indiana, 47579, USA;
  • Yultomen in Sweden: Tomten / Santa Claus, Tomteboda, 17300, Sweden;
  • Yulissen in Norway: Santa Claus, Norwegen, Julenissen, 1440, Drobak, Norway;
  • Par-Noel in France: Pere Noel, Rue Des Nuages ​​Pole Nord, Libourne, France;
  • Babbo Natal in Italy: Babbo Natale, Casella Postale 102, 00048 Nettuno. Roma, Italy;
  • Christmas Pupser in United Kingdom: Santa Claus, Reindeerland San Na1, United Kingdom;
  • St. Nichaus in Germany: An Den Nikolaus, Nikolausdorf, 49681 Garrel, Deutschland.

Santa Claus You can also send an email through the official website of the House of Santa Claus http://www.dom-dm.ru/write-to-sc or to addresses: [email protected], [email protected]

In addition, there are magical methods of sending letters: put it in the freezer or on the balcony, leave in the Christmas sock or blind a snowman and entrust the delivery to him.

How to write a response from Frost's grandfather?

Perhaps your child is lucky to wait for a response from the grandfather of Frost. But even if the winter cockpit is not in a hurry with the answer, it is necessary to take into your own magic hands. Support the faith of a child in miracles, and make an answer.

In a letter on behalf of Santa Claus, greet the child, thank the child for the news written to them, answer the questions that the baby asked. Praise your child for progress and jerk for pranks. If you are hard to make text compilation, use printed bookmarks with a ready-made response or numerous templates. The template of the response letter may be like this:

Hello, (child name)!

Writes you grandfather Frost. Thanks for your beautiful letter. So the magic time of the New Year holidays came again, and I hurry to congratulate you happy New Year! At this time, I and my helpers have a lot of work, because you need to have time to prepare and send gifts to all the guys.

This year you grew up, made a lot of good deeds, even though there were pranks, but there were more good actions. Next year, stay as kind, strong, bold! Be healthy and let everything get you! Listen to relatives, be a good friend.

And I and my helpers will definitely fulfill your desires and the magic gifts will come!

Your friend Grandfather Frost

The finished message can be put together with gifts under the Christmas tree or throw in your mailbox.

Letter Santa Claus - Truly Magic Ritual, who opens the door to the New Year's fairy tale. Let the desires of the kids come true, and under the Christmas tree will definitely have long-awaited gifts!

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Dear readers, consider how to write a letter to Santa Claus on regular mail, or send an email online, or receive a personal video greeting from it. I offer for this following the following options:

1) the official website of the "Office of Santa Claus", where you can send a letter online; 2) where to send a paper letter on the usual (no electronic) mail; 3) Personal video and congratulations from Santa Claus on the Male Ru website for free.

Content: 1. Letter Santa Claus online on the site "Chancellory Santa Claus"

2. Write a letter Santa Claus right here 3. Letter Pattern 4. Paper Letter Santa Claus by normal mail 5. Paid audio congratulations 6. Free personal video greetings on the Male RU 7. Email Addresses Santa Claus 8. I am a patrimony of Santa Claus

The new year is the time of miracles when desires are made, and faith and hope appears on the fact that the conceived will be fulfilled, but, in fact, why not? Everyone remembers the child's grandfather of Claus with the Snow Maiden, the New Year tree, and someone may have written letters to Santa Claus.

Write a letter Santa Claus online on the website "Chancellory Santa Claus"

Official website "Office of Santa Claus" http://www.pochta-dm.ru/letter/

Click on the specified link, window will open:

Write a letter Santa Claus on the website of the station Santa Claus

Fig. 1. We write a letter on the website of the station of Santa Claus.

Fill out the proposed fields (Fig. 1). Then enter text from the picture without errors. This is necessary to confirm the fact that the letter sends a living person, not a robot and not spambot.

Errors When entering text from the picture is invalid. Otherwise, you will need to enter text until it coincides with the text in the picture. In fig. 1 This text is YM5EL. In the picture usually indicate English capital letters. Therefore, when entering letters you need to check that the English register and capital letters are included.

