How to materialize thoughts: secrets, methods, examples

Our life consists of a solid series of events, in all cases that are part of the chain, among which there are our personal choice and its consequences. We rarely attach attention to simple things, focusing on the problems of family life, domestic issues and work, but one only ignorance of the fact of materialization of thought cannot cancel the law formed at the dawn appearance of our universe.

Tell me, are you often asked about how to materialize thoughts that are based on your most cherished desires? Surely, this happens very rarely, or never never, because most often people are very skeptical about such manipulations, correlating the success of other people and their failures to a wonderful coincidence that make some people happy, and others are unhappy in all respects.

In this article blog We will try to fully reflect the information on how to make thoughts materialized exclusively in a positive way.

The content of the article:

  1. Is it possible to choose a fate, properly training the power of thought
  2. The main rules for the materialization of desires
  3. What can not be done when materializing your thoughts
  4. The nature of the thought process
  5. Materialization with the words of famous people
  6. Force of gravity
  7. Examples of materialization of thoughts
  8. How not to attract bad events in your life
  9. How to attract money in your life
  10. Conclusion

Is it possible to choose a fate, properly training the power of thought

Yes, the embodiment of the reality of images from our mentals is a reality, the very, which cares for us in the morning, and does not let go even with the arrival of twilight. We form our lives around the clock. To make sure that the materialization is not a joke at all, make a simple experiment. Remember two days from your life, in one of which you got up not from that foot. Remember how many troubles and misfortunes brought you this day.

As a rule, a series of trouble is accompanied by a person over a certain period of time. It may be an unsuccessful day, week, month, and someone has a significant length of life in several years. We call it a black stripe, a slogony, anything, just not a reality that they themselves painted in their thoughts.

And now remember another day, which was associated with a very pleasant event in your life. Remember those beautiful emotions accompanying you for the entire time of day, and perhaps further, over the next few days. Try to remember how many unpleasant moments happened over this time? You will be surprised when you can't find a single excesse that can spoil your mood, although the other day was as if by black ink, personifying the lane of failures.

Two different days, two different lives, each of them can be our real reality, in which we can either achieve everything we want, or lose faith and hope for any manifestation of the mercy of fate to our existence. Surely you select the first option, and make the right choice, and we will help you to make a thoughtful thoughts of thought.

The main rules for the materialization of desires

An important point is the fact that the visualization of our desires materializes the idea best, and not simple requests to the Universe, which may often be regarded by two, or in general incorrectly. On how to learn to materialize your thoughts and desires, we will best tell us the best of the basic rules of successful materialization:

  1. The first rule is positive thinking. By themselves, feelings of joy, delight, admiration, optimism launch a powerful wave of our mental source of signals into the most desires. You probably noticed that positive people always collect only good and the same positive friends around themselves? These people, without understanding, launch the mechanism of materialization, which seems to attract good, warmth and good people to them;
  2. The second rule states that it is necessary to order the desired only for yourself. The desires of the type "My husband is rich" will not raise the proper effect for the simple reason that your spouse's motives can have a completely different thinking nature, and his desires will come true on the basis of his requests, but not from yours. If your desires are very closely related to other people, try to send them on your own behalf. So the desire "I inspire my husband's thing that he earns more," will be more correct and fulfilled for the most part because you will start changing for the better;
  3. The third rule implies a mandatory feeding of our desires with appropriate emotions. It happens that the bright emotional color of our negative thoughts launches a very powerful materialization process. This explains the emergence of such concepts as "rose not from that foot", "black strip", or "a series of failures". One trouble, as a rule, causes a stormy emotion, which almost immediately attracts another failure, and so on a closed circle. Therefore, the manifestation of their emotions should be treated as carefully and try to direct them in a positive side. A good effect materialization acquires when we are in an excited state, for example, after a sports workout. Then the emotional background acquires greater energy strength;
  4. The fourth rule is explicitly hinting: visualize and affirm. Wish visualization will tell how to materialize thoughts properly. Mysterious attitudes based on the drawing of internal images in the form of bright pictures imposed on the present time, to fasten with short similarities of spells, or affirmations. About how important in all colors to imagine the desired one, they say all the leading numerologists of modernity, but the regular repetition of short and capacious affirmations according to the type "I am good", "I earn more and more," can increase the effect of visualization several times. About how to properly visualize the desires and materialize thoughts, we will talk later, but for now we go further;
  5. The fifth rule, according to it large, the volume goals should be broken into small steps with which we can handle alone. Create such volumetric thinking installations is best on paper. So you can strudust your thoughts and send the ideal request to the Universe with a precisely designed sequence of actions, where not only all our desires are registered to the smallest detail. It is difficult to imagine the creation of an international company without a clear algorithm for action. Sit and wait until you fall into your head the corporation is just as stupid how to dream about the stone turn into gold. The universe performs only real dreams.

At the same time, we do not need to know the mechanism of how to materialize good thoughts into reality. In any case, the Universe will fulfill our desire if it is adequate, refers to the present time, is formulated clearly and most visualized relative to ourselves. Opinions of scientists how to materialize thoughts and desires in reality will differ, but converge in one - thoughts are really materialized. What does this mean for us and our further fate? Only one thing - we are the creators of your happiness, and only we decide what our life will be today, tomorrow, in a year or ten years.

What can not be done when materializing your thoughts

Considering a peculiar transformation of the thought process into real images, it is important to prevent annoying errors. We treat such types of materialization with extreme caution, for example, as the strength of thought forcing a person to write or call. The concentration of attention on a person, those emotions and experiences that will be accompanied by, can be sent to your side, but not always in your favor. In this regard, we highlight the highlights that, when materializing, do it is strictly prohibited:

  • Create a negative emotional background. As we said, emotions most brightly form a picture, the content of which can occupy a central place in your life. Negative thoughts will be attracted only negative images, even if you obviously did not make a thought request. That is why thinking positively needs always, at any moment of his life;
  • Relieve past resentment and lesions. In this way, you can create a certain vicious circle when the directional flow of your thoughts with pictures from the past troubles starts a powerful materializing effect, turning your present into a sequence of strange events, bad luck and failure. Think exclusively in the present time, concentrating its attention only on good;
  • Wish to other man bad. Thoughts are material, but only in one direction. Therefore, wanting to someone harm, you will get it back like a boomerangu, who always returns to his owner. There are many examples of such manifestation of materialization, even you can remember how you were the victim of our own ignorance;
  • Think in the future of time is also dangerous as returning pictures from the past. First, everything depends on the emotions and their energy colors. Secondly, the future will always remain in the future, and not becoming your real, even if it will be the most sincere positive thinking, and the materialization of thought in this case can return you at all that you expected from our desires;
  • Send into universe abstract images. It is how to walk on a supermarket and folded products into the trolley, without reading their composition and shelf life. As not all that lies on the shop shelves, you can eat and not all thoughts can be sent to the universe for their materialization. Do not say "I want to marry", or "I want another job." The highest forces will definitely respond to your request, but its implementation may be similar to an example with a supermarket, when some products with an improper choice cause an allergic reaction, while others are severe poisoning.

It is very important, to understand how to think correctly, because our fate depends on this, our life. Whether it's a career, health, or questions about love and relationships, our thoughts, as if a huge bulldozer, are able to move away from the dead point any situation in our lives. But this situation will be considered in our favor, or against us, we decide only by ourselves, therefore it is necessary to devote the right work on our thoughts.

The nature of the thought process

A good thought is like a good habit of getting up every morning, brushing your teeth and wash. Remember, positive emotion has a much greater force than negative. It's all about the desires and ways to implement it. Sometimes so that your thought gained material nature is not enough to make the desired and sit, folded hands waiting for a miracle. If you want to become the owner of a big company, then for the beginning you need to at least explore the basics of management activities, because being a leader is a big job, and one desire here is not enough to implement your request to reality.

Let's make conclusions on the basis of the foregoing and fasten them in the main points that relate to the very nature of the thought process.

Using various thinking techniques, such as the method of the pyramid, visualization, transformation of reality, as materialization of thought and desires gradually enters our lives, exercising conceived in the direction necessary for us. But sometimes the implementation of the desired position in society, the level of wealth or family happiness is tightened indefinitely. Remember that it is often not possible to quickly fulfill your desire, even the universe, whatever bright, visualized and emotional thinking, you did not send in the open sky every day.

You can instantly fulfill your desire in one case, if it does not need to break the implementation mechanism into several simple stages for its materialization. So, correctly by the evening at the evening in the parking lot near his house, on arrival from work you can gladly detect it with empty, because the universe for the performance of your desire performed elementary manipulations with the consciousness of other people, stuck events, and just did it so that this place No one took before your arrival.

If we are talking about something more globally, for example, about the child, then even the most powerful energy wave of your thoughts and desires will not be able to do so that by the end of the day this desire is fulfilled. For dreams about the child began to come true, first you need to take place in life, find a good job, build a spacious house, find a good wife, to equip a children's room, to prepare for the arrival of the child and make a conceived. Many people have to implement such desires to take up to ten years. With the new knowledge you received, you can significantly reduce this period of time, and in a matter of years it is to become a happy family man.

Materialization with the words of famous people

Thoughts attract reality, and this is a scientifically based fact. But without good practice, the materialization of thoughts may present a real threat to the owner of the strongest weapons in the world - our brain. It is enough to remember the quote about thoughts from the popular song Alexey Vorobyov:

"Collect your thoughts," where the famous singer hints directly that Everything can happen that you want, Just only Collect your thoughts ...

In the same composition, you can further see that thoughts can lead people to completely different consequences, which in the future are able to divide our lives into two completely different reality.

Thoughts are material. About how to think correctly, hundreds of books are written. Today there is no shortage of information, so for beginners, how never knows the book LEE "How to materialize thoughts". For those who have already reached some success in the embodiment of the reality conceived in reality, it will not be superfluous to study 2 books "Instructions for reality".

The secrets of materialization of our thoughts are reflected in the works of many well-known bloggers, such as Anna Vuhnash. The numerologist with great experience and experience confidently talks about how to materialize his thoughts and desires correctly with the help of the most universe. The numbers were always of particular importance in the life of a person, and in the case of materialization they are capable, let's say, put all the points over I. Below, I suggest watching a video with her YouTube Channel.

Numerology helps to understand whether we should be with a person, if we bring the materialization of thought about money, or best to pay attention to how the strength of thought materialize your desires in love. Remember - the universe materializes our desires, regardless of whether they are useful for us or not. Therefore, with the execution of some desires you need to be very careful.

Force of gravity

Like everything in this world, our thoughts can attract or oppose events, phenomena and even people. This is explained by this elementary law of attraction, which is based on the materialization of our thoughts and desires. Each thought has its own energy frequency. Thoughts with similar frequencies are attracted, with different - repel. That is why it is possible to see such a clear division of groups of people in the interests, the peculiarities of the worldview and the spiritual attitude.

Starting to think only positively, we will ask our thought proceed with a specific frequency in which all our creature begins to live. All events and people who used to be with us on one wave and thus prevented the implementation of our innermost desires, with a change in the frequency of our energy field either, either leave our field of view, or stop any interaction with us that may somehow prevent the universe to materialize our thoughts.

The same applies to events. With a change in the image of thinking events that could prevent the positive outcome of our thought mechanism, either canceled, or we do not fall on them for various reasons. And on the contrary, the frequency of our thoughts, excluding unwanted factors from our life, like a magnet begins to attract the necessary people and only those events that can fulfill our dream exactly as we represented it in our thoughts.

Examples of materialization of thoughts

Since ancient times, an interesting fact was seen by priests. People who came to church with their own problems continued to go there with the same problems throughout their lives. The most opposite in life had people who came to the church to thank God for how they believed they were in excess.

Such people continued to come to the church with gratitude all their lives, without changing their principles, and real miracles began to occur in their lives - unexpected methods of earnings appeared, the diseases were healed, relations were healing among relatives. And such examples are millions around the globe. They are direct evidence that the materialization of thoughts is more than reality.

For example, a reliable certificate is known about how a woman was completely healed from the cancer of the thoughts alone. Its materialization was reflected in its emotional state, which she focused positive emotions, faith in healing and practical exception from their lives of any thoughts about cancer. Just three months it took for terrible disease to completely leave her body without any chemotherapy.

The following example will be wonderful enrichment. To be honest, such examples hundreds, if not thousands, and you yourself can try to change your life for the better, using well-known practices in your life. The man had a small salary, and he was lacking for complete happiness quite a bit. He wrote on one of the banknotes the desired payment of his work and secured her on the ceiling of his bedroom. Every morning and every morning he and his wife watched her dream before his eyes and the effect did not make himself wait long. The wonderful string of events made it possible to embody a long-time dream and earn exactly the amount that was indicated on the banknote. The man decided not to stop, and wrote a new, big amount. Soon he became a millionaire and, perhaps, carried out many other dreams.

In the world there are dozens of examples of how people became owners of elite real estate, began to earn seven-day sums per year, and reached unprecedented success in creativity. At the same time, they were not some outstanding personalities, everything that they united, this is the thought that they were correctly formed, visualized and sent to the heart of the Universe - where wishes are fulfilled.

How not to attract bad events in your life

Many people are panicly afraid to pull something bad into their lives. That is, at the subconscious level, they do not deny the very fact of the existence of materialization of thoughts. Many of them can say, for example:

"I'm afraid I can materialize the thoughts on suicide" , or: "I'm scared that I can lose my family because of my thinking" .

It is important here to remember that fear in itself is very strong emotion, able to launch a fatal chain of events for a person, in whose thoughts there is a fear for himself or his loved one. First of all, you need to get rid of the panic state, remove the feeling of fear of your life. This can be done either independently or with a specialist. In any case, it will be the first step towards the return of positive thinking.

Thoughts that you can lose something or someone, or even die, sooner or later materializes, it is only a matter of time, so it is recommended to keep track of your thoughts as closely as possible, to drain them, structure and try to fill the exact opposite of frightening You are images. Entry into your life of optimism and positive emotions sooner or later they will attract those events that make you forget about obsessive ideas, and stop being afraid of your loved ones. It will be possible to start the materialization of more complex thinking, which will cause limitless happiness and a bright future.

How to attract money in your life

Almost every person on Earth is interested in the material component of their lives. Unfortunately, financial literacy We are not adopting with Mother's milk, and even schools and universities do not give us such knowledge. But it is possible to become financially independent by simply changing the image of your thinking.

Regarding money there is an algorithm that has once developed by the American millionaire Andrew Carnegie. It includes several rules, followed by which you can achieve the desired enrichment in accurately designated deadlines:

  • Money loves concretps. Recall an example with a man who has painted in the banknotes of interest to its salaries. It is very important to find out for yourself the amount of money that you need for a normal existence with an accuracy of the ruble. No need to desire a lot of money, or good salary and so on. For someone, 50,000 will be a good salary, and someone and half a million will be little, and there is nothing wrong with it, just determine this amount and concentrate on it all your attention;
  • The desired enrichment in any case will be the subject of your work and a sequence of any action. Even in order to win in the lottery, it will have to buy it for a start, not to mention more global purposes, such as the basis of its own company, and this is a big job. Therefore, tell me without a deception that you are ready to go to certain sacrifices to achieve the intended goal;
  • Money love not only the score, but also concrete time. That is why banks set the exact time to repay loans, this approach allows them to attract all the large amounts enriched to unthinkable limits. Now and you can do the same. Determine for yourself why you would like to get the desired amount;
  • At that moment, when you run the first three points, the Universe will begin to change you and your life, opening new opportunities in front of you to get the desired income. You will definitely come to mind an interesting idea, or you will be offered a profitable cooperation. At this stage, it is important to compile a detailed plan of action, where every step towards financial freedom would be described;
  • It's time to write down everything in one place. Now that you have a plan, the desired amount, accurate time, your thought should be structured so that the thought process hit exactly in the target and returned back as the materialization of your thoughts;
  • Have you done enough for money to come to you? You can already answer this question yourself - of course not. Visualize everything you recorded every day. In the morning, getting out of bed, imagine yourself by the owner of a major condition, but not more than spelled out on your list. In the evening, leaving for sleep, thank God for the fact that you are rich and do not need it.

