How to remove a person from private in minecraft

Privat in Minecraft, what is it? Like the real world, minecraft has its own zones - the so-called "regions". Everyone is free to dispose of its zone at its discretion: do not let alone, inviting friends to joint work, in general, to act according to the proverb - "My World is my rules."

If earlier it made sense only to increase the feeling of own significance from the player (everyone sometimes wants to feel like God), then Privat has more practical application. It became fashionable to be not creating a player, but Grifer . These are peculiar "bandits" from the game, their goal is the destruction of various buildings and buildings that the player has built with great difficulty. There are in the game and peculiar freechairs. They are not interested to spend gaming time on the resource assembly. Their principle: "It is easier to steal than earn money." It turns out in life: an honest player digs and craftitis, and the freezer uses the fruits of his work. The gloomy picture was drawn: not a game, and the test for nerves is the circle of bandits and freebies - a solid crime. In real life, a person protects against crime: puts the fence and hangs the castles, turns the dog and carefully chooses a circle of communication. In the game, the user creates Privat.

Regions Minecraft.

How to create a region

Make it easy. First drive the team / Region. , after - CLAIM and the name of the region . How exactly to name your region depends on the player's imagination. You also need to stroke a plot for personal use, saying the game language - to darke the region. The region will privacy three-dimensional, in the form of Cuba. A couple of points are planned for its creation. Through them will go a diagonal, the ends of which will be the tops of the cube. If a person who played in minecraft, in school taught geometry, he will cope with the definition of privata borders without much difficulties.

Many scold the Internet - there are a lot of fat there! However, the Internet is just a mirror of our real life. Also also computer games, in particular, minecraft. Relationships with people are folded there are the same as in the usual world. I want to constantly communicate with someone and together to engage in creativity, and someone is not sympathetic. As in life, friends often move from one category to another. As in life, everyone can make a mistake in man. If a friend turned out to be suddenly not adequate, selfish, or simply his game tactic does not fit your friendship ideas - the output one: interrupt virtual communication with such a person. Speeding the game language, remove it from Privata.

If a person from the user region, how to delete?

Player wants to take a pause in relationships and decide whether it is necessary to communicate with a person? Or has already decided and wants to break the relationship? So, the answer to the question "How to remove a person from Privata to minecraft?". Need a couple of minutes and the following actions:

1.What in chat.

2. Enter / Region Removemember. , the name of the desired region, the nickname of the person to be removed. The process is completed. To remove a person from friends if it has full rights to the player area, you just need instead / Region Removemember. beat RemoveOwner . The further also introduces the region and nickname removed. It should be taken into account: the removal from friends does not cause a material damage to a rejected person: this is not a ban, or a black list. The player remains the same rights in the game. Just he deeces additional privileges on the user's territory. If a player doubts whether to remove a player from friends, let him remember that this process is reversible. If the removal happened due to misunderstanding or misunderstanding, the friend can easily be returned back to Privat, restoring all its privileges. It will take a couple of minutes.

Is it possible to remove private in minecraft?

Sometimes the player may have a desire to remove the entire problem region. This can be just done using the console. Before entering the command, you need to add slash and RG. For instance, / RG "Team Name" . If a player has forgotten any information on privat, you need not to despair and not scold yourself for bad memory, but simply use commands List и Info . No need to do the tragedy if the names of the regions, the characters and their rights disappeared in memory failures. It is desirable, with initially entering this data to show marginal attentiveness. Random typo in these parameters may cause difficulties if necessary to remove something. According to statistical data, only one of ten attempts to remove privat, which ends fails, is not related to the initial inattention of the user. After detecting and checking all the data, you need to enter the command to delete. Teams for this purpose two. Both are in English, so those who are familiar with this language do not arise any problems. This is Remove and Delete. Commands are identical, so to achieve the result you can enter any. This is especially convenient if one of the commands give a failure when entering. Need to be not lost, but to enter the other. In most cases it will work.

