Letter Santa Claus - How to Write and Send a letter to Santa Claus

Children write a letter to Santa Claus
Waiting for Christmas and New Year - always magic time filled with pleasant troubles, festive mood and faith in a miracle. Very soon the Christmas tree will decorate our streets and houses, grumble multicolored lanterns, the air will be filled with aroma of fresh needles and christmas gingerbread. In this bright time we look at the future, we make desires, we open our heart to the most courageous dreams.


Mediterranean Sea 🌟 Useful Information

Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean Sea is located in the middle between the three continents: African, Asian and European. In the north there is a merger with the marble sea, and through the bosphorus it is connected to black. The Suez Channel connects with the Red Sea. The deepest central wpadin at the bottom reaches more than 5 km.


How to decorate a knitted cap: the use of rhinestones, chains and appliqués, decor do it yourself

How to decorate a knitted hat with your own hands
In the wardrobe of men and women necessarily there is a conventional knitted hat, which warmly warms during frosts. But if men prefer to wear everything without various decorative patterns, then it may seem too boring to women. That is why they seek to decorate a knitted cap, create some kind of highlight. A positive point is that the pattern on the cap can be made with their own hands.


Aquarium turtles: species, care, content, reproduction, compatibility, food, photo review

Swamp turtles in a natural habitat
Aquarium interements in our time it is difficult to surprise someone. These interesting reptiles have been fully cleaned about popular pets. Representatives of the class of commercialize their features of the content that you need to know. We will tell you about how to create ideal conditions for waterfronts so that their life is long and happy, as well as consider the most proliferated representatives that you can find on sale.


What to do to miss breast milk? 5 best ways!

Any young mother is experiencing true happiness when feeding her baby breasts. She understands: the baby does not just eat, but gets with milk valuables and nutritious vitamins that have a beneficial effect on its body, strengthening internal organs and systems. Thanks to natural feeding, the immunity of crumbs increases, the bones are stronger, the hair is growing better, the baby is calmly sleep and develops actively.


What is sketch

Drawing Skatch
Art is an important way to know the world. Through art, a person reflects reality, designed and modifies it, reflecting the beautiful and ugly in the images created by him. Among the many forms and expressions of art, the sketch occupies an important place, being a kind of intermediate link between the basic material and the already completed, solid composition. In this article, I will tell you what it means the sketch, for which it is intended, and how to draw sketches, without having for this knowledge, skills and skills.


William Shakespeare. Detailed biography

After death, all his property switched to daughters. The fact is interesting that at the place where Shakespeare has lived his last years, he was later established a monument.
William Shakespeare was born in the city of Stratford-on-Avon (County Warikshire) In 1564. , baptist 26 April , accurate date of birth is unknown. Tradition considers its appearance by April 23. : This date coincides with the exact day of his death. In addition, on April 23, the Day of St. George, the patron saint of England is celebrated, and the birth of the greatest national poet could be made to this day. From English, the surname Shakespeare translates as a stunning spear.