It is very desirable to pronounce all its goals out loud, without a stick, as if it is a poem. Be sure to believe in what money has already found your owner, that is, you, and you already think, as if to dispose of honestly earned by the means. In put in your thoughts the brightest, and only positive emotions, imagine how you keep money in your hands, from which you separate anything.

P.S.: Never think about money in the future. Do not say that you would like to have a million dollars. You already have it, right now, and you wonder, but so it is, this money is already yours, in fact, in reality, and not in your thoughts. Do not believe? Then it's time to check!


And finally, let us give you a good advice. Learn to switch attention from what you do not like, with a negative, on what you really need. If you have something that you do not need, and it interferes with your implementation in life as a specialist, family man, or a businessman, stop talking about it, and even think. Find the complete opposite of these things and concentrate your attention to them. We assure you that over time, only the necessary people and events will remain in your life, and everything that you or otherwise you will disappear, like morning fog.

Every our thought, whether it is conscious or fleeting, materializes, regardless of whether we want it or not. Many more than once heard that it was only something to wish much to wish, as it would certainly come true. However, the majority considers such statements with fiction, referring to their unfulfilled dreams and goals.

This is the main mistake: when something bad happens in life, a person often indulges to self-destruction and the all-consuming feeling of hopelessness.

Of course, as a result of such negative thinking, the failure and disappointment will be able to persecute its owner, and the materialization of any positive thoughts is becoming impossible at all due to a permanent stay in a negative situation.

After all, every mental promise in our consciousness, whether it is positive or negative, serves as a source of so-called responses in the fine matter of the universe, which are also referred to as vibrations.

In order to materialize thoughts, it is necessary to comply with a number of specific rules that include an adequate form and content. In this article we will talk about the mechanisms of materialization of thought, we present evidence that thoughts are material, and also teach you to think correctly and fulfill the conceived.

How to materialize thoughts and desires?

So, the three necessary mechanism necessary for the materialization of thoughts:

  1. But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.Imagine exactly as much as possible what you dream, after which try to express the desired one as clearly as possible in one sentence on an understandable, simple language. It is recommended to use the following speech turns: "It will be great if ..."; "That could be ..."; "I would like to)…". Remember, your main phrase is "I want!". It will also be very useful to display his desire on a sheet of paper, it will take a little longer than uttering out loud, but the result is worth it. Many psychologists note that, expressing their thoughts, feelings and dreams on paper, a person plunges as much as possible to itself, concentrate on written and, as a result, is able to change, achieve the desired, improve its life;
  2. Try to visualize your desire as much as possible, take it clear and accurately. Suppose your desired object is a thing, then imagine her next to you, become mentallying her owner, imagine that it has long been belonging to you. Or your desire is a kind of place where you would like to go. In this case, it is necessary to imagine yourself, and if you dream of living in this place, then think that you have been in it for a long time. In other words, you need to visualize the desired;
  3. But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.After an accurate mapping of your desire (mentally, loud, or writing) and its clear visualization in your consciousness, it must be released, give it time for execution. What does it mean? Being a man believer, stand up before icons with a candle in your hands and ask the holy on the execution of your dreams. It is not necessary to read prayer, just enough to say: "I ask you, you will do what I dream!". At the same time, it is possible both in the temple and at home, but to contact both one concrete holy and all right. If you are far from religion - find a different form of expression of what is asking for. Remember, your main task is to put the last point, which will become the final effect of visualization of the desired one.

Not so important to which your request will be addressed. It is only important that you yourself believe that the item you choose becomes a certain guide between you and the universe, the forces of which will bring your dream to you, thereby embodying it in reality.

How to think that thoughts materialized

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.Each person can change only her life and is able to make a show all that will only wish, exclusively for himself. It is important to understand that when you set yourself any goal, you must clearly and clear it to yourself, you are the main character in my desire!

Materialize desires for someone else, unfortunately, will not work. That is why Type targets: "My husband loves me and will always take care of me" Or "My daughter will become an outstanding figure skater" will not come true. If there are other people in your dream, formulate it in such a way that it will come true or not, depended only from you.

For example: "I am for my daughter the best friend, always and I support it, including in sports. I motivate my daughter on successes in figure skating "or" I inspire my husband to care and manifest love to me, and I will always do it. "

How to strengthen materialization?

In order to strengthen the materialization of thoughts and desires, a healthy lifestyle is important: sports, proper nutrition, rejection of smoking and alcoholic beverages. All this, oddly enough, forms a positive model of thinking.

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

The better the physical training of a person, the better his thinking. Of course, it is not necessary to understand this expression in a literal sense: it is not at all that the athlete or the rod will have a greater strength of thought.

In this case, we are talking exclusively about the physical well-being of a person and about his close connection with psychological health. It is not by chance that there is a saying: "In a healthy body - a healthy mind." This phrase most accurately displays the whole essence of the materialization of thought.

How to pull in your life what you want?

Another important step towards the materialization of thoughts and desires is the awareness of what you should think and represent only the desired, and not what you would not want to be afraid to implement. This principle works completely always and absolutely with each, regardless of whether you wish it or not.

Remember, a person always gets what he thinks about, and not what he wants. Each of us has an infinite force of its subconscious. Our thoughts can concern anything, and the universe will attract it to us, and equally, whether it is bad or good.

Scientific evidence

Physics or mystic

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

The main idea is in the interaction of our consciousness with the material world and the impossibility of their study as separate components.

A psychotherapist came to such conclusions after a thorough study of the nature of material elementary particles. As it turned out, electrons with protons constitute the smallest particles - quanta and quarks, which enlighten the wave and energy forces.

It is thanks to this discovery that the supporters of quantum psychology adhere to the position, according to which the life of a person, his environment, the events taking place with him, first of all, are a kind of display of his inner world consisting of thoughts and experiences.

The fate of a person, his life path depend on the brain ability to interpret external signals that are subject to analysis.

As weighted and photographed the thought

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

In the process of the experiment, it was possible to find out that during the most intensive visualization, the weight of the subject increased by an insignificant share of gram. When a person stopped thinking about the desired, his weight again came to his original state.

An equally interesting discovery was the so-called photographs of thoughts, which for the first time implemented American scientists in specialized photologists. It turns out that any idea has a very real form and color belonging to only her.

Thus, negative thoughts have dark colors and ugly, sometimes even frightening forms, and positive thoughts, on the contrary, are painted in bright colors, and also possess the aesthetic and beautiful forms according to the structure.

Bracelet that will make our life better

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

It is only necessary to wear a bracelet on the wrist exactly 21 days, while every day is strictly forbidden to complain about fate, swear and angry, to detect discontent, to squander, condemn anyone, slander and dissolve gossip.

If you break one of these rules, the bracelet should be put on another wrist and wearing 21 days under the same conditions. Thus should come again and again until you achieve accurate compliance with the rules in this time interval.

According to the priest, as soon as a person can hold out 21 days without negative thinking, his life will be the one that he always dreamed.

History Henry Bhercher

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.It would seem that to turn water into wine, it is necessary to be at least Jesus, but Henry Becher did not think so. During the Great Patriotic War, Henry served as a military doctor, and more specifically a anesthesiologist in one of the military hospitals.

Once, without having the necessary medicines, the becher pretty convincingly told the wounded soldier that presented to the Piz. The solution is nothing more than a powerful painkillery - morph.

Surprisingly, after some time, the patient really stopped feeling pain, and subsequently, even safely transferred one of the most complicated operations, which is carried out exclusively under the painkillers, otherwise people die as a result of pain.

At the end of the Second World War, there was still 15 experiments, whose participants were about 1,000 people. Later, he wrote an article "Almighty Placebo", in which he told that placebo leads to the therapeutic effect of about 36% of cases, in other words: in a third of all experiments, people have changed their own health.

Video on the topic

Some facts about the materialization of thoughts:

As you can see, not only experienced psychotherapists, but also physician scientists with world name, those people on whose shoulders are responsible for explaining the device of nature as a person and in general the universe. They proved that thought is a peculiar beginning of all things.

An example of this is such a genius as Nikola Tesla, who has tamed zipper, Albert Einstein, who explained the device of the time, as well as many other great people who have committed their most incredible discoveries with the help of one of the strength of thought.

Everyone successful, an influential person knows that all thoughts are material, and there is a constant analysis of the consequences of our thinking.

There is an endless lot of statements about the strength of thought from famous people, but at the same time we could not find a single reference approval.

Try and you change your life for the better, materializing the most cherished, intimate dreams and, believe me, the result will pleasantly surprise you.

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"Everything will be fulfilled!" - Bracelets of the desire

The fact that thoughts are materialized today are known to almost everyone. It is important to know how to do that the materialization of thoughts occur as soon as possible. This article is devoted to these practices.


Do you know that thoughts are materialized? It has long been proven by this fact and confirmed that our thoughts after a while find material incarnation. If you think about the bad, it will happen, as in the case of thinking about good.

Experienced magicians and esoterics strongly recommend sending their own thoughts into a positive direction. Most people on the planet have long noticed that from the inner attitude, including thoughts, depends on what happens around us.

You can watch different people to see it. Tychny optimists, always in good mood, easily solve various tasks, rarely facing difficulties.

Being in the same conditions, pessimists are most often not able to solve such a number of issues and even in simple situations face completely unexpected difficulties.

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

Using the fact that our thoughts are in time to find a material embodiment, many have mastered the practice of realizing desires. There are various approaches, but they all allow you to embody even such dreams that originally seemed completely unreal and unrealistic.

Materialization of thoughts is a unique process, which is not given to everyone. However, if you learn to think for yourself, it will be possible to change your life for the better, to carry out any desires, to implement dreams, live in happiness and harmony inside and with the outside world.

Such people acquire higher knowledge and open new horizons, go to a higher level of spiritual development and are maximally implemented in life.

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What is the power of thought?

Materialization of thoughts and desires is the opportunity to bring the desired events and things to their own life. Our universe consists of two parts: material and intangible. These worlds are completely different from each other, but they have one common - this is energy. It is energy that they exchange each other and thus have a direct impact on each other.

Do the thoughts materialize? This issue has begun to ask in ancient times. Magic has always existed, and those who have compiled it were able to correctly embody their own thoughts and realize desires.

The technique of materialization of thoughts is as follows. We, while in the material world, through our thoughts dealt with Wordformes, broadcast energy into the universe.

The highest strengths are heard and respond accordingly.

Next, the law of attraction comes into force: "This attracts the like". Therefore, with a positive setting and self-confidence, we send positive energy into the universe. Higher forces also in response to send us good things and events. If you have a negative and think in everything, it does not have to count on positive energy in response.

We revealed the secret, as your thoughts materialize, and explained why it is necessary to carefully relate to how we perceive the world around, as we think about it and what we expect. If you learn to send positive energy into space, the Universe will not wait long and surrounds us with positive events by changing life for the better.

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How are our desires fulfill?

Talking about how to think correctly, that thoughts materialized, we could not disregard such a question as fulfilling the desires, because from the point of view of the material embodiment of thoughts, it is he who interests most of the people. Just positively thinking and be an optimist is one thing, and learn to embody your most intimate dreams and desires is completely different. In addition, we often dream of what, as it seems, simply can not be.

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

It is still beginning to dream of a person when it becomes conscious. But adults are characteristic of dreaming at no less than children. They may want to get a good education, take a certain position, build a successful career.

No less important are the desires to gain real faithful friends and meet the soul mate for a happy family life.

If we possess the art of appeal to the universe so that it performs the most intimate desires, you can achieve more in life, get everything you want.

How to make thoughts materialized, and is the dream? Answers have been answered for a long time. The main rules are the following:

  • The truth of the desire - it should not be invented by the mind, it is necessary to wish for a soul and heart;
  • The clarity of the wording - the Universe does not like blurred concepts;
  • Security - the desire should concern only the faces, his coming, not to cause anyone harm;
  • Vera is important to be 100% confident that the Universe will definitely respond, even the slightest doubts can be a significant obstacle to the actions of the Higher Forces.

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

In the online store you can order a talisman, which will help when the desires are fulfilled. The bracelet with the cloud on which it is written: "Everything will work out," will become an excellent assistant on the way to the performance of the cherished dream. Such a talisman has a magical strength, makes the owner more confident and brings good luck.

You can also choose a bracelet with the rule of three N to emphasize your own confidence that it is impossible. People believed in talismans and amulets and tried to use their magical power to themselves.

Nowadays, such signs have not lost efficiency and are able to protect, protect the owner, give him joy and happiness.

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How to strengthen materialization?

How to make thoughts materialize? Many practitioners and esoterics have already been answered for this question.

It is necessary to think positively, and this should occur at the subconscious level, which is very important.

Of course, it may immediately be possible to completely rebuild, but gradually, regularly working on yourself, you can achieve perfection and execution of the universe of the most cherished dream.

The technique of materialization of thoughts and desires involving visualization is common. Initially, it is necessary to listen to yourself to understand whether the desire is true.

Only the fact that on the subconscious level comes from our soul into space, and is energy. It is her who hears the universe, reacting accordingly. It is important to stay in silence and rest, try to throw all unnecessary information from my head.

It is important to focus as much as possible to understand whether the desire is real, and not contrived.

Next it is important to define it. It is not necessary to do in the head, taking paper and handle, it will be easier to express your own thoughts clearly and briefly. After that, you need to close your eyes and imagine how you send your dream into space.

It is important to think in such a way as if everything happened, about what you feel or do, getting the desired. Thinking should be thought as much as possible. It is important to completely eliminate the "not" part, because it does not accept the universe.

Only positive and affirmative thoughts will help to implement the most intimate desire. Visualization is important and will accelerate the execution process. Absolutely should not invent means of achieving the desired. The universe best of us knows how it should be.

It will ensure everything you need so that you can realize your dream. Trust the highest forces, they will be able to do everything in the best possible way.

After you think carefully, you will need to "let go" your desire to space. This means that you should think about it. Take care of any things, distract yourself with something.

If you do not stop thinking about desire, it will not fall into the universe. In this case, the process will occur, and the highest forces will not be able to help. Let me release my desire - this is one of the most complex and time-consuming stages.

But you have to try, if you want it to be embodied in a short time.

For dreams to be performed, it is very important not to throw in the soul to anyone's offense and, especially since hate. These feelings destroy us, not allowing energy to go to the universe in the universe. All insults are important not only forgive, but also to let go from ourselves, forget and not remember.

This is very important for everyone who wants to master the abilities to fulfill their own desires. It is important to get rid of any negative energy in a timely manner so that it does not become a barrier on the way to communicate with the Universe.

Only in this way can be opened to the highest forces, which are always ready to realize even the most uncomfortable, at first glance, and a very hidden dream.

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Amulets and bracelets

We told how to make thoughts materialized quickly, and performed the most cherished desires. If you work on yourself, execute the rules described, you can get new knowledge, develop spiritually and more achieve in life. Use energy communication with the Universe, do not allow the negative involvement in any form.

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

Amazing bracelets sold in the online store will be performed to fulfill any desire. Such talismans will nourish faith in themselves and will help to realize the dreams even faster.

An excellent choice will be a set of bracelets "Success", with which you can realize a variety of desires. You can buy a bracelet with the inscription "Happiness", since this concept is a comprehensive and implies the fulfillment of any desires.

He will bring well-being, love and joy into your life.

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How to think correctly, so that the dream become a reality?

"We always attract what we think most often, what we have to believe that we are most expecting what we most expect and what is clear to ourselves."

Shakti Gavein.

Thoughts are an amazing substance that occupies a huge place among the daily activities of man.

The fact that thoughts help not only solve specific tasks, but also to change the life and make it such as you want, not everyone knows.

This article will tell you how with the help of thoughts you can create a reality as you represent it in your dreams. The implementation of a cherished dream is only the result of the well-developed technique of the correct mental process.

My story about the materiality of your own thoughts

The fact that thoughts are material, I will tell you on your own experience. Examples from my life are a visual result of the materialization of thoughts. My name is Elizabeth, for friends - just Lisa. Being an ordinary student Filfak, dreams of dreams about good work, "Prince on a white horse".