Problems sometimes arise if players try to reduce the word Region in the first two letters. If Privat has not been deleted in the abbreviated version of the command entered, you must not be lazy, and enter this command entirely, and then the removal action will be effective.

If all of the above operations did not help, you can try to reinstall the game or contact its administration. However, one hundred percent warranty does not give these actions. The game can and after it is reinstalling, to give such mistakes, and admins may not imbued with the problems of the player, referring to more important things.

If the position is completely bad, you can simply throw the region, but this is the most extreme step.

To quickly move between the regions, teleportation can be useful in coordinates, if you certainly know the coordinates of other regions.

Regions Minecraft.

Why do you need to delete privat from the region?

What is the meaning of the removal of the region in the game? In Minisfat, there is a lot of interesting things, and sit in one place after several days of the game is just boring. No one forces the player to do it. At any time, you can see how to change both the terrain and the server. After the player's care, Privat remains, and other players can still do something in this region. Many players come in this way, turning backup regions in warehouses or buses, return to their region. Sometimes they simply pass the region to other persons for playing.

However, if the user cooled to the region or at all to the game, it may not be necessary to behave like a dog on the Seine. If the player himself does not play, it is necessary to provide this opportunity to others. This behavior is not only not honest, but not advisable, since by creating a lot of unused regions, the user only litters the game server. Imagine this picture on the scale of the entire game. A lot of past players who have launched space. The game turns into an urban dump. Everywhere, other players will be stumbled upon this trash, unable to make something useful with him, as it is someone else's. Constantly abandoned projects are unlikely to make the game more interesting and creative. In general, it is necessary to take care of the nerves of other players and a game environment! Do not be hammes that are lit in playgrounds.

In some cases, prohibit PVP in the Minecraft region will also be useful.

All commands needed to delete and references.

The above is outlined by everything you need to know the player to remove unauthentic face from Privata. In order not to look for the necessary commands on the text of the article, they are collected for convenience in one place.

  1. / Region RemoveOwner "Region name" "Nickname character" - Delete a person from friends and deprive the right to region
  2. / Region Delete "Region Name" - Delete region
  3. / Region info. - Information about the region
  4. / Region Removemer "Region Name" "Nickname" - Delete a character from the region
  5. / Region Remove "Region Name" - Delete region
  6. / Region List. - List of regions

Useful advice to novice players in Minecraft!

If a person is in the game not long ago, the best of all these teams rewrite on the leaflet and keep it at hand during the game (you can just glue). It will be needed until the player learn all the teams. It will be very inconvenient to search for information, how to stop the griffer when the buildings threaten the real risk of destruction. In such a situation, the tip will simply need.

Minecraft is a very popular game in which there are its own and pluses and cons, and the day of day the number of players in it increases. In this game, Minecraft has a huge number of features - you can even build cities, conquer new territories for yourself, you can trade there, and earn both money and reputation.

In this game, there are teams to solve issues such as add, or remove a friend from Privata.

You can appoint your friends to the owners of your conquered territories, but it also happens that there is a need to conduct and reverse action arise, that is, it is necessary to remove your friend from Privata.

the game

In this article, we decided to tell you how to remove a friend from Privata in the game Minecraft, as well as in addition to this we will tell how to add a friend to Privat.

What is privat?

Privat is needed if you play online on a server with other people by installing private zones You will not give to disassemble your buildings to other people, respectively, to give access to disassemble and build on your other territory to your friend who play with you you need to add a friend to Privat. Well, if your friend he has numbed something, for example, broke your house, you can remove a friend from Privata and he will never be able to break your buildings anymore. Make it very simple, now we will tell you how, we went!

How to remove from privata

In order to remove a friend from Privata, you need to register the command in the command row.

  • / Region removmember [region name without brackets] [Nickname without brackets] - So you remove a friend from the private region as a resident.
  • / Region Removeovner [Name of the region without brackets] [Nickname without brackets] - So you remove a friend from the private region as a host.

For example, the command should look like this: / Region Removeovner Earth Lololoshka

That's all, you deleted your friend from Privata.

