How to treat hemorrhoids Htm.

The question of how to treat hemorrhoids at the launched stage does not lose its relevance. To solve such a delicate problem, preparations are used in the form of tablets, capsules, rectal suppositories, ointments of gels and microclism. If the disease is rapidly progressing, accompanied by the formation of large venous nodes, then a person can recommend a minimally invasive or radical methods of treating this pathology.

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General principles of hemorrhoid therapy

The formation of the process of the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes is a complex physiological mechanism. The key factor in the development of hemorrhoid is the process of violation of venous outflow from vascular formations located in the recycling area. In order for the treatment of hemorrhoids to be effective, it should be integrated. General principles of therapy of this disease have this kind:

  1. Revision of the diet in favor of genuine vitaminized food containing plant fibers.

  2. Daily moderate physical exertion.

  3. The use of medicinal medicines for external use and reception inside.

  4. Refusal to raise weights.

Medicia treatment

The maximum efficiency of hemorrhoid therapy and drugs is observed if the means for external use and reception inside are used in combination.

Such names of drugs are assigned to inside:

  • Detralex. The active components of the drug is heperidine and diosmin, effectively firming the walls of blood vessels and enhancing the tone of the veins of the cavernous type. When using the Detralex preparation at an early stage of the development of hemorrhoids, it is possible not only to completely get rid of the characteristic symptoms of the disease, but also to fully cure it.

  • Eskusan. The pharmacological effect of this means is due to the entry into its composition of thiamine (vitamin B1) and the natural extract of horse chestnut. The drug is a vegetable venotonic, which has an angioprotective, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-ethnic effect.

  • Troksevazin. This drug refers to the category of classical venotonic means that have angioprotective properties. The current component of the Throcksevazine is a trokserutin substance that reduces the permeability of the blood vessels walls, thereby eliminating the signs of the inflammatory process.

  • Phlebodia-600. The therapeutic effect of the Phlebodia-600 drug is due to a diosmin content with angioprotective, anti-essay and anti-inflammatory properties. Clinically proved the ability of the drug Phlebodia-600 to improve microcirculation in the blood vessels of the anorectal region.

  • Preparations for outdoor use

    Depending on the depth of the localization of hemorrhoidal nodes, medications for external use in the form of gels, ointments and rectal suppositories can be appointed with therapeutic purposes. With the outer localization of hemorrhoidal nodes, the use of such drugs in the form of ointments and gels for outdoor application are prescribed:

    1. Gel Troksevazin. By analogy with the eponymous drug in the form of capsules, the carbonsevazine gel strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases the elasticity of the cavernous veins and improves the venous outflow in the anorectal region.

    2. Relief ointment. The preparation includes fluocortolone pivotes and lidocaine hydrochloride. The active components of Mazi Relief have an anti-ethnic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and painkillers. As a rule, this tool is used in combination with medicines for oral administration.

    3. Ointment of Protto-Gillienol. The drug includes lidocaine and tribenoside. The drug has pronounced venotonic, topless and anti-inflammatory properties, in a short period of time stops pain syndrome, improves microcirculation in cavernous veins, and also reduces the permeability of the vascular wall.

    4. Ointment processed. The composition of the Outdoor application of the procusing includes Bamben, benzocaine, sodium heparin, eculoside, hydrocortisone acetate and francetin sulfate. The combined agent for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other pathologies of the anorectal region effectively eliminates the signs of the inflammatory reaction, reduces the swelling, prevents the reproduction of the pathogenic microflora in the perianal region, and also prevents thrombosis against hemorrhoids.

    5. The ointment of the hepathersbin g. The effective component of the drug is heparin sodium in a combination with polydocanol and prednisone acetate. Heparin prevents thrombosis in hemorrhoidal nodes, and prednisone acetate has a local anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates the signs of swelling, pain, itching and reduces the intensity of bleeding from hemorrhoidal nodes.

    It is important to remember that any ointments and gels for the treatment of diseases of the anorectal area should be applied after performing hygiene measures.

    With the deep localization of hemorrhoidal nodes, as a rule, prescribe suppositories for rectal administration. The most effective drugs include:

    All the mentioned suppositories for rectal administration have a similar dosing mode. With therapeutic purpose, it is recommended to introduce 1 candle with multiplicity 1-2 times a day in the area of ​​the rear pass. The duration of treatment is governed by the attending physician.

    Hello, dear readers. Many who have faced the problem of hemorrhoids ask themselves the question from where it appeared from them, and most importantly - why? Why are some people throughout the whole life, and others are forced to suffer and try to get rid of this disease? Everyone who suffers from hemorrhoids, at least once sought the way out of the situation, referring to the doctors. The strangest thing is that hemorrhoids may arise suddenly, especially if there is a sorry for a nonsense with nuances of the disease. To understand all this, you need to have a slight idea of ​​the structure of the walls of the rectum. It is there that the causes of the disease with hemorrhoids are hidden.

    The fact is that there is a huge amount of vessels on the intestine, which are filled with blood. Commissioning among themselves, veins become denser and form cavernous bodies among themselves.

    There is no certain reason why blood can be stamped in a small pelvis, gathering in cavernous bodies.

    As soon as the bodies become too filled, the walls of the veins stretch and create a hemorrhoidal node in separate places. From now on, hemorrhoids occurs. Preceded by a number of reasons that we will consider below.

    Causes of the disease

    Hemorrhoids develops gradually and at first does not bring a patient inconvenience. In the future, a person can feel great inconvenience in time of seats or hiking.

    Holy feelings occur during a trip to the toilet, often unpleasant sensations may be accompanied by very small bleeding.