But right up to the fourth course, no prince, nor additional to the scholarship of earnings. Somehow I happened to be with a familiar from one professor, doctor, doctor of science.

To be honest, I did not want to go, but a friend had to be held, at the insistence of parents, a family friend and just an influential person.

Not knowing how a girlfriend took himself during the "mandatory conversation", considered a huge library on the whole wall, and then - on the stacks of books on the shelves. A book called "Creative Materialization of Thoughts" came across the eyes. This book has changed my whole life.

Thanks to her, I learned to visualize and submit my future as I wanted to see him. It described a lot of techniques relating to various areas of life, but one united them all is a mental visualization of the desired and mental pronigation of the desired.

I can say that this book has changed my whole life. At that time, daily classes on this book were only part of genuine interest: "What if it helps?".

She herself did not notice how the visualization entered the habit and, being a creative person, thinking about emerging ideas, plans now I know for sure: this is destined to happen. During this time, I simply trained my mental abilities that my thoughts, as my husband says, "got into habit."

Now he is joking: "Just do not think about it. And it will come true. " Of course, this is our family joke. I try to think positively and constructively, as I know that my thoughts are materialized.

Thought is really material: evidence

The fact that the thought is material, many say. Some are taken for axiom, which does not require evidence, and someone needs irrefutable facts. There are many experiments and experiments on a comprehensive study of thoughts that serve as evidence that thought is indeed material.

In order to speak indisputable about the materiality of thought, we have a common idea of ​​its nature. The thought process is a rather complex complex of biochemical and electrical processes occurring in the human brain.

It is said that the thoughts are material, it means that the thoughtful thought as the smallest electric particles is sent to the outside world, where further the reaction of the world around for the release of this information as charged smallest physical particles.

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

The composition of thought

In the 90s of the last century, South American psychoanalyst and philosopher Stephen H. Volinski patented a new course in psychology - "Quantum psychology". According to the theory of quantum psychology, the human consciousness and the outside world are inseparable and cannot be divided into separate components.

After a detailed study of the nature of material particles, I found the answer to the question why thoughts are material. Stephen H. found that electrons and protons consist of smaller particles: quarks and quanta having a wave and energy component.

Thoughts, in his opinion, this is the radiation of the smallest wave and energy particles.

Adherents of quantum psychology noted that the real world of man depends on the work of his nervous system. Materialization of human thoughts in his life depends on how the brain is able to energetically process external signals that can be analyzed, and then a wave reaction to the external world should be.

With strong wave and energy radiation, an impetus for the embodiment of the thought form is transferred to the outside world. Thus, at the moments of anger, when the brain emits the particles of large indicators, any wish is capable of incarnation. Therefore, carefully follow the carelessly talked in a rustling of anger with words - can come true.

And the bigger strength is thought, the stronger there was an emotion.

Thought has weight

Another evidence of the materiality of thought is an experiment, in which a person and his thoughts weighed on the most accurate scales.

It was amazing that in the event of a provoked mental process in a person with a visualization of the smallest details, the scales began to show an increase in the weight of the subject to the slightest fraction of a gram.

With complete relaxation and entry into the state of the trance, the weight indicator on the scales decreased.

Color and form of thought

There are laboratories in which experiences were conducted on photographing thoughts. American scientists have determined the color and shape of thoughts. So, negative thoughts are painted in dark tones, positive thoughtformes have bright shades and the right, beautiful forms.

How to think and create reality?

Our world is a reality created by us, the embodiment of our thoughts, the inner world. Facial expression is the display of our thoughts. And our physical and psychological health depends on thoughts about himself, his role in life, about his self-assumption as a personality and particle of society.

Positive thoughts about themselves, their lives, their surroundings attract positive events and people who positively affect your life. That is, everything happens according to the law of attraction: this attracts similar. Negative areas of life attracted negative life situations, the same people who are unlikely to help change your life for the better.

Knowing that all our thoughts are material, you need to know how to think correctly. Directing your thoughts in the right side, formulating them in the right way, you give a certain impetus to their implementation.

It is known that the most "working" are thoughts in the changed state of the psyche. This word does not need to be afraid.

The altered state is a healthy state of relaxation or the result of a strong positive or negative emotion.

Your reality is how you imagine it. If you have a desire to change it completely or some of its aspects, then everything is in your hands. It is only necessary to dream a little bit and mentally create it as you like to see it.

  • Everyone has the opportunity to create its own reality as it seems to be in dreams.
  • But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.
  • So, a few tips on how to think correctly to build your reality exactly what you want to see it:
  1. Think positively, positive thoughts attract everything positive.
  2. Do not take offense in yourself, treat the resentment of philosophically.
  3. View as many as possible pictures of the desired future in positive light. Draw in the imagination the smallest details of the desired.
  4. Cut out sessions of meditative visualizations before bedtime.
  5. Surround yourself only with positive, successful people.
  6. Do not stop and do not lower your hands at the slightest failure, let it be a push to the additional pressure in achieving the goal.
  7. Create your reality yourself, your desires are the most important motivators in life, do not let anyone change the way of your life or affect your desires.

Methods of materialization of thought

So, there are several techniques for the materialization of thoughts. In order to learn how to materialize thoughts and desires, consider the main of them.

Visualization of the picture of the future

To fulfill this technique, it will be necessary to relax the body and mental consciousness. To do this, take the position lying. Usually this technique is performed before bedtime. Relax all parts of the body in turn: hands, legs, torso, face muscles, neck. Think about your future. Ask yourself a question and visually give a response to the creation of some images of the future.

But if everything ended everything, there is no way ... Very often after the wolf number two "Where to take money?" A black wolf number three codenamed "first need to accumulate, and even then ...". Or "better to buy it is better, and when the surplus is, then ...". This position is characteristic of representatives of the older generation, which just in the overwhelming majority lived on this principle. Unfortunately, we remember with sadness, as almost all who copied, often manifesting themselves, comprehected default. The person who was letting these beliefs in his thinking, meanwhile, feeds three wolves to his energy.

How do you think about your own future, how should it be? Actually, what do you do in it, what is the future you are set up? Answer these questions.

How do you imagine yourself in a month, two, three, a year? What do you look like? How has your surroundings changed? What are your desires? What did you achieve? What do you feel? Imagine yourself with a good person, what is she, your luck? Imagine it in detail.

Remember these emotions, see our own good luck and the picture of the desired. Remember this feeling of joy and satisfying life. Everything will be embodied in life what you think about. And it will not be an accident. This is exactly what you want so much.

In compulsory, thank the fate, the universe, God, or the spirit of life (who is closer for you) for the exercise of the desired future.

Affirmation method

Affirmation is the trite program that you repeat and pronounce every day for yourself. The introduction of positive thinking is a rather complicated process that takes a long time and requires a large number of forces.

Pred up this in the deep faith in yourself, in the implementation of the conceived. A great force is faith to change the future for the better, it should be a true engine of your creative mental-verbal process.

Free ourselves, clean, be a snow-white sheet.

Affirmations act with a double effect: the strength of the word is added to the strength of thought. Phrases like: "I am a successful person!", "I am a respected person!", "I achieved material well-being and honor, respect in society!" - When pronouncing them in the past time, it allows the subconscious mind to feel the embodiment of the desired priority in reality.

It helps him move imperceptible consciousness in the right direction. That's how to correctly formulate thoughts so that they materialize. This article is a great help for the reader in the implementation of a positive successful future. Material For the further development of personal potential, the reader will find on the pages of this site.

Successes in the materialization of a mentally created future!

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Materialization of thoughts: three techniques that will help achieve the desired

Everyone wants to be beautiful, rich, successful, beloved. Everyone wishes material and spiritual benefits, but not everyone knows that it is necessary for this. Your thoughts play a crucial role.

Thoughts are materialized, and regardless of whether they are good or not. The life you want to create - this is what you deserve, so throw away any negative. There is a huge number of stories that people who at a certain point in time thought about something bad, got it. It may be an accident, fire, failure, and so on.

Why is it important to avoid negative

Materialization techniques work not only for positive, but also for negative thoughts. We are all people, so none of us can completely abstract from thoughts about defeats and failures. However, it is impossible to allow them to become installations, to enter into your head.

It is not enough to just want to achieve something, you need to invest in it completely. In terms of failures, it is not necessary to try to try, because negative energy is stronger than positive. Stand bad thoughts from the head is incredibly difficult, so always pay attention to what you think about. Do not wish the evil to other people - it can also harm you strongly.

Techniques materialization of thoughts

There are three main ways to make positive thoughts materialized. In order for positive thinking to take a special weight, you need to learn one of the techniques and follow it.

First technique: affirmations . Affirmation is a word or phrase that you constantly repeat.

As we said, the introduction of positive thoughts is a very difficult process that takes a large amount of time and requires a variety of forces. PREPARE it faith in itself to save time.

If you can't believe that you can change your thoughts, the process of creating positive programs and installations will be very long. Free yourself, clean, become a white sheet.

Affirmations for every day are a faithful universal type assistant. Phrases like "I am a happy person", "luck is always with me", "I will achieve my goals" will change your worldview for the better. This is a good choice for those who constantly have problems with the mood.

There are affirmations for love, for success. This is a special case that requires already prepared and solid soil under the legs. When you felt happier and lighter, go to this level. Start talking to yourself that you will find your love, create a family, open the business, earn a lot of money and so on.

When you repeat something every day as often as possible, you seem to drive the nail into the tree. This will require a lot of time, but it will cost it. Repeat yourself positive phrases to be as close as possible to happiness. It will enhance your energy, good luck, and also materializes what you dream about. This will create certain images in your head.

Second technique: meditation. Meditation is a dive into your consciousness. First you relax, then configure your own energy as you need.

This method will help achieve the desired, but will need some time to learn how to meditate correctly. Any method is very expensive in terms of time, in meditation can seriously help you save time if you know how to quickly dive into consciousness.

Anyway, but you can learn this if you really want to change your life.

There is meditation to love, at attracting good luck, to attract wealth. There is a huge amount of them, so you can always find something useful for yourself.

Meditation "Labyrinth", for example, will help you solve some important problem and decide on the choice. A small minus, if it can be called such, this is the need for permanent meditations. Once you will not give anything.

First you have to work hard to learn to meditate. Then everything will go like oil.

Third Technique: Visualization and Positive Thinking . Visualization is something like a prefigure method. You need to strain your consciousness to submit the end result of your activities. Live with this picture.

If you want to get an increase in work, then imagine how the boss is suitable for you and says you have risen. Think over every detail. Reinforce your thoughts positive, and just know that everything will be the way you want.

Many famous athletes and businessmen say that their success was born in their head, because they saw their future. They just knew that everything would come, as they want it. In addition, forget about peace of mind. Good and peacekeeping are the best friends of visualization.

Use all three methods to improve your life. Masterization of thoughts is a difficult process that will never work if you have doubts.

Do not let them break into the surface - let them sit somewhere inside you, without interfering to create a new universe around them. After a while you will see that every day starts well, and the mood is always at the height.

This will be the first evidence that you are on the right track. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

Dreaming is not harmful, but to carry out dreams of much more useful. Map of desires - a great way to attract help ...

Material well-being - what every person seeks to seek. In order for the money to always be laid ...

With the help of a special brief phrase, you can configure thoughts on a positive wave and speed up the execution of your ...

In order to gain the joy of life, get rid of problems and succeed, do not apply ...

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How does the materialization of thoughts work?

In fact, attract the desired life is quite simple! About how materialization is carried out by thoughts, our reader told ...

Instant materialization of thoughts!

As a child, an extremely interesting case happened to me. I rested in the village, it was terribly hot, many animals really wanted to drink, especially geese.

Then I decided to drink them with water from the column, turned on the water to full and began to wait until the grooves fill. When the water has become enough, I moved away from the column and I already wanted to leave, how our neighbor ran out of the house and began to shout that I would get the water.

Suddenly, I was on full seriously said that rusty water, and it needs to merge. Then the neighbor turned on the water, and she really went rusty!

Miracle, you will say, but not! Subsequently, I learned that there was a quick materialization of thought.

How to make a desire by switching thoughts?

Surely the cases happened to you when you thought about something, then they switched sharply to another, and later everything came true with the striking accuracy?

I have such experiments happened quite often.

"After study, waiting for the bus, I always thought:" How well, if it had a free place near the window! " - And these thoughts have always been materialized. "

Stop thought helps here - we switches sharply on something else, forgetting about the last desire, and the universe intercepts our impulses in the meantime and fulfills them.

Also are well executed wishes, if you constantly think about them!

At school, in the last year of my learning, my parents have greatly pressed on me, wanting me to get a good certificate. They scolded me, forced more time to spend study, always repeated about the exams ...

I constantly thought about how to get a good certificate, I was terribly afraid to pass the exams, I went down to my friends, I got out of my sister.

But unexpectedly at the end of the year everything became improved. And it was not so scary to take exams. As a result, there were only 2 four in my certificate!

I practiced this method every day, initially makes small desires, then, fully dealt in the very essence of the technique, moved to more significant.

So once I participated in the contest "On my own learned work on the piano", I really wanted to take first place. I thought about it every day, just thought. In the end, the first place gave me!

If you do not know how to fulfill the desire, try to clearly formulate what you want to get, and regularly think about it!

Daria Rimakov

Notes and thematic articles for a deeper understanding of the material

¹ Materialization - in the occultism, parapsychology and spiritualism - a manifestation in the presence of a medium of foreign living matter of varying degrees of consistency and level of organization capable (if you believe the supporters of the phenomenon reality) to take forms of individuals, limbs, human figures, both full and nonreof (Wikipedia) .

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Masterization of thoughts on smart: Secrets of success

The fact that the thoughts and desires of a person are able to become a reality know almost all, but not everyone knows how to correct this process in reality.

From this material you will learn the features of the materialization of thoughts in life and understand how to get what has been dreamed of so long ago, but it was not attracted to you. But first let's talk about the most common mistakes that are confused by the conjunction of desires in the life you, quite possible, have already become faced personally.

Why often do thoughts do not materialize?

This has several reasons, namely:

  • Improper formulation of thinking . For example, you cannot create a happy relationship with the opposite sex. And you, instead of sending thoughts in the Universe, it seems: "I want to meet a worthy guy / girl" start thinking about the opposite: "I'm so alone / alone," I'm so bad "and the like. And what happens? The universe "hears" a negative wording about loneliness and now you will stay without a pair, you yourself want.
  • Wrong setting . Even Yary skeptics doctors were noticed that most of her early recovery was observed from those patients who were optimistic than pessimists. Therefore, if you are taken for some kind of case (for example, for the materialization of thoughts), you need to convince yourself that everything is necessarily implemented in life.
  • Incorrect wording . You can again bring a simple example - you came to the store in order to buy some product. You already know in advance what it will be for the goods or at least what characteristics it should possess. Therefore, you go for something specific and real - a new dress, shoes, a handbag or a stick of sausages, depending on your needs.

At the same time, you probably know that it makes no sense to go for the purchase, wanting to buy "something sweet, or not very sweet, or generally salty" - in general, it is not known that. In this case, first of all, you risk you try in this store a lot of time, and secondly, we will annoy other buyers who prevent.

It also occurs with the materialization of thought - the very first materializes what is concrete that you can easily imagine. And incomprehensible desires can hang "in line on execution" for a very long time. Therefore, put real goals and your thoughts will definitely be reality. And then you can familiarize yourself with the algorithm of proper materialization of thoughts.

Technique materialization of thought

When are thoughts begin to embody in life? Then when they are strong enough. When the thought is enough to be filled with energy, it can manifest itself on the physical plane. At the same time, the stronger the thoughts are, the sooner they will be embodied in life.

How to make the idea of ​​strong? To do this, it is initially necessary to disassemble the idea of ​​the components. In our example, we will take advantage of the components of thought: images, feelings, emotions and words.

Another important point is thought intensifying with regular repetitions.

Therefore, if you systematically cause one and the same desired images, raising feelings with emotions, you can reinforce them as much as possible.

Having fraud with this can be safely taken for the correct creation of the desired thinking.

  1. Create a thought of the desired. It is important that he causes you only positive experiences and emotions.

If you do not have a very well developed shaped vision and it is difficult for you to create visual pictures, you need to work with thoughts that will be replaced by images.