At the end, check your e-mail on the absence of errors, reread the text of the letter, click "Send". If everything is fine, the message will immediately appear: Letter Santa Claus Sent.

Send a letter to Grandfather Claus here and now

Letter Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug Official site for free

Letter template

A letter to the Grandfather Frost is best to write from the soul, without adhering to templates. Nevertheless, there are generally accepted standards for any letter, plus minor features due to the fact that the message is new year, magical:

  1. Write a greeting, say hello.
  2. I will introduce: to name the name, you can specify your age and your city or settlement.
  3. Briefly about yourself, about your family, study or work, your hobbies.
  4. A little about how a year was: as they studied, they worked who helped, that was good and not very good.
  5. Ask a gift or express wishes for the new 2019 year.
  6. Wish the health of the Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snow Maiden.
  7. To say goodbye.

Examples of letters

Hello, Grandfather Frost! Big hello Snow Maiden. He writes Misha, I am 8 years old. I live in Vyborg. I study in the 2nd grade. I study well, helping my mother and grandmother. I go to the training on karate and football.

Always looking forward to the onset of the new year. Please give me a steep soccer ball! I wish Santa Claus Ball in bag brought I'll be very happy! I will wait very much!

Grandfather Frost, I want to wish you and your granddaughter in the Snow Maiden, so that you always remain healthy and full of strength, pleased and congratulated us happy New Year. I believe that you are. Bye. See you soon!

Another example of a letter:

Hello Dedushka Moroz! My name is Alice. I am 8 years old, I live in the Gurievsk Kemerovo Region. I study in grade 2. I study well. I really like to draw. I have a dad, mom and two older brothers. I have the best.

I want everyone to be healthy, happy and so that everyone respected each other. I really believe in you and I want to get a letter from you. I wish you and your granddaughter Snow Maiden happiness, health and that you always please everyone! And let the conceived always executes! Bye! Good luck to you!

Third example letter:

Hello Dear Grandfather Frost! New Years is soon! Congratulations on your upcoming holiday! I wish good health, good luck in all matters and endeavors!

He writes Michael. I am 11 years old, I study in grade 5, I study on some five, I am doing football, judo and in theatrical circle. I went well all year well, my mother was listened to Pope, helped Gabule. I also have a sister Mary, she is 7 years old, she went to the first class. She really likes her school. She, like me, is engaged in the theatrical circle. She also obeyed mom with dad. We are from the Samara region. New Years is soon! We also believe in a miracle and will be happy to give any gift! Best regards, Mikhail. Happy New Year 2021!

Response Grandfather Frost.

I wrote a letter to Santa Claus on the official website of Santa Claus's office, about which it was above. I thanked him for work. The answer was immediately - this is a pretty letter:

Response Santa Claus

Fig. 2. The response of Santa Claus on my email.

I will not hide, it was nice to get such a letter, I recommend it to everyone!

As usual, if there is a demand, there are proposals from fraudsters in the sense that you can easily find yourself at the phishing site (fake) site. Therefore, it should be attentive, especially if there is a desire to write a letter to Santa Claus online.

Make sure that this letter is from Santa Claus, if you look at the email address of the sender. In the received letter, in the "From whom" field should be address [email protected] or [email protected] And official sites are just dom-dm.ru, as well as pochta-dm.ru. So, this is not a phishing, but the real site of Grandfather Frost.

What if the letter from Santa Claus did not come?

1) Check in your email "Spam" or "Unwanted Mail" folder. Perhaps a letter by mistake fell there. You need to open the "Spam" folder and move the letter from "Spam" to the Inbox folder.

2) It is possible that you incorrectly indicated your email address, so the letter from Santa Claus does not come. In this case

  • Try to go to Santa Claus site again,
  • True, Introduce your email address without errors.

How to send a paper letter to Santa Claus to Veliky Ustyug

You can do without a computer and send a paper letter by usual mail (for example, "Russian Post").

To do this, write a letter on paper, it is also desirable to attach a picture, seal into an envelope, or write a letter on a regular postcard and send by regular mail by writing in the "To" field of the following address:

162390, Russia. Vologodskaya Oblast, City of Veliky Ustyug, Mail of Santa Claus.