    The risk of hemorrhoids depends on the predisposition to it. Often hemorrhoids is a genetic disease that grows and develops with a person.

    Thus, if someone from your relatives suffered from this disease, there is a risk that you are a potential carrier of this ailment. Thus, the first cause of the disease on hemorrhoids is genetic heredity.

    The second cause of this disease is the age of man. The older man, the less elastic wall of his vessels and the easier it may beighted in them. Among the patients most often there are old men and less often - small children.

    There are other reasons that the occurrence of hemorrhoids provoke.

    Causes of hemorrhoids:

    ✔  Constipation that are repeated with frequent periodicity.

    ✔  Diarrhea.

    ✔  Work that does not imply frequent movements.

    ✔  Boring and monotonous lifestyle.

    ✔  Heavy exercise, including sports.

    ✔  The birth of a child often is hemorrhoids after childbirth.

    ✔  Incorrect meals

    ✔  Drunk lifestyle.

    As you can see, all the reasons for the occurrence of hemorrhoids, they themselves did not take anyway. All of them are only the echoes of our lifestyle with you. If you want to wake, you can completely reconsider your habits and get rid of the most harmful vices.

    The study of this disease does not stand still, doctors every year open something new and previously unknown. So, it is likely that soon doctors will provide new methods of combating hemorrhoids.

    Types of hemorrhoids and their symptoms

    For many patients, hemorrhoids are a delicate disease that is not talking about, and more often they are silent. For professionals' doctors, this twig has several pretties and a variety of flowable forms. At proctologists, in their terminology, hemorrhoids is divided into species and stages.

    Today there are four stages of hemorrhoids. Several forms of the disease are isolated:

    At the location of hemorrhoidal nodes:

    ✔  External hemorrhoids

    ✔  interior

    ✔  mixed

    The inner view is divided into four stages:

    1. According to the availability of complications.
    2. Or lack of complications.
    3. Form without complications.
    4. Complicated shape of hemorrhoids by thrombosis, inflammation or bleeding from the node.

    External form of illness

    This form of the disease is primarily known to the fact that the hemorrhoids of the cones can see with his own eyes and even touch. The bumps are outside the rectum.

    If the aggravation is absent, the hemorrhoidal cones have a pink color, and their size is very small.

    The bumps are soft and, most often, in this form, do not bring very strong discomfort to the carrier.

    If the nodules are increased, the patient may feel the feeling that it interferes with him, but not more.

    If hemorrhoids are in acute form, the node becomes more dense and acquires a bluish color. The patient feels discomfort during the period when it is forced to sit, for example, at work and when campaigning to the toilet.

    How does the inner hemorrhoid manifest

    It is clear from the name that in this form hemorrhoids develops inside the intestine, the growth is difficult to see or touch.

    How to treat hemorrhoids

    At the occurrence of exacerbation, the patient is experiencing the same feelings as with the outer form of the disease, the only difference is that the process is happening inside.

    Internal cones "lead" themselves in different ways, depending on the stage, and they are distinguished by four.

    The first stage does not cause some complaints from a person

    Hemorrhoidal nodules have small sizes. To give yourself to know the hemorrhoids by the help of small traces of blood after a trip to the toilet.

    The second stage carries unpleasant feelings.

    The patient from time to time can feel the burning of the anal hole, as the liquid that is highlighted from it, irritates the skin. Bleeding is repeated more often. The trip to the toilet ends the fact that hemorrhoidal nodes can fall out for a while, but so, they quickly return to the original position.

    In the third stage, the hemorrhoids cone increase the pain is already difficult to endure

    And blood flows more abundantly. Even raising a small weight, the patient can provoke the loss of nodes. The third stage is serious because the supposed knots return to the initial form can be only with their own hands, or in the hospital.

    The fourth stage is the last

    Favoring cones can no longer insert back even attaching efforts. Each of the symptoms as much as possible.

    Hemorrhoids are still divided by the nature of the flow.

    Eliminate such types:

    ✔  acute

    ✔  chronic

    In chronic form, the hemorrhoid patient feels great for a long time. He will fuss all the manifestations of the disease. But at any moment the disease may return, and even in a tougher form.

    Hemorrhoid treatment at home - fast and efficient

    To cure hemorrhoids in domestic conditions, it is possible for this to this be used as methods of alternative medicine and ordinary pharmaceutical agents. Due to the delicacy of the problem, most of the patients are in no hurry to contact the doctors and trying to treat themselves alone. But it is important to remember that even wishing goodness can cause harm without understanding the importance of the problem.

    Diet pattern

    The first thing to do is if you decide to treat hemorrhoids at home, it is your own healing diet.

    It is necessary to abandon the harmful meals and drunken lifestyle.

    During the exacerbation of the diet should be a saving island for you, so it is unnecessary to squeam.

    Drink more water, eat porridge and boiled chicken. Exclude acute and overly salty. In the menu, make fruits and dried fruits.

    Adhering to the diet, you not only throw a few extra kilograms, but also restore the intestinal job.

    Home Your goal - With the help of a diet, remove the inflammatory process of hemorrhoidal nodes and make it so that the bleeding stops.

    Medicia treatment

    Medical, or, as it was "nicknamed", conservative treatment of hemorrhoids was deposited on the fight against the exacerbation of the disease. Such treatment can be called temporary, since many people have a chronic disease.

    The aggravation can be heal, but the image of our life will lead to the fact that the disease will return again and again.

    After all, hemorrhoids loves the office staff, who spend the whole day on a chair at a computer in a company with coffee and sandwiches.