To determine what positive emotions you have to provoke the thinking of the desired simply, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What feelings I will experience when my desire will be reality? (This may be, for example, openness in relation to the world and people, full satisfaction with their lives, joy, compassion for others, calm and so on).
  • What top qualities can I get? (We will become more confident in yourself, bold, active, will be more trusted others and the like).

In the process of working with images, it is necessary to try to survive these feelings with emotions as if they are already real. It should be noted that there is no other such powerful impact force on people like emotions.

It is emotions that are the moving force that allows you to attract various material or intangible things. Can you remember at least one item purchased by you that would not cause emotions? No one finds such things, because by making a purchase, people also experience a number of emotions, thanks to which they appear those or other things.

Now try to remember some item that is very expensive for you, in which you invested a lot of energy (there is a cash energy here).

After all, for sure, before you get this thing, you thought about it for a very long time, repeatedly imagined it in the smallest details, while experiencing very powerful emotions.

Probably, you even tried to imagine the fact of possessing this subject - for example, how you hold it in your hands, sniff, try to taste either beyond to it.

That is why, if you do not have something, most likely that you just do not really want it hard. It is also possible that inside you have a lot of contradictions on this expense that knock your thought and prevent it from materialize.

Therefore, try once again to analyze your desire, with intentions and emotions and if you have a feeling that something is wrong, watch him, to understand what is the problem.

Probably, your fears or limiting prejudices and installations are knocked down.

To eliminate resistance, you need to work on them, find a compromise with yourself, realizing that the performance of your desire will not have any negative impact on your identity.

In general, the process of materialization of thoughts is very similar to the inflation of the ordinary balloon. In this situation, the thought itself will speak as a ball, and the air will be replaced by emotions, words and other experiences. And the more air you can inflate in this ball, the stronger the idea and the faster the desired will be able to attract your life.

At the same time, your doubts, fears and internal prejudices are similar to a needle, which punches the ball, producing air out of it. And then, the most initially thought form becomes wrinkled, deprived of power. It is for this reason that many human thoughts and ideas are not destined to be realized in life - there are too few forces in them.

  1. We turn the image into a stop frame or mini-movies. If you work with images, you need to create them similar to stop-frames or small film. It is important that for the period of time, while "movies", you were able to draw yourself in the imagination as many different details. The more they are, the higher the chances of geting exactly what you dream about. But, of course, for this you should know what exactly you want.
  2. In a thinking, you must be. For example, you wish to have a car. If forming a thinking that you do not turn on it, then with a very high probability, get the catalog of new cars or something in a similar spirit. Therefore, always, absolutely always, if you want to materialize something, visualize yourself next to it. This is, by the way, one of the main secretions of the fulfillment of desires.
  3. Thugs can take the form of characters. In some cases, it is enough to imagine all the nuances of the desired. This refers to such complex topics as a personal life or, for example, work.

Then you need to act a little differently, contacting the symbols. For example, if you dream of relationships, you can visualize two paired flowers, or a pair of loved animals. Working with symbols, focus on your associations - what you will be closest.

Very often, work with symbols is lighter, since in this case you get rid of internal prejudices and from the impossibility of implementing the desired one.

  1. Physical embodiment of thinking. Finally, for even greater gain of the desired one, it can be written in muscle memory.

For example, if you dream about a happy family, you can visualize the desired image and the abyss between you and it. And then visualize that you were transferred through her bridge and go on him to meet my second half, which comes happily and at the same time you feel very happy.

  • Even if this technique also seems to you ridiculous - be sure to try it, because everything that belongs to our subconsciousness is actually very serious.
  • We hope that this article was useful for you and will help in the near future materialize all your innermost dreams with desires.
  • Finally, browse the interesting themed video:
  • Marissa.

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#one. What thoughts can materialize

# 2. Materialization: the technique of realization of positive thought

# 3. Why not all desires come true?

#four. How to think correctly

The biological structure of the human brain and today are considered little studied. However, the issues of the materiality of thought, the supernaturality of the possibilities of our brain cause no less interest in scientists.

But the esoteric adherents have a clear explanation. In their opinion, our thoughts are fine matter, invisible to human eye, but primary for the universe. Thus, every action of the brain work plays an important role in creating our universe.

Studies are conducted on these issues. However, today the scientific world is not ready to accept such a version at the official level. The fact is that science considers an insufficient database of the evidence that the thought is material. A number of experiments of some researchers have already contributed to the study of our brain to confirm the version. Group visualizations of thought, video and photography were carried out. Some energy around the human head was discovered, while he thought about something. Researchers who believe in materialization, but unpopular in broad scientific circles, took advantage of special sensors for fixing mental energy.

What thoughts can materialize

Another wolf that comes and eats the meal of white, is called "and if not going out?" He carries in itself and unsuccessful experience of other people, and personal former negative human experience. In the case when the event is a business or a project, one more thought-wolf is particularly dangerous. What, they say, I have everything here is somehow debugged, but there, even though dreams, but it is unknown as it will be. This moment is powerfully de-energized the main white wolf and shakes the energy of Nemerly. Because the focus of attention drains chains. Well, another black wolf - all the information about the nobleness, for example, be poor - books, fairy tales, stories to help.In esoteric, it is believed that, regardless of whether, a good or bad thought, she can come to reality. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account this moment, producing any of its thought. Dreaming about the future, it is impossible to allow any negative. The fact is that each of us lives as we deserve. And this has a lot of confirmation. A person who thinks in a negative key receives the same result. Manifestations can be different, including accidents, fires, diseases, etc.

There are many techniques. And their work is aimed at the realization of positive thought and negative. But the person really can not constantly think only in a positive key. After all, in the life of every person there are ups and downs, joy and mountain, etc. And as a result, each of us is not insured from a mental negative. It is impossible to completely abstract from not correct thinking. But should not be allowed to turn into such thoughts in the installation managers of your life. By this we attract negative events into our lives. Many specialists in these issues talked about the fact that negative thoughts are much easier to embody into reality. The fact is that they have more powerful energy. Get rid of negative thought, drive it out of consciousness is actually difficult. Therefore, you should pay attention to what is thinking about. And our bad desires for other people can greatly harm us.

There are people who are accustomed to constantly live in a negative, justifying them all their problems and adversity. For them, everything around is painted with black paints, including other people. They are all annoying, prevents developing and strive for the goals. These are people who are all perceived in the bayonets. What in turn creates barriers, blocks them any new ideas, goals and vital projects. And these are all written off on the fate that gives them so much.

But there are also people who cope with problems and difficulties, smiling in their face. These are optimists, which are usually much more successful in life than cash in a negative.

Why is this happening? This is explained by the fact that the same situation, representatives of optimists and pessimists perceive in their own way, making different conclusions. A certain point of view naturally has its material implementation.

And there is no magic and magic. As a rule, optimistic people are incarnation of dreams only due to the correct way of thinking that stimulates to certain actions. What in turn provides desirable results.

People who wish to change their lives for the better do not just want it, but begin to work, defining for themselves specific goals. One desire is not enough. Full return required.

Materialization: the technique of realization of positive thought

Several techniques allocate for the embodiment of useful impulses of our mind.

  • Affirmations - implies a constant repetition of certain words or phrases. This is a rather laborious process that requires time. Confidence that the necessary results will be achieved, can reduce the time spent on the implementation of our thought. This requires a change in consciousness and method of thinking. Before a person begins to use the help of the strength of thought, should become a "clean sheet", that is, it is obliged to pass the ritual of purification. This kind of mental technology helps to get a good result to people with the problems of changeable mood. Affirmations can be effectively used every day. They are a lot of varieties. All of them are aimed at creating certain images in our head, in thoughts. Daily repetition of mental words or phrases can be compared with robbing into a tree. It takes time and effort. However, the results obtained are necessarily justified. Such thoughts will help improve the energy, attract good luck to their lives. Affirmations will help thoughts become a reality, that is, material.
  • Meditative practices are immersion in their changed consciousness. It will take full relaxation, a certain attitude of its own energy. Thoughts with the help of this method will become material, but you need to study meditate for all the rules. And this means that the skills of relaxation and immersion in the state of the trance will be required. In fact, you need to be able to competently work with your consciousness. People who want change in their lives are practicing different meditative techniques. But in order for the thoughts concerning your dreams, goals, become material, daily meditations are needed for a long period.

Read our article "What is the book of shadows and how to use it."

There are different meditations, including to achieve success in love, wealth. Each of us can choose the appropriate option to implement your goals.

  • Visualization is considered a complex technique. It lies in the voltage of his consciousness in order to mention the end of the workflow. We must live in such a mental way. Just sending a mental signal to the universe, you must imagine that the desired has already been implemented. And it does not matter what you think about - about work, personal life, travel. Only our thoughts must be necessarily positive and the most detailed as possible. The thought, supported by faith and a huge desire, is definitely transformed into matter. Visualization will help to achieve the desired one.

Why not all desires come true?

Most inhabitants of our planet tend to recognize the fact of the materiality of thought. The reason is not here And there are also more wolves, but we already have a whole nursery. And all the black, fasten. Where is there white? And it is not visible at all, because it almost does not get meals. And here in this state you can meditate, visualize, to make practices, make rites and jumping with a tambourine - a sense will be zero. After all, from the desired event, the focus of attention is specifically shifted.The philosophical knowledge of the East, which extended so wide around the world. This property of thought is explained by the fact that a person began to receive many confirmation of this hypothesis in everyday life. A bright example of this can be in hand the phone for another moment, as he rang. Or sent to each other simultaneous identical message. And this suggests that every our everyday desire has a close relationship with thoughts. However, if people make something large-scale, they can never get expected. Why is this happening? Perhaps thoughts are materialized only if they are superficial, not large-scale. So thoughts need a little energy of our brain. And their person is easier to let go into the universe. A large-scale thoughts need energy not only for the formation, but also to hold them in our consciousness.

According to esotericists, our thoughts destined to return in the form of objects of the physical or mental plan. However, the thought on which we looped does not have a chance for materialization. We ourselves, not realizing, prevent this process. It is possible that the mentioned mental signals at some stage are interrupted and do not reach a specific purpose. Therefore, we can not get the fulfillment of desires. And maybe in the way of what has thought for a long time, an irresistible barrier appears in the form of another, but not such a large-scale thought.

And about the performance of small everyday desires, they are easily sent to the universe, transforming in energy for the subsequent formation of matter of the universe.

The embodiment depends on the emotional attitude towards the pictures arising in the imagination, from the strength of our faith in them. A mental object of our faith fills universal energy. However, the Universe cannot simultaneously embody a lot of thoughts, she takes time. If it was possible, there would be chaos.

The fact is that the world called reality is real only for one representative of humanity. After all, it has been created, taking into account sometimes unconscious thoughts, wishes, ideas, phobias, concerns of one person. And this world is a mirror reacting to the oxyadder effect.

Read our article "Breathing Practices: Characteristic features of the main technician."

It happens that you think about one, and the opposite result is obtained. And all because, together with the thoughts about the dream, the fear of its inconsistencies begins to be born. Such thoughts of fear will prefer the negative development of events. They can be in several versions. And it is they who are filled with energy that transfers us into a distorted reality, into the world of projection changes in the initial thought. We must work with your phobias, control them so that they do not form our reality.

Achieving the desired often interferes with the irregularity of human thinking, the fallacy of their own beliefs, not systematized actions. And dreams and goals are achieved when leaving a new step, which requires such qualities as accuracy and focus. This means that a single course must be chosen in life for all convictions, aspirations uttered utterances, states and actions. In addition, the direction cannot be changed until the desired result is obtained, and this may take a long time. And our thoughts assigned the role of the guidebook, which is obliged to bring us to the target target.

How to think correctly

In this case, the situation with the unemployed person who is looking for work, and dreams, for example, about the car.What does proper thinking mean? These are thoughts about the necessary things, at the right time and on the established rules:

The fact that a person needs to work on oneself is to develop, fight flaws, no one argues. However, this can be a very long way to goal. For the construction of the right life, we need clear concrete thoughts that will quickly and efficiently work. These are motion stimulants forward. If you think specific categories, then you get specific results.

  • We get rid of mental installations about intactness of our actions.

Any installation is someone's belief. There will always be people who will dissuade you to take a step towards what you really want to get.

  • Thoughts, given your interests.

It is necessary to organize your thoughts correctly. It reminds planning his day. Think so to get positive results. It pleases, actually benefits.

  • That's right - so that our thoughts:
  • They affected the depths of consciousness, clinging the soul, penetrated into the heart, otherwise it is useless to expect the result;
  • Cooked with an internal worldview, without destroying us from the inside;
  • fixed and spent some time scrolled in the mind (according to the rule "21 days");
  • Must be in a positive key and suppress all fears and disbelief, otherwise the energy will be distributed to everything, and I will not get the desired result;
  • Must be creative, and not destroying, because they affect us and change our life (for example, a positive impression of the first teacher goes with us in life).

In addition, people who want to manage others with the help of the strength of thought are obliged to be authoritative and respected personalities. Otherwise, their mental senders will not be perceived by other people who are affected by such an impact. And the one who wants to understand and take smart thoughts will not be able to do it without openness to changes in his life. Only faith in what though, we attract the necessary changes to your life.

Read our article "Who is Alistair Crowley?".

But you should not hurry with changes. It is necessary to act gradually, slowly, generating and passing innovations into your consciousness. This process can be compared with the action of the healing agent, which is digested dropwise. Research is fraught with negative consequences. And each of us wants to attract success, happiness, well-being in your life. Therefore, thoughts are positive and small portions so that the universe will have time to fulfill what we have conceived.

Achieving a cherished target always begins with a change in thinking. And the definite action of our mind is fixed and transformed into the word and the case that affect the habits and fate of people. The fact is that each of us is capable of much, but not everyone manages to control their inner worldview, control the mental process. It is important to want to change your life for the better, but you can learn everything.

If any questions arose, refer to the specialists of the personality development center "Arkanum". They are ready to share their knowledge and experience with all those who want to know themselves and the world around.

Thoughts are material

Thoughts are material

/Image.php?width=800&height=500&CROPRATIO=1.6:18 PMIMage=/Static/uploads/5E1C93A1BBBCE.JPG.


Yes, in his mind, simply will not arise and the chance of incarnation of the event "car". Because ninety-nine percent of attention is sent by the Wolf "How to find a job?", And one percent of the white wolf can not be fed ...It is difficult to disagree that all our thoughts are sooner or later materialized. But not only thoughts are materialized, our fears, anxiety, doubts are materialized with them. The fact that our thoughts are not accidental is also a well-known fact. After all, it is known that it is a psychological state that determines the quality of our thoughts, and as a result, the quality of life. Everything that a person cannot understand with the help of cognitive psychology, in which it is believed that the unfortunate life is a consequence of the wrong thinking, may show a family alignment on B. Hellinger.

The thing is that the introjects of "family layouts" somehow live in the heart of every person. And afterwards, he builds his object relationships with the world on the basis of a family base of values, that is, according to the law, like that he saw / worried in his family. Having received a certain tracker on the principle of love-hatred in the circle of family parental plants, having learned the lessons of distorted relationships, we have two ways: to resolve these plants, or to succumb to them. The phenomenology of the arrangements as the method is that they transmit originating in the family, based on a conditional energy-information field that exists, despite all the prejudices. After all, the fact that a person cannot learn logically, according to the laws of Eidetics is lightering with the help of thinking. Therefore, a picture that we restore with the help of images and ideas about your family, each has its own. Each "pop up" their skeletons in the closet. Thus, the phenomenology of our feelings, that is, ideas that arose once on this or that topic, the object / subject is that feelings are often ahead of thoughts.

The secret to the materialization of our thoughts-sense-states is that the aspect of the time that is responsible for the present is a hypersensitive radar for the definition of both the near wave signals of our thought and past experiences. And our most important ideas were learned by us once a long time ago, even quite unconscious. And so now the entire current motivation of our life is tied to them. Family dramas and injuries, obtained by us in connection with these drama inheritance, do not go anywhere. They are stored in the subcortical web of the unconscious. It is these ideas and give birth to events and consequences that sometimes repeat, because on a thin plan - time is one. Past, present and future are associated with eternity (soul).