What is Privat in minecraft

How to add a friend to Privat

To add a friend to Privat there are two commands that need to be prescribed in the team string, choose one of them.

  • / Region adowner [region name without brackets] [Nickname without brackets]
  • / Region Addmember [region name without brackets] [Nickname without brackets]

Everything, now your friend in your private.

Thus, we showed you how to remove a friend from Privat and how to add it to private. Now you yourself can decide who will do something in your home, and who is not.

Block the user in the Game World Region is sometimes simply necessary. There may be a lot of reasons for this, ranging from the change of rules and ending with a purely inadequate behavior of the player. Before considering how to remove a friend from Privata in Minecraft for home and territory, let's get acquainted with the content of this article.

Removal from Privata.

  1. How to remove comrade from members or co-owners of the territory.
  2. Turning off Privata.
  3. Nuances and some features of Privata.
  4. Why is it important to free the territory after care?
  5. Teams.
  6. Visual video.
People want to use creative energy. Some of them makes attempts to be implemented using a computer. Study new worlds are more interesting together with friends - both more fun and pumping performance above. After a few hours of minecraft development, some begin to search for information on how to remove an ally from its zone of influence. Part of the users becomes inadequate. And real friendship here does not matter. They can destroy everything that comes, under the influence of a bad mood, as well as give or block rights in the region.

How to remove from Privata in minecraft

How to remove a person from Privata to minecraft?

Would you like to put a friend in place? Open chat, we write:

/ Region removamember name_name nickname_ player 

To remove the user with full rights in the region, change the word on RemoveOwner. The remaining procedure remains unchanged. Turning off Privata is a disposable process: does not bring a person in black lists, does not impose a ban, does not reduce its privileges. Only excludes the rights in a separate district.

How to close Privat in Minecraft

If in the future you change your mind, the companion is available to turn on again in the zone, using a simple command in a couple of seconds. You can explain this to a friend with whom I don't want to spoil the relationship because of his inadequate activities.

How to turn off privat?

Erase the territory itself (remove your rights to own it) will also not be much difficulty. At the beginning you need to print a slash and a couple of letters - RG. It should look like this:

/ rg Title_communications 
How to remove from a friend's private privata in minecraft

A couple of the most used directives that help you get basic knowledge: they are useful in cases when do not remember what name your zone is wearing, or forgot what participants, with what privileges it added to it. Look carefully on the name of the area: If you are sealing or mistaken when writing, you can get problems with removal. Each 9 of the 10 raised cases are erased by privat, based on the wrong name of the zone.

The Operation itself is easy to remove. There are two types of directive:

Privata Restriction for Players

It does not matter from the commands you will execute. If, suddenly, the first was unsuccessful for some reason, take the work of the second. Difficulties are also likely to reduce the prescribed word Region (RG). In the event that unsuccessful visits are repeated, and private without change, you should print all the word entirely, and not just a couple of letters.

When the above does not help, it is better to reinstall the game, or you can write the server administrations. But it happens that the administrators are busy, and the installation re-gives no guarantees of the correct operation of the game. Some users can just throw everything as it is that it is not recommended for a number of reasons.

How to turn off Privat in Minecraft

Functions and features of Privata

What is Privat? Some players have access to the occupied conventional world area. Access can be blocked or limited by booking a plot to your needs. Previously, the trend on the griffe appeared, it did not make any sense. However, users are becoming more and more users every year: they come across among them and those who are satisfied with the destruction of buildings, painstakingly created by other participants.

And some players want to get an instant and light job. For what to spend efforts and time when it is so easy to find a candidate, who just needs to take away everything, without consequences.

How to remove a person from private in minecraft

There is a way to significantly alleviate Minecraft using an operation that protects against the actions of inadequate participants. First of all, you should register the / region command, then Claim and the area name. The name you need to come up with: it should be unique. Before this, we highlight the area you plan to add to Privat. In fact, this is a smooth cube of geometric shape. Select a couple of points that will become diagonally the upper corners of the selected cube. If you were in the lessons in geometry, you can easily imagine how it should look like.