    Those who suffer from hemorrhoids, for some reason they believe that their medicines are heard. People think little, about how effective the drug is when it is faced with: what to choose.

    Many turn to forums and comments on those who were treated with a particular medicine, but this is a big mistake. The body of each person is unique and special. What helped one may not help another, and sometimes - even cause serious harm.

    There are only some drugs that are able to effectively deal with hemorrhoids, regardless of its stage or form.

    With medication, or conservative, treatment, patients resort to help:

    • Tablets (about tablets it is better to consult with a doctor)
    • Candles (proctozan, Relief, proctoglynol, candles with sea buckthorn oil, etc.)
    • Outflows (Relief, Proktosan, Ultrafrokt and Pr._

    In pharmacies of any city, you can find all three types of medicines. But, pay attention to the fact that you can register any of the drugs you can only your attending doctor.

    Cleaning belly

    Cleaning enema in hemorrhoidal nodes is used only when the difficult stool occurred, as well as in the intestinal disease. Cooking the enema is easy, you need:

    • Pour boiling water and give to stand 2 tbsp. l. dry chamomile;

    • after 15 minutes, the decoction should be skipped through the sieve and use for its intended purpose;

    • Enemia to do only on the recommendations of the physicians.

    In addition to the cleansing enema, you can, after consulting your doctor, try to put the oil and doctoral.

    The enema, with hemorrhoidal nodes, will remove the inflammation of the anal assembly and remove the bleeding along with other unpleasant consequences.

    Instead of chamomile for a decoction, which is poured into the enema, you can try to use the calendula, oak boring, sea buckthorn butter, honey and other suitable components.

    Water treatments

    Trying to find ways to treat one or another disease, you can ask for advice from people sitting on various sites and forums about medicine, beauty and health, read information on these resources.

    But, do not forget also that rewriting with people without medical education, halucingly following their recommendations, you can bring the harm to your body, and you can get a chance for complete healing. This is your own risk. And you must remember this.

    Water procedures with hemorrhoids have their own nuances that need to be discussed with the doctor. Only after that you can enjoy the hot bathtub without harm to health.

    Cold baths. Some proctologists attribute cool baths and compresses with hemorrhoids. In general, the procedure lasts literally 3-4 minutes.

    Such short treatment contributes to the elimination of unpleasant sensations and a decrease in hemorrhoidal cones.

    Warm baths. If you decide to take an ordinary bathroom, be sure to control: how hot water is.

    Its temperature should not be too high (optimum - somewhere around 40 degrees on the Celsius scale). Patient, taking a bath, forgets about itching and other symptoms of hemorrhoids. So, in principle, do not forbade doctors with hemorrhoids.

    Baths with medicinal herbs. You can combine pleasant with useful, even taking a bath. In the water there is always the opportunity to add various herbs (hurious sweat, chamomile, calendula, beautician, korovyat, aloe and even cleanliness) and essential, other oils (sea buckthorn, castor, camphor, cream, olive and so on).

    Which not only relax you, but also will gently affect the problem zones of your body. Most of all, you will feel the result if the stage of the disease is initial.

    Special gymnastics

    Special medicinal gymnastics has simple, but effective, exercises, at the expense of which the work of the thick intestine can be normalized, and the muscles will return their tone.

    The main thing in such a gymnastics is the regular execution. It is best to repeat the exercises several times a day. There is nothing unusual in this gymnastics. Exercises should be done in two or three approaches, each of which should be fifteen repetitions.

    Such gymnastics is suitable in the early stages of the disease. When aggravating the illness, exercise is prohibited.

    Gymnastics aims to strengthen the abdominal department and excludes exercises such as an exercise bike that can be done even worse.

    Almost all the exercises are performed in the lying position. One of the well-known exercises is the exercise of Kegel.

    Folk remedies for treating hemorrhoids at home

    Treatment with unconventional means in everyday life can be carried out only at the first two stages of hemorrhoids. It was then that such treatment will be more appropriate. Before proceeding with procedures, it is necessary to talk to the doctor.

    Non-traditional treatments, as well as drug therapy, are primarily designed to increase the tissue of the rectum tissue and the anal hole. Such treatment should stabilize the chair, make it normal.

    Popular treatment will relieve hemorrhoids of a person from pain. All sorts of grass and infusions are much better than pills, in any case. If they are correctly applied.

    Herbrails in the treatment of hemorrhoids

    1. The leaves of raspberries, filled with boiling water, will remove inflammation. 2 tbsp. l. Leaf pour 1 cup boiling water. Drink infusion of 1 tbsp. l. twice a day.

    2. Very healing and juice beet red, drink it can be 50 ml to four times a day.

    3. Vessel walls will strengthen the rosehip. Berries need finely chopped and pour boiling water after that - to laugh half a day, mix sugar or honey into liquid and consumed before or after meals.

    External folk remedies against hemorrhoids

    The main option for the treatment of external hemorrhoids in domestic conditions can be called baths. Calendul, St. John's wort or purification from the bulb are added to make warm water.

    Cold Bath when bleeding

    If you have reached bleeding, you can stop it as much as a cold water bath. Such vanities doctors advise not to take no longer five minutes.

    Another option to get rid of at least at the time of the sensation of discomfort can be considered a bummer. For them, use soft fabrics impregnated with preparations.


    With hemorrhoid after childbirth, I used cold glucose, according to the advice of the doctor. The fabric (cotton) is folded several times and applied to an anal hole for 10-15 minutes.

    Rowan berries

    Rowan berries are peathed on the pitch and also applied to hemorrhoidal cones. Instead of rowan, you can grasp beets or carrots they keep them on an inflamed place until the pain disappears.