Usually, the law on the cause and consequence of the people is customary to call karma. The reason for the established circumstances in the arena of our life arises on the basis of radiation "radio waves" of the family system of the family system. This is due to the fact that a person by birth receives gender dependence, the vaccination of the genus. If you say metaphorically, all the blood is impregnated with this vaccination, the whole structure of our subconscious. The work strategy for the materialization of our thoughts is based on the information of the work field of our beliefs / submissions of the subconscious and reflections from the objects of reality. In this secret. We will speak conditionally, at the current moment of time, we have events that are already partly predetermined. That is, whatever you are planned, your inner resonator will compile it with the world around the world and the registration of how we perceive it as a result of our installations. After all, everything that you intended - already once existed before you, had already interacted and acquired some particular form, specificity and color of emotions at the level of collective unconscious.

So, interaction with one or another egregor from the collective unconscious "human race" (of our ancestors) and will be the equivalence of the fulfillment of your desire. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to imagine that everything we think already exists. That is, reflecting on one or another subject / event / psychotracm, we literally twitch for certain threads the energy that is responsible for playing this event. Thus, we spread around the energy tax, responsible for our state of the soul. For example, if in our family murder, suicide was committed or there was an early death, rape, immigration, loss of property, a division of family relations, we can think about it for all our lives throughout your life. In psychology, this is the unfinished gestalt. In applied to our topic, I have the right to express "Incomplete tribal gestalt."

As a result, in the field of our view, only the fact that we have already seen and know. Something that sits in us deep inside, in the form of a bunch of energy with a certain potential and character of action. Something very similar to Pandora's drawer. Thus, in adult life, we are doomed to repetitions, patterns, templates of child-parent relationships, which previously performed our grandparents, and so on. And, most interesting, we call it our mistakes. Although there is also the fact that the fact of such deviant behavior is the repeats of incorrect generic installations.

It is very similar to the "theory of the psychological field" Kurt Levina. A well-known psychologist proceeded from the fact that each of us lives and develops in a psychological field of the surrounding items. And each of these items has a definite charge (valence). Levin's experiments argued that for each person this valence has its own sign, although at the same time there are objects that have equally attractive or repulsive force for most people. Of course, affecting a person, objects / phenomena / events (both the present and past) cause needs. These needs Levin called energy charges that are responsible for the tension of our physical body.

Literally, this means that inside each of us sits a kind of explosive with powder from the past. In the voltage state, the person constantly strives for discharge, i.e. Satisfying the need, as in that saying: if not washing, so, the catalym. That is, if you do not solve this problem in a good way, it is sooner or later permitted in a bad one. There is such a brought phrase: "The world does not meet our expectations." This is because Egregors ("Soul Things, Phenomena, Object / Subject") There are its own laws. Egregor is a living energy that interacts with our soul, resonates into space, responds. If the soul of man is crumpled, and he wants happiness, she is happiness, but they talk to her in a certain language, at a certain level of comprehension of happiness. See this more in the article: "Assemblage point. Levels of consciousness. "

Why is this happening? If you look at the specifics of injuries, it will become clear that each of us is unhappy in its own way, that is, each of us in its own way "phonite". That is, each of us communicates with the outside world against the background of its "charge", so the "Universal Radar" reflects waves with a certain distortion, depending on the transmitter, which is sometimes "phonite".

So, in order to correctly desire, first you need to repair the soul, customize its receiving gear on a certain way. To do this, you can use the exercise.

Exercise number 1.

Remember the recent problem. Analyze your thoughts / feelings that preceded her. Make conclusions about what your thoughts / feelings contributed to the development of this problem. Ask yourself a question: is there a tendency to the repent in this problem, i.e. Did you have such problems before? Now explore the dynamics and scenario problem. That is, think about who created this "Brazilian series"? Can he have co-authors? Does your mother who came in this way, or dad? Reflect on those methods of compensation in the life you usually use to "bury" this psychotramp. Notice, not solve, but "bury and bury"! Now spend analogy with your family. If you find something in common - this will be your Pandora drawer with whom you need to figure out.

On the example of this exercise, we understand how the "unfinished generic gestalt" works. Sick soul will attract not what wishes, but what replaces, replaces his idea about it. For example, if a person has a distorted idea of ​​happiness on the basis of parental relationships, instead of happiness, he will attract misfortune. Very good example with sugar. Diabetes can not have sugar. As a rule, if they protect their health, they usually use sugar substitutes. At the same time, their taste changes, i.e. They get used to consider sugar what is not sugar. Exactly the same self-deception occurs at the level of human senses. If in childhood we see the relationship between parents based on fear, criticism and dependence, we perceive such relationships for a clean coin, that is, we consider them real. Such conditioned "love" we meet in adulthood, replacing, compensating for sincere feelings flawed. That is, all the troubles, problems and ordinary troubles we ourselves attract the same as love. See more about this in the article. "Myth of Love" .

The strength of the current circumstances attracts our faith in them. Somewhere subconsciously, we believe in them, so our conditional language The verb of the truth: Mounting on poverty, I will not get out of debts; Complaining not failure in personal life, we remain lonely; Thinking about the weak health, constantly "pick up" sores and viruses and so on.  

Without possessing a critical mind and sound reason all these facts can be written off to normal coincidences. But studying such patterns of incompatibility of the desired and valid, studying the subconscious of a person who was doomed to such inconsistencies, scientists concluded that the state of a person is A kind of magnet that attracts not what wishes, but as wishes!  

Based on such representations, the modern industry of "ambulance" has quickly chosen new techniques, technicians and recipes "to get happiness". Technicians, as it turned out, it is very easy to master and implement in production. But, as it turned out, with the use of these methods, no one became better for a long time. Because instead of treating the soul, contact the memory of a man of a person, psychologists seriously took up the search for "philosophical stone". But pancakes do not become more delicious from the fact that their masterly baked. Not!

The chief attribute of taste pancakes is the ingredients from which they consist of: high-quality flour, eggs, butter.

With the help of new techniques of consciousness modeling, you can get rich, and succeed in a career, and create a family, but - for a long time? Will the dead poultice permanently help? Yes, no Some psychologists, creating short-term "mutually beneficial" burghers in the market of demand with their customers, are already getting their karma. They are sick of the same "viruses of consciousness" as their clients. And this disease is called the 47th chromosome - Cooking Devilism! Similarly, it is possible to advise the client who undergoes difficulties in relationships, to do IMEDZHEW! But will there be an external gloss with compensation of what is missing inside? Unlikely. Mature and experienced experiences of psychology-practitioners do not peck on the rod of the momentary profits from their intellectual work. They dig deeper. And in the end they come to a simple wording consisting of a short conclusion: To become more successful, it is enough to learn how to think and desire!

The essence of this conclusion is as follows: it is necessary to start wishing after the wrong parent settings were removed .

Therapeutic techniques for the execution of the client's desires that work !!!

  • We voicing the desire. For example, desire No. 1: I want to get rich on a nic amount! Now justify: I want to get rich, because I can properly dispose of wealth, send the energy of money under the law of the universe. That is, I know that the tithing arrived from this money should be given to good things and so on.
  • Another example. Desire number 2: I want a happy family relationship. Now justify - I deserve happiness in the family, because I know that for this I need to work hard and take on the development of the social and emotional side of the relationship in marriage.

If you think in a similar vein - everything will come true, you will see. True, not immediately! What difficulties await you?

This will help us to deal with family alignments on B. Hellonger. In the case of the 1st request, your desire may not come true if in your family was disturbed by the order of mutual transfer of energies, the inability to "give-take", non-compliance with the hierarchy: the desire of parents to "take" in children. And also the opinion of children that they are better than their parents (richer in spiritual, moral plan, i.e., disrespect of parents), etc. Based on the fact that many events in your family are not known to you, because Relatives prefer to silent about skeletons in the closet, you may be much simply unknown. For example, you can not get money for karmic laws: Your grandmother has been repressed. She was taken away from her and her installation - this fear of money, which by the family is transferred to you and your children.

As a result, we come to the fact that everyone in life sees what he wants to see on the basis of his projections. And the desired sooner or later becomes valid. This is the whole secret of fulfilling desires. This law applies not only to all external areas of life: health, career, wealth, relationships with the opposite sex. Remember, the internal content reflects the external picture. Domestic policy reflects external. Our thoughts, our desires and installations from our subconscious - are waves that fix the universal radar, perceiving them for a clean coin. And absolutely no matter what fears and anxieties are your thoughts due to family installations.

 The universal radar is a receiver, which reflects one or another frequency, tuned to a certain channel of our perception.  

The law lies the greatest danger of mentality. If you are crushing that single, the universe accepts a complaint for "reality", desire, and materializes the thought. Why is this happening? Because it is not so easy to eradicate the habit of the habit. Think about honey, and you will become a bee. Think right! Then your whole life will be dear from flowers!

Before you think correctly, you need to tune in, because old unreoughtpredients, complaints and sores will soon give themselves to know! Therefore, it is also important to get rid of old, negative thoughts with which we are accustomed to live, survive and get enough. They need to be thrown away just as regularly as we endure the garbage. Otherwise, unclean attracts parasites! Review the past, determine the lucky future, and from now on think in a positive way!

Family layouts - The amazing experience in which we are preparing to learn how to desire what we really want !!!

Wish carefully! Watch the consequences. Because the most important rule of the law of attraction reads: correctly formulated thoughts will certainly come true .

And where is the way out?Incredible facts

It is unlikely that there is something more monumental than the innate ability of each of us to create your own life with your own hands and incarnate what is dreaming about.

Today we will talk to you about how to immerse yourself in knowledge capable of changing everyone and everything.

Thoughts are material

We will not start the dispute about the law of attraction or not. We will also not give accurate techniques on how to work with the law. We will talk about the essence of the law of attraction, at what level a person can interact with it, as well as how information needs to be posted before you begin to implement your thoughts into life.

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So, begin.

Why are thoughts material?

Conclusion from all this one. Search for ways to achieve events is completely destructive and does not work. The reason is simple. In order to have what you have never had or implement something before, which has never been implemented, new ways are needed. And you simply do not have them! Only yesterday's decisions are always located, not fully workers and pumping energy to everything else. These new ways are similar to Yurish fish in the water. If you cut into the water and chase each, trying to catch, then it is funny and sad, because it will not work and get tired. But then how?

The law of attraction suggests that this stretches to the like. For a start, some basic information is better understood by the situation:

- Everything in our world is divided into material and intangible;

- Thought of a native of the intangible world, because it is impossible to hold it in hand or show a friend;

- the wardrobe or machine belongs to the material world, which consists of atoms and molecules;

- and material, and intangible worlds in their basis have the same - energy.

So, having completed everything together, we understand that thoughts are material, because it is quite able to entail the acquisition of a closet or car (there can be anything). And if you want to learn this skill, then you need to understand how in the world "born" is all material.

Now let's try on a simple example to show how the thought materializes. Almost every of us has a mobile phone, and you also have. But how did you get you? In most cases, a person just goes and buys it, that is, makes a certain action. But did something happen before you went to the store?

Very simple and obvious. Enjoy fishing, look at the float and falling on time. It is necessary to allow the event to swim, observe in ease, be attentive and take new ways to achieve that will come. Easily paying attention to everything that is associated with the event, we fix our focus on it. Focus of attention is energy vibrations and they themselves create ways to the desired event. Like steps on the stairs. You only need to feel and easily follow. Easy - key. Thus, we are witnessing a miracle, as everything is born.

We are social creatures, because you probably have told someone about your intention. This is certainly not one hundred percent fact, but in most cases it is exactly what happens. What are your words based on? Any statement come from thoughts: the man first thought about it, and then said.

This means that the very first is thought, that is, it stands at the origins of the appearance of something material in your life. And the whole process passes the following steps: First, the thought appears, which gives rise to the word, and the word follows the action that leads to the result. This is how the materialization of our thoughts occurs.

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In order to fully realize the work of this simple scheme, think about what is the impetus for any of your action. You will see that in every action the main "culprit" is thought. Thought that you need to buy milk, we went to the store, thought that your body would look in an inappropriate way - they went to the gym to workout, thought that they were very tired and you want to relax - satisfied watch a movie, etc .

I feel in detail of the desired event, we cease to take care of how it comes to us. But we are attentive to everything that is connected with him and immediately begin to see the signals from the universe, which are just like a twgging float. Coincidences begin. Suppose yesterday there were no advertising banners, and today - on you! - Here they are, and not alone, and they are paradise from "Bounty" and the inscription "Maldives". This is already serious! These are already obvious hints that you are moving in the right direction. Do not rush, do not look for, just watch and rejoice. And do not believe in psychologists who call it selective attention - nothing like that. This is the process of direct materialization, a hint from your "Over I".

Basic levels of creation

Based on the example described above, we divide the law of attraction into three components:

1) thought = idea

2) voiced idea = word

3) Action, that is, the implementation of the idea.

Each action is the result, that is, the thought that has found its expression in the real world. Sometimes words can fall out of this sequence, because in some situations this stage is actually superfluous. But now is not about it.

It is now extremely important to realize that there are no spontaneous actions in nature. There is no such person who has an initially action, and then thought. Random action differs from the usual time only by the amount of time that passes from thought before action. Therefore, thoughts materialize each of us, just someone does it at the unconscious level, but someone is consciously.

Now share with you The main secrets of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a very capricious system, which has many of its features requiring absolute adoption. Now we will study 7 important items, knowing which you will be able to realize your most grandiose and bold thoughts. Little who knows about the secrets, which we will talk about now, so they do not see how this incredible law works.

What happens next with materialization?

Reality does not match what you expect

When a person works with the law of attraction, he gets in the overwhelming majority of cases not what he expects. For example, a person decided that he would become rich. Many believe that the money from somewhere will take themselves, someone will give them, or a rich relative will leave the inheritance, or they will just fall from the sky. Do not laugh, because people who actually believe it are more than enough. However, the world considers differently.

In fact, the desired result can come with the help of a person who speaks with you, said that his company has a very promising vacancy. The fact that a person was waiting for what he got will greatly differ, however, the result can bring him everything that he dreamed of.

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Our thoughts find their implementation are always not a direct way. Because only this way the law of attraction will be able to stay in anonymity. Note that all 7 secrets of the law of attraction seek to confuse us to encrypt the influence of the Universe on any of your achievement.

Obviously, natural laws will not work directly, because the life of each of us is nothing more than a search. A person will never be able to know everything, because it's just not awareness and helps us to keep interest in the environment and the desire to explore it.

The result does not appear only due to thoughts

This secret has a generalization and a clear disclosure of the first secret. In the overwhelming majority of cases, thoughts are not the "parents" of the result, they only help to achieve something. This difference is very significant to which they practically did not pay attention to the movie "Secret".

Then you can wait for people or the situation that "by chance" will bring with them an option to achieve the desired event. It is very important here to be open to everything new, new people first. But only from the state of ease and joy again. Someone can tell you how quite inexpensive flew to rest in the Waped Bounty. Or suddenly an option will appear very good earnings. It is important to hear and notice.

Because of this, this film received so many criticism, because the authors actually told nonsense, and in reality, thoughts alone cannot materialize. But the law of attraction works more precisely the most accurate hours, it is only important to realize exactly how.

We came to understand that the thought simply helps to create the necessary conditions. With its help, a person comes to the fact that it is necessary to make specific steps, with her help, the necessary people appear in the life of a person, with its help opportunities appear.


Working with the law of attraction is very important at all levels. The thought itself can not materialize itself, because the person will told only at the very first level, he will not be able to achieve anything. However, it will not be possible to remove the importance of thought from the law either, because in this way the person will lose the opportunity to achieve anything there.

But what then is the miracle in this case, if it does not appear by itself? We are talking about this in the next paragraph.

Contact with the law of polarity

The light will be noticed only by being in complete darkness. So, it may seem strange to you, but a person can achieve something when he has already achieved something completely opposite.

Why can our thoughts can materialize only in such an unusual way? Very simple: until you come across a huge number of failures, you will not be able to appreciate the success and accept it, no matter what results you will achieve. Moreover, this is how the world checks whether you really need what you think and what to go.