Let me remind you that on the envelope in the "From whom" field write your postal address. When writing an return address, be sure to specify your email address correctly.

Paid audio greetings

Audio congratulations can be ordered:

How to order audio congratulations?

1) Go to the following link indicated slightly.

2) Listen and select Audio Congratulations, which will most likely enjoy it to the recipient.

3) Specify the recipient's phone number. If you want to send a congratulation to another country, click on the checkbox and select the recipient country.

4) Select a date and time when the recipient can hear a congratulation on its phone. Sending will take place at your local time.

5) Specify your phone number. A message will come to your phone when the recipient will listen to a congratulation.

6) If you want the recipient to find out from whom the audio congratulation has come, add a signature. For example, sending a congratulation to the son, it will be enough to choose: the status "Mom", "Unnamed". In this case, the signature will be indicated "Mom congratulated you."

7) After filling out the form, click "Send". You will be redirected to the payment method selection page. If you are mistaken in the phone number or date, go back to the order form, correct the necessary data and re-click "Send".

Nominal video and greetings from mail ru free


Go to the above-above link. You will open the window in which you need to choose, who will send the video reconstruction: child or adult. From this will depend on the plot of the roller. Next should be introduced

  • your name (or then the name you need)
  • age,
  • Hobby (if the "child" option is selected),
  • wish.

And click on the button "Get Congratulations".

The received video can be shared on social networks in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can get a link to the video and send it by email. Moreover, you can install any date to send your letter.

About how you can independently make such a video greeting for a child or a loved one, share it in social networks, or send it an email to the day you specified and the set time, show in detail in my video:

Go to the next option, how you can write an email Santa Claus online.

Email Addresses Santa Claus

There is also an option how to directly send an email to the Grandfather Frost, without using the above methods. Grandfather Frost in Veliky Ustyug there are two official sites:

To independently write an email Santa Claus, just open your mail, print a letter and send it to an email address:

[email protected]

The letter sent to the address specified above will fall to the Grandfather Frost to the Great Ustyug.

Video Format Articles

Beach of Grandpa Frost.

The official website is useful not only to the fact that you can send a letter to Santa Claus. You can go to Veliky Ustyug and look at everything with everything.

In 1999, the residence of Santa Claus was opened. Since then, it is believed that Santa Claus lives in the city of Veliky Ustyug Vologda region. There can even go on a tour at any time of the year and see what it is like.

Official site Santa Claus

Learn about excursions, you can order them on the official website of Santa Claus.

On the site, in the tab "How Santa Claus lives", you can see:

  • The house in which the tale lives (it has 12 rooms, for 12 months a year. The house can be visited year-round.)
  • Trail fairy tales
  • Forces of Santa Claus (learn the history of the craft and see with his own eyes, how does the hand forging passes)
  • Post office (you can find out, from where and how many letters came to Santa Claus)
  • Santa Claus Glacier (all year round there is a minus 15 degree temperatures, and ice sculptures are impressive and fascinated)
  • Winter garden (unusual plants, parrots, fountains and even seagull can be drunk)
  • The folklore center "Hornynya" (history and life of northern peasants, as well as master classes on work with Bershest, Fron, and others. Natural materials)
  • Zoosad on the Votchin of Santa Claus (bears, storks, fibin, proteins, foxes, etc.)
  • Rope Park (to stay climbing, children strictly from 5 years)
  • Hotel in Votchin Santa Claus
  • Hotel complex (8 cottages)
  • Cascade of Ponds (Beautiful Places around)
  • Attractions (wonder stove, snowmobiles, Russian slide)
  • Alley Wonders
  • Forest pharmacy (healing force of server herbs, tea drinking)
  • Joiner's workshop (you can look at the wood thread)
  • Souvenir rows
  • Playground
  • Medical and Health Complex (Lok)
  • Gorka
  • Other

The presence of such a number of services contributes to the development of family tourism in Veliky Ustyug.

Video: Mail of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug

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