    Treatment of internal hemorrhoids by unconventional methods

    When the nodes are inside, only the baths, unfortunately, will not help. The inner hemorrhoids are often treated with the help of enema, candles or tampons with ointment.

    Candles with lard and purest

    If you consider non-traditional treatments here, there are also to pay attention to. For example, many use fatty fat in conjunction with a cleanliness.

    Of them make candles that not only remove pain, but also contribute to that the nodes began to decrease.

    Honey candles

    Honeycomb candles can boast delightful medicinal properties. They can be made of cracked honey, which betray a special form to introduce into anus. Such candles put on the night, simply sending them to the refrigerator.

    Candles from potatoes

    Candles can be made even from what is in every house, for example, from potatoes. Raw potatoes need to be thoroughly wash and clean, separated from it a small piece and insert into the intestine for the night. Please note that the candle based on potatoes will be released at the first campaign to the toilet.

    Candles with ice

    When bleeding will help candles from ice. It is enough to pour water into a paper mold of a small size and leave it in the refrigerator to freeze. Such candles are used only as needed.

    Candle with honey and mummy

    Another therapeutic candle is prepared with honey and mummia in the ratio of 3: 1, and so that the candle held its shape, people often mix flour or starch.

    As you already understood, despite our delicacy of hemorrhoids need to be told. Many diseases suffering from data do not even suspect how many exit options exist from the situation.

    Sometimes, of course, hemorrhoids cannot be cured without surgery, but, with the help of non-traditional or pharmacy funds, you can get rid of unpleasant symptoms, which is definitely good.

    It is also no need to hurry to treat hemorrhoids. Before the start of procedures, it is necessary, not embarrassed, go to the doctor, tell him about what torments you and put him in fame, what methods you want to treat your problem. Doctor, in turn, or agree with you, or offer its treatment options. Be healthy!

    How to cure hemorrhoids without surgery?

    Operation - this word is afraid of the majority of patients, especially if it comes to proctological problems. Despite the fact that in recent years, medical technologies have reduced injury to hemorroid operations, as well as apply various minimally invasive treatments for hemorrhoids, most patients are trying to avoid surgical intervention. Is it possible to treat hemorrhoids without surgery - the most common question that is addressed to a proctologist.

    What is hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids refers to one of the manifestations of varicose veins of the veins, i.e., the number of vascular diseases, in which the veins located in the sublifimentation layer of the rectum layer and in the process of progression of the disease are expanding. Varicious expanded veins of the rectum can often inflame and thrombus can be formed in them - acute thrombosis of hemorrhoidal nodes occurs.

    In the initial stages, the disease may have minimal manifestations: may be light itching, small discomfort in the rectum. Over time, when the hemorrhoidal nodes fall out of hemorrhoids, the symptoms of hemorrhoids and thrombosis can increase:

    • There are sharp pain during defecation;
    • Densual painful hemorrhoidal nodes are formed;
    • Blood is distinguished from the rectum.

    Over time, these symptoms often arise and the disease clinic progresses.


    Since hemorrhoids in most cases begin only on the 2nd and later stages, it is rare to avoid surgical interventions, because the progression of the disease leads to the weakening of the walls of the vessels, bleeding, the loss of nodes from the anal hole.

    Later, the treatment of patients becomes not only a consequence of a careless attitude to their health and fear of the examination of a proctologist and painful therapy, but not the severity of the disease and often rapid development of symptoms.

    Experts claim to fully cure hemorrhoids without a transaction Rather to compensate for the symptoms of the disease and reduce the risk of progression, it is possible only in the early stages when the nodes do not fall out. At this stage, the doctor may choose the most effective means to eliminate discomfort and restore the tone of the vessels. But even if the disease passed on 2 and 3 stage, there are ways to eliminate hemorrhoids without the use of hemorrhoids.

    What methods of eliminating hemorrhoids offer doctors

    If the patient is categorically against the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, experts select other methods of therapy. Since doctors treat mostly traditional methods, among the solutions offered by them include:

    • lifestyle correction - physical activity and diet;
    • medication treatment;
    • minimally invasive procedures;

    A man sits on the toilet

    Medicia treatment

    Suitable for the elimination of hemorrhoids in the initial stages. When progressing the disease can only be used to attenuate symptoms, stop bleeding, reduce the inflammatory process.

    Oral and local means are used:

    • Tablets, mainly with angioprotective and venotonic effect - Detralex, Phlebodia and others;
    • ointments and candles with anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and regenerating effect - with hytiol, sea buckthorn oil, methyluracyl, hydrocortisol, handsome;
    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents to eliminate the main symptoms of the disease in the form of candles, ointments and tablets;
    • Local anesthetics in the form of candles, gels and ointments.

    The doctor's consultation

    Important! Any medicinal, even if it is positioned by the manufacturer, as safe, can only be used after coordination with the attending physician!

    Minimally invasive procedures

    The main advantage of this method of treating hemorrhoids is a radical elimination of nodes against the background of minimal injury. The list of minimally invasive medical procedures includes:

    • Digitalization of hemorrhoids;
    • Latex ring ligation;
    • sclerotherapy;
    • infrared coagulation;
    • electrocoagulation;
    • Cryodestruction.

    Treatment by these methods does not require hospitalization. Moreover, after them, the patient can return home after several hours or to work (if it is not related to heavy physical exertion).

    Pharmacist in pharmacy

    Unfortunately, there are minor-invasive treatment methods for hemorrhoids of complications and contraindications that it is worth learn from the proctologist in advance.