It is noteworthy that all cash flows at this time go to the desired event. And it will be a mistake, having received an unexpectedly unplanned amount of money, suddenly be frightened and decide that "Oh, so many difficulties without it. I will make better repair, or help someone

If a person, regardless of circumstances, will not put up with poverty and will keep the blow to the last, then this suggests that he really needs wealth. But if he is accustomed to average, it will not receive more, because he doesn't need anymore.

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This pattern can be traced, if you think about the life of people who, being in a hairy from death, changed their attitude towards everything and began to appreciate life very much. It is in this way that nature helps a person to know something one due to the cardinal opposite.

"Any my victory is just a reflection of my countless failures." Reinehold Messner.

The importance of desire

And here is the magic that we talk about all this time. The law of attraction helps a person get the desired then and only when he himself is very necessary, sincerely needed. The law will relieve us from obtaining what we absolutely do not need. The thought will be able to materialize only when our desire is unrestrained, and our interest is shrinking.

Time period

We must realize that meanwhose when you originated a certain thought, and when you have achieved some result, there is a specific time cut. We thoughts every second, however, the results come at all wrong. They manifest themselves after a while. For this reason, tie together the thought and the result received through time is quite difficult, just as it is difficult to believe that the law actually works.

Therefore, it is important to know that it is easy to create both a fountain pen and a trip to the Maldives. Easy to create and poverty and wealth, it is only important where the focus of attention is. You are easy to learn how to learn

Work, work and once again labor

The law of attraction is what always works. Without breaks and without days off. However, very many people work not always. We are arranged in such a way that it does not hurt anything, we will not go to the doctor. Everything is fine here. However, in the case of the law of attraction, the work should go constantly, and not exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays.

These are simple secrets, learning and, accepting which you can make that the law of attraction will play you on your hand.

And now let's talk about our thoughts and their connection with a person's consciousness. When we talk about the thoughts in our lives, it is impossible not to mention the consciousness and its influence on the outside world. Some philosophers said that thoughts and consciousness are different sides of one reality. Others believed that the theory of human existence could not be fully recognized until consciousness becomes an active component of our reality.

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Modern science is not afraid to say that thought is endowed with a powerful charge of energy, which can actively contact both the subjects and objects of the tangible world. Such contact creates a human biofield, which in energy charge can be compared with the energy of individual quanta.

However, to this day, the scientific world argues with respect to the biofield, and we still have to get an answer to this question. Nevertheless, today it is known today that the existence of a biofield is indirectly confirmed by certain physical experiments and personal sensations of researchers.

How to materialize thoughts and desires.

For example, in the framework of one of the studies, American scientists put volunteers in the room. In the back of the participants, other people were intently watched. As a result, 95 percent of the experiment participants with 100 percent accuracy guess the moments when they looked in the head.

Today, one of the most frequently used concepts when trying to explain the work of our thought is the concept of energy from the information structures. Our thoughts are the most powerful sources of information. They enter the energy streams of our entire body and redirect our life program.

The energy of the structures of information of one person, according to this hypothesis, are actively in contact with the energies of the structures of other people. In order to explain this theory, Professor Okatrin suggested the existence of some microparticles that form our thoughts. These particles, in his opinion, have free access to any object or organism, they miss light and can even be seen.

Okatrin called them Microlptons, and he managed to prove their existence using the experiment. During the study, Okatrin appealed to the psychic woman, which he asked to create a certain field, endowing it with specific data. Everything that happened was fixed on a special device similar to the camera.

As a result, on the photos received, it was traced, as from a woman, from its energy field, gradually something similar to the cloud, separated and begins to move. This kind of "thoughts" is filled with specific emotions and can affect any of us.

To do this, just focus on the desired event. Be in the stream, let the new people in your life. Listen to intuition and you will be happy!

Let's just say a few words about telepathy. This question is worried about the minds of people over the years. Approximately at the end of the 19th century, a theory was put forward that there are some essential waves, the amplitude of which is extremely small, but which are able to penetrate our brain and provoke an image similar to the "recipient's" consciousness.

Even Freud spoke of the reality of the existence of a way to transfer thoughts at a distance. About telepathy often speak as a sister of hypnosis, however, as something independent, she never received the right to exist, being not confirmed by experimental paths.


Genetic from the USA Bruce Lipton suggests that the power of human thought is associated with the real faith in a position to liberate a person from any disease. He conducted experiments who proved that mental and psychological influence can change our genetic code.

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Lipton conducted his research by analyzing the behavior of cell membranes in the 1980s. Until then, scientists were confident that the genes living in the core of the genes are responsible for being through the membrane. His experiments have proven that the genes behave, and external factors affect.

Lipton emphasizes that nothing fundamentally new it has opened, because this system has long been known as a placebo effect. He says that his discovery helped to understand that with the help of faith in powerful drug power, a person is able to reverse bad processes in its body, even at the level of molecules. As a result, he showed that each of us can turn off one gene and include another.

. Affirmation is a word or phrase that you constantly repeat. As we said, the introduction of positive thoughts is a very difficult process that takes a large amount of time and requires a variety of forces. PREPARE it faith in itself to save time. If you can't believe that you can change your thoughts, the process of creating positive programs and installations will be very long. Free yourself, clean, become a white sheet.

Thoughts and technique

While disputes do not subscribe about whether the idea of ​​influencing matter or not, practice has already been actively using this resource for quite a long time. 10 years ago, American and Argentine scientists have created an apparatus for recognizing thoughts, which is able to voice thoughts after reading.

With this system, scientists were able to give the opportunity to communicate with a young guy who was entirely paralyzed. Initially, he passed the system with the help of electrodes only sounds, but gradually managed to "think" with words.

Italians went even further. They created a test pattern of a stroller that can move to where the owner needs only with the help of the strength of thought. It is controlled by such a stroller with a special hat, located on the head at the owner. This hat reads all the signals outgoing from the brain and "tells" their motor.

The system is also programmed to certain travel destinations - bathroom, kitchen or living room, reflected on the display. At the time when the owner of the stroller focuses on some of the words, the system reads the desired signal and allow the engine to work.

In the last part of our history about the materialization of thoughts, we will provide you with 11 evidence of this huge strength.

Scientists have already studied the strength of thought

One of the first doctors in Russia, which began to apply the strength of thought in his practice was the famous Yakov Botkin. Back in 1877, he conducted an experiment with him in the lead role. And he managed to get rid of strong fatigue and from pain in the legs that accompanied him after he suffered a typhus.

In 1890, the famous neurologist Vladimir Bekhterev experienced and other hypnosis strength. He studied the cases of healing people who were treated not having the formation of signs and various healers.

Meditation is a dive into your consciousness. First you relax, then configure your own energy as you need. This method will help achieve the desired, but will need some time to learn how to meditate correctly. Any method is very expensive in terms of time, in meditation can seriously help you save time if you know how to quickly dive into consciousness. Anyway, but you can learn this if you really want to change your life.

Scientists from Moscow State University created technology with which you can read the thoughts of a person who lost the opportunity to speak. The technology works on the principle of capturing the brain signals and their further decoding. However, while reading is obtained only by letters.

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The Japanese created a program that recognizes numbers and certain words in the brain, and about which a person thinks. The device itself is a helmet in which the electrodes are built and which dresses on the head. The reading of information is due to the reading of the brain electroencephalogram. The program can recognize the numbers from 0 to 9, as well as it knows how to read the most simple words.

1) With the help of thought, you can move the shapes on the monitor screen

The authors of this development are scientists from Finland. They say that in the framework of this technology, a special sensor is attached to the head, which collects brain impulses. After that, the computer understands where the signal comes from and sets the direction prescribed to him in order to move the object on the monitor.

When this system is working, a person and computer are trained to be on the same wave, work together. A member of the experiment said that he was very tightened so that the square on the screen moves where he wanted. He added that the effort can be compared with the performance of physical labor. The volunteer doubted that the enterprise was crowned with success, because the cursor was completely slightly shifted, he was very happy. After the experiment, the guy noted that he believed that the materialization of thoughts was only in the cinema.

There is meditation to love, at attracting good luck, to attract wealth. There is a huge amount of them, so you can always find something useful for yourself. Meditation "Labyrinth", for example, will help you solve some important problem and decide on the choice. A small minus, if it can be called such, this is the need for permanent meditations. Once you will not give anything. First you have to work hard to learn to meditate. Then everything will go like oil.

2) computer as thoughts

Italian doctors from Rome managed to create a device, with the help of which the disabled person gets to manage household items with their thoughts.

A disabled person with his new assistant part of which are attached to the head diodes, can easily turn on / off the light, answer the call, etc. The system works like this: the so-called waves focus on the desired subject, and the computer translates these information into certain actions.

If we consider the process of thinking from the point of view of energy waves, then all people are approximately the same, because the device is successfully working for many people. To date, the percentage of man guessing the human thoughts is incredibly high (85%). Scientists say that through some couple of years the device will be widespread among the disabled or even among the lazy people.

. Visualization is something like a prefigure method. You need to strain your consciousness to submit the end result of your activities. Live with this picture. If you want to get an increase in work, then imagine how the boss is suitable for you and says you have risen. Think over every detail. Reinforce your thoughts positive, and just know that everything will be the way you want.

© Livcool / Getty Images

3) Thoughts are materialized in sports

Swiss scientists conducted experiments that showed that thoughts have physical strength. The experiment was conducted among athletes who, due to injuries obtained, could spend a lot of time without special movements.

Experts recommended the participants of the experiment in order to preserve their shape to work on specific muscle groups with the help of the strength of thought. After that, scientists analyzed the effectiveness of this kind of "exercises". It turned out that the muscular strength increased by 35 percent, and the tone was supported for another 3 months later. These exercises are known as "idomotor".

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Denis Wateley tells how the visualization borrowed from the preparatory system for the assulter "Apollo" and began to introduce its Olympic Games program in 1980-1990. He called this program with visual engine training.

Our mind is incredible. The athletes of the Olympic Games represented that they were fleeing along the highway. During this, special sensors and numerous systems reading feedback were attached. Surprisingly, when athletes were engaged in visualization, similar muscles included in the work, and in the same sequence as if they were actually running. How is it possible? In fact, for the brain in many things, no difference do you actually do something, or you just think about it.

Use all three methods to improve your life. Masterization of thoughts is a difficult process that will never work if you have doubts. Do not let them break into the surface - let them sit somewhere inside you, without interfering to create a new universe around them. After a while you will see that every day starts well, and the mood is always at the height. This will be the first evidence that you are on the right track.

For this reason, the champions love to represent their victory. Especially to remember and tune in to win fighters of martial arts like victory. The same approach works great for golf lovers. Only in the head, they should not draw the bluntheaded opponent, but simply imagine wells, the size of which is more than.

So says expert on the psychology of athletes Jessica Witt. She said that in the framework of the study, the group of scientists managed to find out that players became more likely after the size of the well was increased in their thoughts.

Before the start of the experiment, volunteers asked for a sheet of paper to portray the well of standard magnitude. As it turned out, those who drew a hole less than natural size, not more often in it during the game. Those who drew a hole more than it actually won indecent often. Jessica says that the goal is conquered, it is enough to draw a hole just 10 percent more.

At the next stage of the experiment, volunteers tried to drive the ball into two holes, the diameter of which was different. At the same time, an image of a larger in the diameter of the circle was imposed on a small well with the help of the projector. Large well, on the contrary, encrypted under a small one. Optical illusion helped to obtain incredible results: the more painted circle around even the smallest well itself, the more often it fell into it.

How does the materialization of thoughts work: basic technicians and examples

The researchers emphasize that to be able to strengthen the thoughts to push the hole, it is important to be confident in itself and their abilities, as well as feel the taste of victory. As part of subsequent observations of basketball players and footballers, the obtained conclusions with golfers were confirmed. If the player is full of Kuraza and the fighting spirit, he knows how to expand and the ring, and the gate.

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When an athlete is mistaken once again, his faith leaves himself, and he already sees the space in a different way: the border of the goal is strongly narrowed, and therefore it becomes more difficult to score a goal. The more football player attempts, who did not succeed, the gate will look less and further. Of course, because of such a distortion of the perception of space in most cases, subsequent attacks will not be successful.

4) getting rid of disease and self-hypanosis

Vladimir Bekhterev in 1911 presented to the general public at the Congress of Pedagogues in Brussels his report, which described cases when doctors could cure children with hypnosis and suggestion. Here are some theses from his report:

- 15-year-old girl managed to cure from masturbation, who lived with her from 4 years of age, and at the same time she actively gnawed her nails;

- the cure of the 11-year-old boy from theft;

- The cure of a 12-year-old boy from the pursuit of his fear that his grandmother can die;

- 9-year-old girl was able to cure from urinary incontinence;

"Even a mentally retarded boy, to teach read and write a certain and no time, thanks to regular hypnosis sessions learned to read and solve the simplest mathematical equations.

Thoughts Material - Photo 1

5) Thoughts of youth are also materialized

British scientists went even further. They stated that thought can even make a person younger. Scientists have conducted an interesting experiment, during which the volunteer men older than 70 were asked to radically change the image of their thinking. They were instructed to think about the fact that they threw off 20 years. And it was also ordered also.

Experiment participants in conscientiously observed all recommendations: they changed their day, their thinking and their usual classes. I did not even have time to go through the first week of the experiment, as scientists have already found the first changes that were physiological, that is, they could easily be measured.

The results of the experiment showed that all the elderly men who began to think and behave as if they were less than 20 years old, the rumors and vision were significantly improved, the joints of the old men became more mobile, and the coordination of movements came to the new level. Moreover, these changes were not short-term, they remained from those men who continued to support the lifestyle started during the experiment.

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Is it really thought to be a means of struggle with old age? And so that the body is long cheerful, it is important not only to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also behave like in youth? Apparently, the answers to these questions are affirmative. Anyone can check on themselves that such materialization of thoughts is a completely working tool.

Thoughts Material - Photo 2

6) Secret Surgeon

We share with you a story told by a resident of Mytishchi Irina Grigorieva. She tells how about 10 years ago she was diagnosed with "bile-stone disease". She was told that there are no threats to her health, but it is better to operate and remove the stones, and she agreed. She remembers only how she was delivered to the operating room and introduced anesthesia.

From the hospital, a woman was discharged as a healthy person. A few years later, she accidentally met her attending surgeon, which operated it. He also told her a terrible secret. As it turned out, when the doctor revealed the woman's belly, he saw that a large malignant tumor lives on the liver, which already gave metastasis. The situation was launched, because the surgeons decided to the uselessness of the operation.

In such situations, when the tumor is removed, it only brings the tragic final. Therefore, it was decided to simply sew. This news was informed by their native women who asked the Choir did not discover the patient a real cause of the disease. But the doctors first measured her just two months.

It took 5 years after the operation and the woman was again in that hospital, contacting an absolutely banal reason. When she met her surgeon, say that he was dumbfounded, it's nothing to say. He sent her for a full examination that did not show anything.

Thoughts Material - Photo 3

Then he told about his secret. But after his confession, the women came. She suggests that when she was told about the presence of a bile-stone disease, she did not believe, because she was sure that he was sick with cancer. The fear of her just snapped. But the surgeon managed to calm her, saying that she had only stones. After the "Operation" happened, the woman promised himself that she would never be hurting.

Every day she sat down in front of the mirror and talked to himself, saying that he was incredibly happy to live in this world. She told himself that she had never been sick for anything else. She told him every day. For some time, she was still watching a surgeon, but she was healthy.

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The main message in this story lies in the fact that the woman consciously chose health. Her mind forced her body to engage in the reality chosen by her. In this reality, there was no disease, because the body accepted. She stubbornly worked daily to ensure that her thoughts about recovery were materialized. It is this somehow incredibly discovered in its body unknown forces in its body, and what happened to be considered incredible.

How to materialize your thoughts on b Hellinger

7) Thoughts Material and Men's Power

The famous American hypnotherapist Jim Piofer held an interesting experiment. He scored a small group of volunteers of men, putting them in mega comfortable chairs. Turning on good music, he quickly forced them to feel very relaxed.