Liberation of the territory

Many users ask about what you need to delete your area? Because some time after the start of the game, the bulk of users, having studied everything in the selected zone, loses interest, and they wish to move on to new areas. Some of them even go to another server. Gamers leave everything that was built in their region by making it impossible to visit this gaming space to the remaining participants.

Turning off Privata.

It may be permissible when you create a warehouse or in the future will return to the area. It is also possible if you plan to convey it to another person. And when the result of your works you no longer need, and you do not allow the rest to use the remaining place, it is bad. Space, of course, has many free zones, but leaving after their game with a dozen of such private territories, you simply zamouserit a map.

Suppose that this was done not only you, and users of the game, who left unnecessary regions, about a hundred people. On the server everywhere there are abandoned locks, houses and farms in which no changes can be made. The game becomes static and boring. Players go, and the server dies. Therefore, we take carefully and remove the trash behind yourself.

How to delete from Privata in Minecraft


So, now we know how to erase a friend from Privata. You got acquainted with the directive showing the data in a specific area. Now write the list of commands to control the zone so that you can not confuse anything.

  • / Region Remove Region Name
  • / Region Delete Region Name
  • / Region removember
  • / Region RemoveOwner Region Nickname Nickname Character
  • / Region info.
  • / Region List.

How to remove a friend from Privata in Minecraft

Additional advice for novice players! This list of directives, we write on the sticker, and glue near the screen. When you remember how to remember the writing and command value, the piece of paper can be removed. And before that time, let him hang: they will need at the right moment when someone wants to take the area you are interested in or has already started to twist your territory. Do not hide in panic, just follow the teams written on paper.


Next you can watch the learning video in which it is described how to remove a friend from the private privata. We will be glad if you helped you. Rate an article and write comments, as well as share tips with friends. Thank you!

We are waiting for your comments, feel free to write!

Minecraft logoTo date, the Multiplayer game Minecraft is very popular with players from around the world. Despite the seeming simplicity, this game has a very deep gameplay, and it may well come apart in popularity with more expensive gaming projects.

The first thing to do in minecraft is to grab my territory. In this game, there are hundreds of thousands of people at a time, and therefore it is very important that each player can have its own space in Minecraft to build housing, or in order to be tritely returned.

How to darish the territory

You can damage the territory in minecraft using a conventional stick, which can be found in the forest without any work. In order to darn the territory, it is necessary to hold a stick from the lowest cube to the uppermost cube of the occupied territory. After that, you need to enter the "/ Region Claim <Region" command> command to chat. The name of the region is assigned by the player himself in Minecraft. If you do not enter a name, then Privata will not work, and some of the game world will still be considered common.

Capture of private territory

How to add friends to your own region

First of all it is worth remembering that the territory of the region in Minecraft belongs to the player. Other people cannot build buildings in it, and can be found exclusively at the invitation of the owner of the region. To invite a friend to the game for accommodation and construction, you need to register in the total chat the following command "/ Region Claim <Region_name>". You must specify the name of your own private privacy and the game nickname of a person who needs to be allowed.

How to remove a friend from your own region

Remove a friend or other player from its own region in Minecraft is not difficult. If it is decided to continue the game to bring, then it is possible to remove a friend from the privata as follows. There is a command / Region RemoVeMember <Region_name> <NIK1>. You must enter the name of your own territory, as well as the name of the player to be deleted. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to first enter the command "/ Region Info <Region_name>" command. Thanks to this team, the owner of its own territory can learn about all his guests who have ever been added.

In the event that no error occurred during the removal of another player from the region in the minecraft, and it did not work out from Privata, you can try the command "/ Region RemoveOwner <Region_name> @ Nick1>, which removes players without repeated Recovery.

Chat window

Do not forget that the game is susceptible to big and small letters, and you need to take into account this when you need to enter a person's nickname or the name of the region. If the error lies at least one letter to execute the command will not work correctly.

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