    Correction of lifestyle

    This method of combating hemorrhoid implies the exclusion of factors that can lead to the exacerbation of the disease and its progression, such as:

    1. Incorrect meals During treatment, the hemorrhoids diet must be balanced, and products are chosen from among those that do not cause constipation. The basis of the diet should be vegetables and cereal, dairy products, fruits, eggs and diet meat. You need to eat regularly, without starvation and overeating. Another diet goal, in addition to the normalization of the chair, is a weight loss, especially if the patient has excessive fat deposits.
    2. Physical activity. For good blood circulation in a small pelvis, it is important not to be placed in place. We use the usual gymnastic exercises, which are recommended to do in breaks between the work, the Kege exercise complex, swimming. Even the usual walking with a high lift of the knees can significantly improve the condition of patients with hemorrhoids. From heavy loads it is worth refraining, especially if they mean weight lifting.
    3. Bad habits. Acceptance of alcohol and smoking extremely negatively affect the state of blood vessels. It is they who often become the main cause of vein varicose veins, including hemorrhoidal. If the first signs of hemorrhoids appeared, from nicotine and alcoholic beverages it is necessary to refuse, or dramatically limit their use.

    Home Treatment Hemorrhoids

    In addition to the methods listed earlier, the treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery often includes the use of folk remedies. Unfortunately, not all alternative means can really help in the fight against this ailment. We cannot recommend such therapy as the main method of treating hemorrhoids, but, nevertheless, medicinal herbs that may have some anti-inflammatory effect and are used to eliminate inflammation and hemorrhoid edema. Some doctors call the following folk remedies:

    • Baths and microclizms with chamomile, calendula, atrociety, yarrow and nettle;
    • Cocoa oil candles with the addition of propolis or sea buckthorn oil;
    • appliques with honey, rowan berries (in the grade), with raw potatoes, medicinal clay, aloe;
    • Candles of potatoes.

    Unfortunately, there are no clinical data on the effectiveness of people's treatments of hemorrhoids, therefore, before proceeding with therapy, you need to visit the proctologist.

    Set for ancopy

    Since it is not recommended to treat hemorrhoids only by drugs medicine, they will have to be combined with traditional drugs. It is better to do it carefully, since some of the folk (non-traditional) medicine can affect the effectiveness of medicines.

    In order not to bring hemorrhoids until that stage, when it is not necessary to do without surgery, it is important to contact a proctologist when the first symptoms of the disease appears. You can ask a question by a specialist and sign up for a consultation of a proctologist on our website by filling out the record form below and send your question to a specialist. You can also sign up for a consultation of a proctologist by phone specified in the "Contacts" section.

    Bully ice shape

    Signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids significantly worsen everyday life. In fact, 35% of the population aged 25 to 50 years and 50% of people over 50 suffer from this disease. In case of incorrect treatment, various complications may develop, such as rectorgings (rectal bleeding), which lead to anemia, thrombosis, itch and are accompanied by strong anal pain. The inflammatory process can lead to paraproctitis and rectal fistulas.

    Depending on the location of the nodes, hemorrhoids is divided into:

    • External. Located near the anal hole in the subcutaneous tissue. As a rule, appears in the form of one or several nodules and usually proceeds asymptomatic, although sometimes it can cause itching and pain. Diagnosed by palpation in the Camplologist.
    • Interior. The nodes are localized at the place of connection of the rectum and the anal opening in the sublifted layer. Detect the disease can a doctor when conducting a survey with the help of specialized equipment.

    The presence of hemorrhoids can lead to various structural problems. Among the main manifestations should be allocated anal itching, discomfort, sensation of gravity and protrusion of hemorrhoidal nodes.

    What if you have hemorrhoids? Immediately begin treatment. We offer rating of funds based on the efficacy and safety of drugs. Also, when drawing up Top, patients were taken into account. Before choosing a pill with hemorrhoids, you should consult with your doctor. Only a specialist can assign effective treatment, based on the results of the diagnosis.

    Under the gear of hemorrhoids can also hide dangerous diseases, including the rectal cancer. Having written off symptoms on hemorrhoids. Diagnostics is often carried out too late. It is for this reason that self-proof is unacceptable. To form a faithful diagnosis, medical advice is needed.

    Why can hemorrhoids appear?

    Top preparations from hemorrhoids

    The disease is characterized by varicose veins in the area of ​​the rear pass and the rectum. Among the pathogenetic factors of the development of the disease - a circulatory disorder, which leads to dystrophic changes in muscle and connecting structures, fixing nodes inside the anal channel.

    The main risk factors are:

    • Chair disorders (frequent constipation or chronic diarrhea);
    • obesity and diet with low fiber;
    • pregnancy and burdened generic process;
    • anal sex;
    • hereditary predisposition;
    • Abuse tobacco and alcohol.

    Regardless of the risk factors, the hemorrhoids are formed at elevated pressure in hemorrhoidal veins or weakness in the tissues of the wall of the rear pass responsible for their rise.

    Features of treatment

    The reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids

    People with constipation are prescribed laxatives to facilitate the intestinal motion in the defecation process. Ointments and creams serve as a lubricant for passing the chair and usually contain anesthetics. They temporarily facilitate the symptoms and can be used as many times as needed. A fiber-rich diet reduces the frequency of bleeding and can also facilitate the state.

    For small knots with blood clots, treatment should be carried out in the doctor's proctologist's office. The specialist makes a small incision under local anesthesia to remove bunches. This is enough to relieve symptoms. For more severe cases, sclerotherapy is carried out. The procedure implies the injection of a special solution that causes necrosis. Third treatment option - laser coagulation.