Without entering them into hypnosis, Jim asked them to imagine that they found themselves in the store toys for adults, on whose counter is a large number of different dildos. Men were supposed to choose the one that they like more.

After that, Jim gave them another task. They had to imagine how spermatozoid fertilizes the egg cell. They had to penetrate into it together with sperm and sperm and find the DNA gene, responsible for the size of male dignity.

After the virtual fertilization occurred, the participants, imagining the scissors, removed all the existing genes from their childbearing organs, replacing them with new, the best. These were those genes that are programmed to improve their "wealth" chosen in the store toys for adults.

However, the experiment was not over this. Jim asked them to imagine how the embryo develops with great male dignity, as his doctors praise, delivering a mother from a womb. After that, the man in their thoughts passed the period of puberty, watching their childbearing organ grows. They enjoyed female and from enthusiastic peers. They are accustomed to the new size.

Our thoughts are materialized: a step-by-step explanation, as happens

After 4 classes, the hypnotherapist taught men independently conduct sessions for self-sufficiency daily for 10 minutes. As a result, according to Jim, for the year of daily classes, men were able to add from 3 to 5 cm. And the most impressionable man added as much as 10 cm.

8) Power of thought and women's breasts

The famous American hypnotherapist Michael Stevers conducted an experiment in which 19 women took part. At first they were explained to them, as it should be imagined on their breast a lying wet and warm towel, as well as a lamp, which even more gives heat and helps increase breast amount.

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That they did within 6 weeks. After the subjects were able to heat up with the strength of thought their dairy glands, Michael explained to them how to concentrate on the heartbeat. They had to strengthen it to make more blood to the cells, it was to those cells that are responsible for breast size. The members of the participants continued to be practicing hard.

In order for the effect to be even stronger, women also performed different exercises for relaxation and entering the hypnotic trans. For example, they were rapidly breathing, sitting in the lotus position.

As a result, by the end of 12 weeks, almost 75 percent of the participants went for the purchase of a larger bustra.


The most zealous participants in the experiment increased to 10 cm in gripping. Psychiatre Richard Willard says that Michael Stevers's hypnotherapist experiment showed that with the help of hypnosis and its own imagination it is quite possible to affect a separate organ in our body.

9) Power of thought and reinforced blood flow

As early as the 18th century, American professor Elmer Gates held an interesting experiment. He managed to prove that if it was immersed in the water, measuring the volume of water and capacity, and actively visualize how blood enters the limb, you can force the water to shed.

He even managed to measure the amount of blood, which he with the help of the strength of thought sent to his hand, due to the analysis of the volume of the spilled water. Of course, not everyone knows how to manage his body, nor with a hundredth attempt, neither more so with the first. However, there is evidence that the human mind may well learn to keep under control the huge part of the processes occurring in our body.

It has been proven that when a person focuses on some part of the body, the vessels and blood flow increases greatly expanding. We can say that blood goes for thoughts.

Professor Alexander Bell told that when he rode a horse for a long time in cold weather, he always had to warm his feet with the help of the strength of thought. He focused on them, and after some time, the feet just flared. He often used the materialization of thoughts to enhance blood flow, which for him it became in the order of things, that is, he did it without much tension.


10) breast cancer and thought

Here we will tell you the history of a 27-year-old resident of Ufa Alina Habit. The disease was discovered at her early stage, because she herself went to doctors, as her mother went earlier because of the breast cancer, and the girl was very afraid to repeat her path. After the survey, a diagnosis was diagnosed: "Cancer Soldier Stage".

Alina then thought that since her mother could not defeat the disease, then she was waiting for the same fate. But the girl just just over a year ago the daughter was born, and she decided that he would survive, whatever it was worth it. She did not want to go to the operation, because during her the chest is removed. Someone advised her to go to experts from the Department of the Clinical Local University, because there are non-standard ways to get rid of heavy diseases.

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As Alexander Arbuzov told, the department teacher, cancer is including psychosomatics. That is, it provokes the development of the disease is also psychological difficulties, because to get rid of it, it is important to complete our brain reserves to complete our brain reserves. When people say that all diseases due to nerves, it is due to the hypothalamus, which is responsible for creating mental energy.


Psychologists from Ufa created a method based on the inclusion of important reserves of our body. In other words, the human brain is simply programmed to cure the body. It all happens with the following sessions: a person falls, relaxes and begins to represent how his brain produces special proteins. These are such cells that know how to understand what place the body needs help. These are such cells that control immunity.

Alina very diligently began to engage. There were also days that it was practiced for 5-6 hours. But from chemistry, the girl did not refuse, two sessions she was all the same. The tumor began to decrease. For the first time, she was found in March, in May, when Alina just started practicing, the sizes of the tumor were about 13 mm, and after only a month, it decreased to 5.6 mm. At the moment, neither the tumor nor metastasis.


However, the doctors are alarming lymph node, which is increased by Alina, because it continues to be observed and does not catch a treatment. The girl recovered very quickly. What do not say, and self-compliance is a huge force, but in this case, it was still helped by an integrated approach. Medicines worked together with psychological labor.

11) The power of thought and energy of words

A group of Russian scientists conducted a curious experiment, with the help of which the word was able to prove. Academician P. Garyaev says about him. That's what we are talking about. The grains of different plants were severely irradiated, the radiation force was approximately 10,000 x-ray. With such a crazy dose in any seed, everything collapses, right up to the chromosome.

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After that, all irradiated grains were divided into two parts. The first part of the grain was specially treated with electromagnetic radiation, which was made by the imposition of a human voice, asking them (seeds) to recover, return their natural properties. The second part of the grain received an absolutely as the same spectrum of radiation, but a voice was imposed on him that uttered the words absolutely not related to each other.


Incredible, but the seeds from the first group restored their characteristics, and the seeds from the second group were all killed. You might think that this is a random coincidence, but this experiment spent several times. The result was always the same.

This experiment clearly demonstrated that words are not an ordinary sound that we use to express our thoughts. Words is a certain energy that can affect. In reality, such experiments were carried out much more than can accommodate our article. Scientists and experts to this day study this sphere.

Summing up the foregoing, we note that the most cool example of how the law of attraction works is that you have read this article. Once you most likely thought about how to come about what was dreaming about, and then you realized that thoughts had a property to materialize. Then, you have found our article from numerous search methods. And among the entire material on the network, you read it. Do you think it's all the chance? We declare you with all responsibility: chance is not accidental, they simply do not happen. What would not happen to us - this is the result of what our thoughts are absorbed.

Everyone can create one's own life and embody absolutely everything that dreams of. This article will give an accurate answer to the question of how our thoughts materialize and how to get knowledge, thanks to which you can change everything.


We will not deepen in the existence of the law of attraction, as well as accurate techniques to work with this law. We find out what kind of level a person can interact with the strength of attraction and what you need to know about to start materializing your own thoughts.

Why do thoughts materialize?

According to the law, such things are attracted. To better understand what we are talking about, read the basic factors:

  • Our world consists of two parts - tangible and not tangible;
  • All of the not tangible world can not feel (touch, see);
  • material world belongs to things consisting of molecules and atoms - house, machine, furniture and other;
  • The basis of both worlds is energy.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that a person is capable of using the thought to get real material things. So we concentrate on buying real estate, car or any other things. To achieve the desired person should understand how the law of attraction is valid, that is, how to get material from intangible.

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Consider this on the example of a mobile phone that is practically everyone. How did you manage to get your mobile phone? Surely you have committed a simple action - went to the store and bought it. But what happened before you decide to go to the store? Since the person is a social being, it is certainly before to go to the store, we inform about this to someone. And all our words are based on thoughts, that is, we first think, and then speak. The process is divided into several stages:

  • the appearance of thought;
  • statement and action;
  • result.


Thoughts are implemented precisely for this principle, so they contribute to the emergence of all material in our lives.

The scheme is quite simple, but to fully realize how it works, you need to understand what exactly serves as an impetus for any action. And so the impetus is thought. If you thought you need to buy milk - you will go to the store. If you notice that your body has lost the form - you will start to train. If you feel that we are tired and want to relax - you will learn to the sofa. And such examples mass, they prove that the main impetus for any action is the thought.

Main components of attraction force

Given the above examples, it can be argued that the law has 3 components:

1. Idea.

2. Voice out plan.

3. Embodiment.

The second paragraph is not so significant because a person does not always voicate his ideas. But it is important to understand that there are no spontaneous actions in nature, it is impossible to first do something, and then think about it. The difference between random and ordinary actions is only in the time of time from the occurrence of thought until a certain action. Absolutely, each person has thought materializes, simply at some this process is unconsciously occurred, and others are conscious.


Now consider the main secrets of the force of attraction. In fact, this is a very serious and capricious system with many features requiring complete adoption. We will tell about seven main points that will help each person implement the most bold and grand plans. You can not believe, but this law really works.

Secret first - reality does not match expectations

If a person begins to work on the force of attraction, he often managed to get the desired one. For example, a person wants to get rich, but for some reason they think that the funds will take nowhere (gifts, inheritance and so on), and in fact the world considers otherwise.

In the implementation of plans can help dating. For example, if a person has a friend who works in a large company, and he will tell him that a very promising vacancy is open now. In this case, the expectation becomes rich does not coincide with reality, that is, employment for a promising position, but if you correctly use the situation and make efforts, then the dreams will succeed materialize.

The implementation of thoughts does not always occur directly, since the law of nature often prefers to "remain anonymous." All seven secrets of attraction force confuse us and encrypt the influence of the universe absolutely to any our achievement. The life of each person is a search, which is why the laws of nature do not work directly, otherwise a person will have no interest in the study of everything around.

Secret of the second - thanks to the thoughts of the result will not be

It cannot be argued that all our thoughts are "parents" of the results obtained, they simply help to achieve what we want. The difference between "think" and "implement" is very large. In the famous film "The Secret" did not take this difference, it was for this reason that he received a lot of negative feedback from critics, because the authors said that any thoughts could be implemented by themselves, although this is not true. 6.jpg.

Thoughts only create the necessary conditions for the implementation of the planned. With the help of thought, the person is a plan, develops concrete steps, communicates with the necessary people, thanks to which he may have the opportunity to come close to the goal.

Secret Third - Complete

It is important to work out each level of the law of attraction, if you make every effort only at the first stage, then nothing will succeed. It is also necessary to be aware of how important the idea is to achieve the desired, because without this you can not get any opportunities at all.

The fourth secret is the laws of polarity

Only under the condition of complete darkness can notice the light. It sounds strange, but a person will be able to get the desired when he has already achieved the opposite. Why is the implementation of thoughts occurs this way? In fact, everything is simple - you will not be able to really rejoice success if I do not survive a lot of failures. In addition, only the way the world checks whether you need what you want or not.

If, regardless of the prevailing life circumstances, a person does not want to put up with poverty, will try to break out of it until the last. It only proves that he really strives for secured life. If a person got used to the middle taste and reconciled with this situation, then he will not receive more, because he doesn't need it.

This pattern can be clearly seen if you look at the lives of people who made one foot in the grave. Such people at the last moment decide to change their lives dramatically and begin to appreciate everything with a great force that they have at the moment. It is so natural forces help a person understand something important due to the completely opposite.

Secret Fifth - the significance of desire

Magic is to get the desired we manage only when we sincerely need it. The universe protects us from all unnecessary. Thoughts begin to be embodied in reality when our abdominal interest is when we want it with a huge force.

Secret sixth - time

It should be understood that there is a certain period of time between when an idea appeared, and when it was possible to achieve a specific result. We think we think every second, but I get the results not so fast. Since it is difficult to determine what this time segment will be, it is difficult to believe in the reality of the existence of the law of attraction.

Secret seventh - work

It must be remembered that the attraction force works continuously. But the main problem is the reluctance of people to work a lot. We are so arranged that you do not visit the doctor until you get sick. With the law, things are different - you need to work constantly, without rest.

These secrets will help you find out what to do so that the strength of attraction worked for you. Next, we consider how our thoughts are associated with consciousness and how it affects the world around us.

According to some philosophers, consciousness and thoughts are two sides of the same medal. Others believe that the theory of human existence will remain unrecognized exactly until we consider our consciousness one of the main elements of reality.

It has been scientifically proven that thoughts have the most powerful energy charge, capable of contact with tangible and not tangible world. Through this contact and a man's biopol is formed with energy similar to the energy of individual quanta. And to the present, scientific figures are arguing regarding the biofield, although thanks to numerous experiments and personal observations of scientists have already proven its existence.

Interesting are the results of the experiment of American scientists. They placed several volunteers in the closed room.

The task of other people was carefully watching the tested in the head. And almost all participants in this experiment noted that they feel those moments when they were watching.

Now to explain how our thoughts work, the concept of energy from information structures is used. All our thoughts are a powerful source of information, energy flows penetrate our body and "reprogram" us. Our energy interacts with the energy of the surrounding people.

An interesting theory was proposed by Professor Ochatri. He suggested that there are some microparticles forming our thoughts. These microparticles can freely penetrate into any subject or the body and what is fun - we can see them. The scientist called them Microlptons and to prove their existence, he turned for help to a woman with extrasensory abilities. She created a kind of field and endowed it with certain data. The entire process fixed the device, the design similar to the camera. On the photographs it was clearly seen how the weightless cloud separated from the woman and moves in space. According to this principle, the movement of our thoughts.

Consider the discerning the theme of telepathy. Approximately at the end of the XIX century, scientists have developed the theory of the existence of essential waves with a low amplitude. These waves allegedly could penetrate the human mind and create a certain image in it. Even the world famous Freud argued that there is a way to transfer thought at a distance to another person. But the problem is that telepathy was not confirmed by experimental methods, in contrast to hypnosis, therefore it is not considered independent science.

How does the process of self-describing occur

Genetic Bruce Lipton from America believes that it is possible to get rid of any disease with the help of thought and faith. A scientist in the 1980s conducted a number of experiments proving how strong the impact on the human genetic code has its psychological and mental state. Bruce studied how cell membranes behave, because it was proved that the genes contained in the cell core carry full responsibility for everything that penetrates through the membrane. As a result, Lipton proved that environmental factors are relevant to the behavior of genes. Moreover, the scientist explained that everything works as a placebo effect. Thanks to his works, it was possible to understand that a person himself, with the help of his faith, is able to change the processes occurring in his body at the level of molecules. That is, we can independently activate and deactivate genes.

Practical part

So far, many argue about the possibility of impact of thought on matter, others effectively use this resource for their own good. Ten years ago, thanks to the teams of scientists from Argentina and America, a device was created, capable of recognizing and voice thoughts. It is thanks to this device that one paralyzed young man was able to communicate with the outside world. Initially, he passed the system only sounds with the help of electrodes, but over time he learned to "think" with words.

Scientists from Italy have made an even greater breakthrough - they created a wheelchair, which moved through the strength of her owner's thought. All that needed was to manage - this is the presence of a special hat, which was at the owner. The cap recognized the signals coming from the brain and passed their motor. The system also defined the destination - living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. That is, when the owner thought about a certain room, the signal was transmitted to the mechanism, and the stroller began movement.

As scientists investigated the power of thought

Yakov Botkin is one of those Russian scientists who began to use the strength of thought in practice. In 1877, he conducted a study on himself. After the suffered Tifa, his legs hurt and he was very tired, but the change in thinking helped him get rid of these problems.

A similar study spent in 1890 Vladimir Bekhterev - a famous neurologist. He personally felt the power of hypnosis, and before that he studied how the healing of people under the leadership of healers and Varkhei occurs.

Specialists from Moscow State University have developed technology, thanks to which it was possible to determine what people think about, deprived of the opportunity to speak. With the help of special devices, first traveled, then the signals coming from the brain were decrypted.

Specialists from Japan have created a program that can distinguish the numbers and some words about which a person thinks about. On the subject put on a helmet with built-in electrodes. The program could recognize only simple words and numbers from zero to nine.