    This procedure gives the best result.

    If minimally invasive methods are ineffective, or if nodes are very large, treatment should be carried out using a traditional operation called hemorrhoidsomy. To prevent the need for surgery, you need to take action on time. With the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, you should consult a doctor.

    Features of treating hemorrhoids

    Medical therapy is prescribed depending on the form and degree of progression of the disease. Chronic hemorrhoids are divided into 4 stages:

    • Stage I: The clinical picture includes discomfort and bleeding from the anal hole. Nodes do not go out and there are minor changes from the longitudinal muscle.
    • Stage II: accompanied by the output of hemorrhoidal nodes beyond the limits of the anal channel. There are mucous allocations and pronounced itching. Prolapse can be installed independently. There is neurko pronounced dystrophy in the field of fibrous muscular frame.
    • III Stage: Anal bleeding and heavy itching are observed. To return prolapse requires a doctor's help. There is a loss of elasticity, which indicates a progressive dystrophy.
    • IV Stage: There is a characteristic discomfort, which is accompanied by incontinence of anal sphincter. We are talking about the constant loss of hemorrhoidal nodes. This indicates a full dystrophy of the fibrous muscular frame.

    The acute form of the disease can leak without inflammation, with an inflammatory process in the hemorrhoidal node itself and with the spread of inflammation on the surrounding tissues. Complications in exacerbation can join quite quickly - most often during the day.

    Classification of hemorrhoids

    System and local therapy is assigned. In the first case, we are talking about the use of oral preparations that eliminate the root cause of the disease and help reduce clinical symptoms. Systemic therapy is aimed at increasing the venous tone, reducing the fragility of the vessels and the strengthening of the lymphatic drainage.

    Local therapy is carried out to relieve inflammation and pain relief. Due to ointments and gels, tissue regeneration processes are accelerated.

    The choice of the drug is carried out by symptoms and active ingredients:

    • Anticoagulants. Designed for local application for the formation of thrombosis. Anti-inflammatory and anti-ethnic effect, restoring the connecting tissue.
    • Worncomers. Present surfactant compounds. The effect of venerement drugs is aimed at damage to the endothelium and obliteration of venous structures.
    • Venotonics (bioflavonoids, synthetic preparations). Aimed at improving the tone of smooth muscle structures and the decrease in the permeability of Vullet, which prevents disruption of microcirculation processes. The active ingredients increase the density of vascular walls, prevent the development of edema and inflammatory process.
    • Hemostatics. Developed on the basis of a natural polysaccharide, which has a reparative, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic property. It is prescribed in the chronic form of a disease, accompanied by constant bleeding.
    • Antimicrobial preparations. Designed for topical application to prevent the development of infectious processes.
    • Spasmolytics. Remove pain, eliminating spasms.

    In most cases, the hemorrhoids are accompanied by bleeding due to pressure, which is subjected to blood vessels during the evacuation of the chair. In this case, it is advisable to use ointments or creams created for this purpose. They are easily applied and give a good result due to the anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect. They are easy to purchase without a recipe in any pharmacy.

    Oral administrations are prescribed to eliminate the cause of the development of hemorrhoids and in order to reduce the symptoms of the disease. An integrated approach to treatment is the key to speedy recovery.

    When are hemorrhoids effective drugs?

    Hemorrhoid treatment

    Leading coloproctologists argue that more efficiently in the treatment of hemorrhoids for local use: ointment, creams and gels. Rectal suppositories have a less pronounced effect. But it should be understood that the facilities for local use do not cure the disease radically, since it is not eliminated from the cause - nodes, but only reduce the symptoms and prevent the development of complications.

    More efficient systemic conservative therapy. Treatment should be started when the disease is minimal. If you adhere to the recommendations on the reception of medicines and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, then surgical intervention can be avoided.

    Rating drugs

    Effective preparations from hemorrhoids

    We suggest choosing the best tool from hemorrhoids in women and men by providing a list of effective medicines. Preparations are intended for both symptomatic and systemic treatment. It is first recommended to consult a doctor. You should also follow the recommendations of the dispensing manufacturer.

    №1 - "Detralex" (Serdix LLC, Russia)

    A venotonic drug was developed on the basis of a flavonoid fraction containing diosmin and hesperidine. The action of the best means from hemorrhoids is aimed at reducing stagnation and extension of venous structures. The permeability of capillaries is reduced and their sustainability increases. Produced in the form of tablets that are covered with a shell and packed in blursters for 10 pcs. Release form 1000 mg to 30

    or 60.


    Diaosmint in combination with hesperidin contributes:

    • reduction of pain;
    • Healing of venous trophic ulcers;
    • eliminate trophic changes in subcutaneous fiber.

    "Detralex" - the best pills from hemorrhoids that increase the vascular tone, reducing the time of venous emptying. With a pronounced disturbance of microcirculation, it is possible to increase the capillary resistance to evaluate angiosterometry. Therapeutic efficacy is proved by the results of numerous clinical studies.

    It is assigned for the symptomatic treatment of chronic or acute form of the disease. Course treatment - 2 months to a year. If necessary, therapy can be repeated. During pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period, Detralex can only be used after consulting a doctor.

    Hemorrhoid Preparation Rating

    №2 - "PROTO-GLIVENOL" (Novartis Pharma, Switzerland)

    Rectal cream contains such active ingredients as tribenoside and lidocaine hydrochloride in the form of hydrate. The best remedy for hemorrhoids has an anti-inflammatory effect and increases the tone of the vessels. The drug is intended for local use in proctology.

    Combined medicine has a pronounced action:

    • capillaries become less susceptible;
    • The tone of vascular structures is improving;
    • Pain and inflammatory process are eliminated.

    Cream "Prokt-Gillienol" quickly removes symptoms, such as skin tension, itching and pain. It is prescribed both with the outer and in the inner form of the disease.

    During pregnancy, you can only use in the II and III trimester. At the same time it is necessary to pre-consult with the doctor to eliminate the negative impact on the fruit.

    Detralex Tablets Covered with film shell 1000 mg 30 pcs.PROTO-CHILLENOL Cream rectal tuba 30 g

    №3 - "Relief" (Bayer, Italy)

    The pharmaceutic is designed based on phenylephrine hydrochloride. The active ingredient has a pronounced vesseloring effect, which reduces the exudation, itching and the swelling of the tissues. Candles are designed for symptomatic therapy, help to cope with anal itching and cracks.

    It is unacceptable to use suppositories to children under 12 years old, as well as with thromboembolic disease and increased sensitivity to components that are part of. "Relief" - the best medicine from hemorrhoids for women and men. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is permissible to use only after consulting with a specialist.


    №4 - "Relief Advance" (Bayer, Italy)

    Local anesthetic is based on benzocaine and is intended for use in proctology. It is the best tool from the outer hemorrhoid due to the fact that it does not have a resortive effect and softens the plots of the mucous membrane that has been subjected to degenerative-dystrophic changes.

    Indications for the use of candles "Relief Advance":

    • hemorrhoids and cracks in the area of ​​the rear pass;
    • rehabilitation period after operations;
    • The period of diagnostic manipulations.

    Rectal suppositories should be laid after hygienic procedures. It is necessary to clearly follow the dosages specified in the manual, unless otherwise spelled out by the doctor. Otherwise, an overdose is possible, which is manifested by convulsions, respiratory impairment and cyanosis (extremely rare).

    Relief suppositories rectal 12 pcs.

    №5 - "PROTO-GLIVENOL" (Delpharm, France)

    The best hemorrhoid medicine that contains lidocaine and tribenoside. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, venotonic and anesthetic effect. Rectal suppositories for local application in the proctological sphere are intended.

    "Protect-Gylänhens" acts as follows:

    • reduces vascular tone and permeability of capillar stations;
    • suppresses part of endogenous substances formed in the processes of vital activity;
    • acts as mediators in the appearance of pain syndrome and inflammation;
    • Reduces discomfort and redness.

    Thanks to the perfect combination of manifestation of the disease weaken quite quickly. It is recommended to use in combination with systemic drugs.

    It is unacceptable to use "Protto-Glillol" at the initial period of pregnancy. In the second and third trimester, it is possible to apply only to the appointment of a doctor. In the lactation process, expected benefits for the patient and the likely risk for the child are compared. Among absolute contraindications should also be allocated renal failure and individual intolerance to substances based on the medicine.

    For therapy, side effects are possible on the side of the subcutaneous tissue and skin cover (urticaria, itching and burning). Also, bronchospasm, anaphylactic reactions, violations of the heart and blood vessels are not excluded.

    Relief Advance Suppositories Rectal 12 pcs.Protect-Gylänol Suppositories Rectal 400 mg 10 pcs.

    №6 - "Posterizan Forte" (Dr. Kata, Germany)

    The ointment is developed on the hydrocortisone and inactivated e-coli microbial cells. The drug for treating hemorrhoids with better results is prescribed with a persistent course of the disease, with anal cracks and perianal dermatitis.

    The antihemorrhoidal agent has an anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effect. Metabolism products when exposed to mucous membranes and skin cover lead to an increase in tissue susceptibility to the effect of pathogenic microorganisms. Promotes the stimulation of the T-system of immunity, leading to the normal tone. Damaged tissues are gradually restored.

    Hydrocortisone has an antiallergic effect and contributes to the removal of the inflammatory process. After some time after applying, the swelling and hyperemia decreases. Also stopped by such a symptom. How itching and pain.

    Preparations from hemorrhoids

    №7 - "Posterizan Forte" (Dr. Kade, Germany)

    Rectal suppositories contain such active substances such as hydrocortisone and E. coli (inactivated). Candles for local applications are included in the list of the best preparations from hemorrhoids due to the rapid relief of the symptoms of the disease and the minimum risk of developing adverse reactions.

    Suppositories are prescribed by adults with a stubborn course of the disease, with anal itching, anal cracks and anopapillite. Putting the candles follows in the morning and in the evening for 2-3 weeks. Even with improved well-being, it is not necessary to interrupt the course of therapy otherwise the disease can recur.

    "Posterizan Forte" is the best preparation for treating hemorrhoids in women during pregnancy and lactation. This is due to the fact that hydrocortisone does not overcome the placental barrier and does not penetrate into breast milk. No damaging action on the fruit does not provide a drug.

    Posterizan forte ointment for rectal and outdoor use tub 25 g

    №8 - "Posterizan" (Dr. Kadea GmbH, Germany)

    Designed for the treatment of diseases of the anorectal region and is the best for the treatment of outdoor hemorrhoids. E. coli (inactivated cells inactivated) is performed as an active substance. The medicine refers to such a pharmacotherapeutic group as MIBP-Eubiotic.

    The active ingredients that are part of the pharmaceutical decrease the level of local susceptibility of tissues to the negative effects of pathogenic microflora. Local protective functions increase, the inflammatory process decreases and the vascular permeability is restored.

    Posterizan ointment effectively copes with anal itch, eliminates burning and highlighting from the anal area, heals anal cracks and helps to cope with eczema. It is applied in a thin layer in the evening and in the morning, it is also recommended to carry out treatment after each intestinal emptying. For a deeper administration of the pharmaceutical, a special applicator is provided.

    Posterizan Forte Suppositories Rectal 10 pcs.

    №9 - "Beauty Extract" (Stada Arzneimittel, Russia)

    The best medicine against hemorrhoids for men in terms of price-quality ratio. The drug is designed on the basis of a dense shrinking extract. Designed suppositories for rectal administration.

    A tool of plant origin contains active substances that have a cholinolytic effect. Has a wide range of action. "Handling extract" is recommended for integrated treatment.

    The dosage is adjusted individually, depending on the stage of progression of the disease and the overall state of the patient's health.

    Posterizan ointment for rectal and outdoor use 25 g

    №10 - "Heparinovaya ointment" (BelMEDPreparats, Republic of Belarus)

    The medicine for outdoor use has an antithrombotic effect. Developed on sodium heparin, benzocain and benzylnical. "Heparin's ointment" is the best preparation for treating hemorrhoids in men, stopping signs of the disease.

    The effectiveness of "heparin ointments" is as follows:

    • removes the inflammatory process;
    • eliminates hardened areas;
    • improves microcirculation;
    • Removes moderate tissue swelling.

    After applying ointments, the pain is eliminated and discomfort is eliminated. The active ingredients have a synergistic effect, that is, it enhances the effect of each other's interaction.

    It is prescribed in the external form of the disease, to relieve the inflammatory process after childbirth, with trophic ulcers and for the treatment of subcutaneous hematomas. Ointment is applied by a thin layer. Among the adverse reactions should be allocated with allergic rash and hyperemia of the skin.

    Handscape Extract Suppositories Rectal 15 mg 10 pcs.

    №11 - "Anesthesol" (Stada, Russia)

    Suppositories based on benzocaine, bismuth and zinc are the best tool from hemorrhoids and cracks. The pharmacological agent has a local painkillers and anti-inflammatory effect.

    Laying the candles is recommended after the natural cleansing of the intestines and hygienic procedures. Pregnant and lactating women use the pharmaceutia is recommended with caution. Among the side effects - burning, allergic reactions and the laxative effect.

    Heparin ointment for outdoor use 25 g

    №12 - "Anusol" (Nipharam, Russia)

    Rectal suppositories based on zinc sulfate, bellad leaf extract and bismuth. "Anuzol" is the best medicine from hemorrhoid, which has a pronounced antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. The pharmaceutic has a wide range of action against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Suppositories are dried, knit and painted. It is assigned to treat hemorrhoids and the cracks of the rear pass.

    Course treatment - from 7 to 10 days 1-3 pcs. a day after the natural cleansing of the intestine or after the enema. It is not recommended to use during lactation and pregnant women. Among the contraindications should be distinguished by the intolerance to the components that are part of, heart failure and prostate hypertrophy.

    Anesthesis Suppositories rectal 10 pcs.

    №13 - "Relief Advance" (Bayer, Greece)

    The best drug to eliminate the signs of hemorrhoids in women and men. Ointment is applied externally and introduced rectally. For ease of use, the kit provides a special tip. The medicine should be applied only after hygiene procedures.

    Ointment "Relief Advance" is developed on the basis of benzocaine. Local anesthetic is widely used in proctology for treating hemorrhoids and anal cracks of varying degrees of progression. It is also appointed before conducting diagnostic procedures and is used during the recovery period after surgical interventions. Most often applied in complex therapy with a systematic effects.

    Features of using ointments:

    • It should be applied up to 4 times a day after each defecation act and before bedtime;
    • Before use, hygienic procedures are required;
    • The course of therapy is at least 7 and no more than 10 days.

    Children under 12 years of age use the pharmaceutia. Among absolute contraindications is an increase in sensitivity to active substances, granulocyptopenia and thromboembolic disease. In case of aggravation of symptoms, it is recommended to cancel the treatment and consult with the doctor.

    Overdose can provoke drowsiness and cramps. The respiratory disorders and cyanosis are not excluded (rarely). To eliminate unwanted consequences when conducting therapy, it is recommended to comply with the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

    Anusol Suppositories rectal 10 pcs.

    №14 - "Relief Pro" (Bayer, Italy)

    Rectal suppositories with lordo and fluocortolone have local anesthesia and anti-inflammatory effect in proctology. The glucocorticosteroid suppresses allergic and inflammatory reactions, facilitating such symptoms as itching, burning and pain. Removes swelling and reduces the dilatation of capillaries. Assigns with hemorrhoids and proact. The duration of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks. Otherwise, the development of adverse reactions is possible.

    Relief Advance Ointment for rectal and outdoor use 28.4 gRelief about Suppositories rectal 12 pcs.conclusions

    There are a number of measures with which you can prevent and reduce pain, nodes and bleeding:

    • in time to treat stool violations (constipation, diarrhea);
    • adhere to a high fiber diet;
    • consume a sufficient amount of fluid - at least 2 liters per day;
    • eliminate sharp products, spices, alcohol and strong coffee;
    • increase daily physical activity;
    • Avoid lifting weights and strong straightening.

    The earlier start treatment, the sooner you can achieve complete recovery. Drug therapy eliminates the development of serious complications of the disease. In deferred cases, surgical intervention is required.

    What kind of medicine is better with hemorrhoids can only determine the doctor. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to affect the cause of the development of the disease. The rating presented above, the most efficient and affordable medicines are proposed.



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