  • Summing up, let's talk, what are the evidence of the great strength of thought. There are 11 them.
  • 1. Through thoughts, you can move the shapes on the monitor screen.
  • This development belongs to the Finnish scientist. A special sensor captures the testing pulses on the head of the test, and the computer program recognizes where the signal comes from and specifies it to a certain direction. So the figures begin to move on the monitor. The principle of operation of this system is the well-coordinated work of a person and a computer. All who passed such a test, argued that they had a lot of effort to move the object on the monitor. After the experiment, the participants felt like after a strong physical activity, but what was their surprise when the figures really started to move.
  • 2. Computer as a powerful thought
  • Doctors from Italy created a device, thanks to which disabled people managed through thoughts to manage various subjects in the house. Diodes are mounted on the head of the test, transmitting signals to turn on or turn off the light in the house, responding to a phone call and so on. That is, the waves coming from the brain passed the information to the computer, and in turn gave the command to perform a specific action. It is noteworthy that the process of thinking from different people is similar, that is, to take advantage of the great strength of thought can each of us. According to scientific research, a computer with a probability of 85% is able to recognize what a person thinks about. And according to the forecasts of scientists in a few years, such a device will be very common, especially among people with disabilities.

3. Implementation of thoughts in sports

Scientists from Switzerland conducted a number of experiments, thanks to which they managed to prove the possession of thoughts by physical strength. Experimental participants were athletes who spent a lot of time without movement after injuries. Scientists advised these athletes to mentally work on the restoration of muscles, performing the so-called "idomotor" exercises. After experts rated the result - the muscular strength of the athletes increased by 35%, and the tone was supported for another three months.


Denis Wateley spoke about how the visualization was used from the preparation system for the Apollo preliminary flight and included it in the Olympic Games Program (80-90). The program was called visual motor preparation. The human mind has incredible abilities. The participants of the Olympic Games thought about how they were fleeing along the highway, and various sensors and systems for feedback were attached to their heads. In the process of visualization, the muscles of athletes began to work, as if people actually flew. That is, to give the team of any part of the body, it is enough just to think about it, and it is not really necessary to perform it.

Surely therefore many managed to succeed in sports, because they represented their victory in advance. Jessica Witt - a specialist in the field of psychology athletes told about one interesting study, during which golf lovers painted a larger hole in their imagination and after that they actually became more likely.

Before studying, the participants painted on the paper the well of the usual size and those who in the image of the hole turned out to be greater than the standard value, actually won. According to Witt, so that success is guaranteed, it was enough to increase the size of the well on paper by 10%.

At the second stage of the experiment, the participants had to score the ball into two wells of a different size, and an image of an extended circle was imposed on a small well, and the image of a reduced circle was imposed on a small well. The results were amazing - in a smaller well, on which a larger range of the projector was displayed, much more often fell.

Such experiments make it possible to conclude that it is mentally able to expand the hole, the main thing is to be confident in our own forces and to submit yourself to the winner. Similar studies were carried out with football players and basketball players, they mentally expanded the gate and rings, which allowed them to win over rivals. If the athlete is not confident in herself, his chances of winning are sharply reduced.

4. Self-hypanosis, cure from diseases

In 1911, Bekhterev in Brussels attended the Congress of Pedagogues and acquainted participants with his report on the work of doctors healing children from various physical and spiritual problems through hypnosis. Several important points from the report:

The boy's boy managed to get rid of the tendency to theft;

Another boy's teenager managed to get rid of fear about the alleged death of his grandmother;

The girl of nine years has managed to get rid of the uncontrolled urination;

The girl's teenager was able to heal from masturbation;

The mentally backward boy managed to teach read, write and solve simple mathematical tasks.

5. Return youth with the help of thought

According to British scientists with the help of thought, you can extend the youth. Experts conducted an experiment during which a man at the age of 70 was invited to change thinking and think about how not 70, and 50 years old. In addition, it was necessary to change the behavior, doing things that a person could do in 50 years - to change the routine of the day and the usual classes. After the week of the experiment, the specialists managed to achieve the first results - the man has improved vision, it began to hear better, the joints became more movable, and the coordination of movements is correct. What is most interesting - these results were not short-term, that is, after the completion of the experiment, a person began to follow the same habits as in 50 years and feel younger.

Can we delay old age through thoughts? And is it true to constantly think about youth to stay vigorous and energetic, regardless of age? Judging by the results of the experiment - yes. Thoughts are our working tool and everyone can use them if desired.

6. Mystery of Surgeon.

One of the residents of Mytishchi Irina told an entertaining story from his life. Ten years ago, she was diagnosed with the stones in the bustling bubble. According to the doctors, nothing threatened her life, but the stones needed to remove. A woman agreed to surgery. She remembers how to enter the operating room and how anesthesia was injected.

According to the surgeon, the operation was successful, soon the patient was discharged.

A few years later, she again turned to doctors for help, but completely for another reason. But when she met the surgeon in the clinic, who conducted an operation, there was no face on it. And he revealed her a terrible secret - then on the operating table after opening the abdomen of his patient, he discovered a huge malignant tumor on her liver, which already gave metastasis. Operational intervention was useless, it would only worsened the situation and brought the tragic final. Therefore, the doctor decided to sew the belly and inform the relatives of the disease.

Rodney begged the surgeon not to say anything to the patient, he did. Approximate lifetime with such a 6 month ball diagnosis. But from the moment 5 years have passed! The surgeon did not expect to meet his patient in the hospital again. The doctor suggested her complete examination, the woman agreed, and it turned out that she was completely healthy.

After the recognition of the surgeon, Irina also told him his secret. Then a few years ago, she was absolutely sure that he was sick with cancer and when he heard the diagnosis of HCRs, it did not believe it, but calmed down exactly thanks to the words of the surgeon. After the "operation", the woman stopped thinking not only about death, but also in principle about the disease. She firmly promised himself that would never be seriously sick. Every day she, looking in the mirror, convinced himself that he was happy and live a beautiful long life. So it happened. Conclusion from this story - our thinking directly affects our physical condition. As we think, we live. And so that the thoughts materialize are needed daily hard work on themselves. If a person wants to be healthy - he will only think about health and positive changes will occur in his body. !

7. Male power and realization of thoughts


Hypnotherapeuts from America Jim Piofer conducted a study with a group of men. Volunteers were invited to spend time in a comfortable chair, relaxing and listening to pleasant music. The specialist asked them to imagine that they were in sex shop and see on the counter many dildos of different sizes and forms. The challenge was to choose the most favorite toy.

The next task was to present the process of fertilization of the egg cell sperm. Men should have thought about how together with a spermatozoa, they penetrate the eggs and are looking for a DNA gene, which is responsible for the size of a male member. After completion of fertilization, the men were supposed to cut off all genes with the help of imaginable scissors and replace them with new ones that would increase the size of the dildo selected in the sex shop.

Then it was necessary to submit the development of the embryo with great male dignity. That at birth, his doctors praise. With time, the period of puberty comes and the organ increases in size. What women get tremendous pleasure from him, and other men only envy.

After four such sessions, volunteers gradually got used to the large size of the penis. Further, Jim invited them to conduct self-alignment sessions on their own, every day for 10 minutes. Surprisingly, according to the results of such an experiment, in a year of daily classes, the genitals of these men really increased by 3-5 cm.

8. Women's breasts and thoughts

Another hypnotherapist from America Michael Stevers conducted a study with nineteen women. Initially, he asked them to imagine that there was a warm wet towel on his chest, and then how the breast was heated under the lamp, increasing in size. This picture of women was represented for one and a half months and after they were able to clearly warm their own breasts with the help of thought, they needed to focus on the heartbeat. Present seeking cells responsible for breast size, more blood flows.

Women hardly trained at home, in addition, they performed special exercises for relaxation and entry into a hypnotic state. The exercises were not difficult, for example, it was necessary to take the lotus position and often breathe. Three months later, 75% of the participants of the experiment found that they need a larger bra. The most diligent participants managed to increase breasts by 10 cm in girth. Such experiments clearly show that hypnosis and the strength of thought make it possible to influence each individual site of our body.

9. The process of blood circulation and the power of thought

Professor Elmer Gates from America in the 18th century proved that a person was able to mentally manage his body. The professor conducted an experiment, during which he immersed a hand in a container with water, measuring the volume of tank and water in advance, presented a tide of blood to the limb and forced water to shed.

Due to the volume of the spilled water, he also managed to measure how much blood flow to hand was intensified. Of course, not everyone has the ability to mentally control their own body, it may not be able to attempt. But there are scientific evidence that the mind can control most of the processes occurring in the body. It is enough to focus on a certain part of the body and the vessels will expand on this site, and the influx of blood will increase.


According to the story of Professor Alexander Bella - when he rode a horse in cold weather for a long time, he learned to warm his legs with the help of thought. He was enough to focus on his legs and they became hot. He just learned to mentally control his body, and he succeeded without much difficulty.

10. Thought and breast cancer

Let's talk about the history of Alina Habitov, a resident of Ufa, who diagnosed breast cancer at an early stage. The girl was 27 years old when she herself appealed to doctors asking for a survey. The fact is that her mother died from such a disease and the girl worried that this problem would also affect her. After the survey, the specialists confirmed the diagnosis of oncology.

Alina believed that she, like mother, would not be able to overcome the disease. But the girl had a one-year-old daughter, for which she decided to live in spite of everything. Alina abandoned the operation, but considered the option to appeal to the experts of the Department of Local University, which used non-standard methods of combating severe diseases, including oncology.

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Representative of the Department Alexander Arbuzov argued that oncology could arise due to psychological problems. That is, it is important for treatment to use brain reserves. Surely you have repeatedly heard the expression "all diseases from the nerves" and when they say so, they mean the hypothalamus responsible for the psyche.

Ufa psychologists have developed a technique based on activation of vital reserves of the human body. That is, it is necessary to change thinking to get rid of the disease - to present yourself to healthy. Sessions are carried out as follows: lying on his back a person relaxes and begins to represent how the brain produces proteins that can recognize which part of the body need help. These cells are kept under the control of the immune system. Alina became diligently practicing, she practiced several hours daily, but he still did not refuse chemotherapy and passed a couple of sessions. As a result, the tumor decreased from 13 mm to 5.6 mm in a month. Now this malignant tumor is not at all, as well as metastasis. But the patient, the doctors found an increased lymph node, so it does not chase treatment and regularly undergo a survey. Conclusion from this story is the right psychological attitude together with drugs gives an excellent result. In this case, with the help of only thinking, it was not possible to cope with the problem, an integrated approach was applied here.

11. Energy of the word and power of thought


An interesting experiment was conducted by scientists from Russia. They proved how much the word power is. During the experiment, the grains of several plants were irradiated, the radiation force reached 10 thousand x-rays. With this impact inside the grain, nothing alive should remain, even chromosome.

The irradiated grains were divided into two parts. The first were treated with electromagnetic radiation with the imposition of a human voice, asking seeds to restore its properties. The seconds were subjected to similar radiation, but with different voice teams (words were pronounced that were not related to the meaning).

This is surprising, but the seeds from the first group restored natural properties, and the seeds from the second group were killed. Such an experiment was carried out multiple times, and the result is the same. Conclusion: The words that we say are endowed with powerful energy, it is not just sounds. Words are able to affect the course of processes and events. This is confirmed by a mass of experiments that cannot be accommodated in one article. And to this day, scientists do not cease to learn this topic. Summing up, it is worth noting that the best example of the operation of the attraction force is reading this article. If a person dreams of something, and then begins to understand what influence can have the power of thought, he is already halfway to the implementation of its plans. The fact that you read exactly this article among the masses of others is not just a coincidence, but the result of your mental activity. Published ECONET.RU.

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P.S. And remember, just changing your consciousness - we will change the world together! © Econet.


Greetings, with you Oksana Mananylo. Of course, we will only be interested in how to materialize good thoughts and desires. Or rather, how to learn to embody your "want" and "love" into life. Interesting? Still would! We will be practically keys to the universal power to distribute today.

But everything is in order, no one has canceled the match. It is needed to understand how it all works. What principles obeys. What are the "chips" that you need to know. And what "underwater stones" so that they are offended not to fall in their easy swimming for the waves of the desired.

How to materialize thoughts and desires?

In this article you will learn: So. Any little bit of a person in this area will not be surprised by the techniques of the fulfillment of desires, such as "visualization", "Dream map", "Meditation to the desired" and so on. But if somehow track the effectiveness of this total, it turns out that it comes true in units. In the overwhelming majority or embodied trivia, removally resembling the desired source, or nothing happens at all. Despite the fact that they are visualized and meditated before the formation. What is the reason? There are several of them, and we will tell about them today. How to materialize thoughts and desires? Everything around materializes the energy of a person who draws his attention to this or that. In a different way, it can be called "". Our energy literally nourishes an object or event in focus of attention. What feeds is implemented in the material world by an event or physical object. But this, so to speak, an extremely short scheme in its pure form, without interference.

When a person shifts responsibility for something or someone, they say "Ah, because of this I didn't work out, here!", Then he loses energy that could go to the incarnation of intent. It ceases to materialize the desired one. But but it begins to famously embody the events that will support him once at a time in conviction that he is poor-unfortunate. And the evil surrounding only want him to prevent him happy. Have you ever noticed that anyone who achieved serious well-being practically any story starts with the word "me"? "I reached ...", "I did ...", "I could ..." In the lexicon of a successful person, there are no phrases similar to those like this as: "These people led ...", "someone helped ...". Now it is clear why on the opposite principle the loser is always convinced that someone interferes to him. That is, "I create" is the main principle. Without it, everything starts to crumble. When I proceed from "I,", surprising - other people seemed to disappear. And the events begin to unfold on the playground 100% on the basis of how "I" I feel, I see and so on.


Feeling yourself with the only player in the game of life - invaluable!

The fear of doing something wrong due to the fact that there is always knowledge that you can create everything here, and therefore, you can also change too.

Simple and understand about how to materialize thoughts and desires

Remember the parable of two wolves and that the one is stronger than fed? It can be literally easily found on the Internet. But its essence briefly is that the stronger becomes what we feed our attention. And the fact that we expect attention, cares and disappears from the field of view. Here the simple truth becomes extremely clear. The fact that there is some external world, aggressively and hostile configured against us - this is a lie!

This we ourselves give our energy an event of an external world or person. And then we affect the same energy on yourself, getting experience. Positive energy has been pressed by a third-party event or person - we affect themselves on themselves back with the help of happy cases or good people who love us. Wept the negative - Being yourself who returned the back of our energy in the face of "bad" people and failures. What to do? Do not give your attention to what you do not want in life.


So here to our wolves. Logical will be diligently and with pleasure to feed the wolf "It all depends on me" and thus squeeze your life according to the principle of power. And how to apply this principle in the context of the incarnation of the desired? Here, the white wolf is a desire or the desired event. It can be anything - a house, a car, a pack of money, a bank account, a trip to Maldives, harmonious relationships, good work and so on. Denote him with a capital letter -


. So the importance will emphasize both in the text it is convenient to notice. Thus, "I" pay attention to the event. The more attention and energy, the time this event is more realistic, the sooner its materialization.

Introducing the desired and enjoy. It is convenient to make it on the principle of "what I see, I hear, I feel that I have a feeling when my desire turned" is a very important point. You need to literally live inside your dreams high quality and fully on average five minutes.

Proper visualization of desires


How to materialize thoughts and desires? Suppose you dream of a trip to the azure coast of the same Maldives. What I see? See the blue of the sea and the ocean azure, our slender tanned legs on a snow-white chaise lounge, a fucked glass of juice in his hand ...

I hear? Hear the cries of the grooves, the laughter of people is not far away, and maybe your voice saying to someone, how beautiful to be here, what happiness that the dream come true ...

Feel? Right here and now feel the joy and delight from the fact that the dream came true and here it is an embodiment! Let the landing of the goosebumps delight you to run, do not hide emotions!


What feelings do I feel? Feel the sea breeze on the skin, the cool glass of the glass of the glasses in his hand, heat solar rays ... Nothing can prevent you from feeling the taste of tropical juice in the mouth and breathe the smell of drinking air around. Believe me, you are capable of it and you will be delighted when you certainly succeed. Kayfly, live with these five minutes as fully and let go of the dream for incarnation. This is an important point in the question " How to materialize thoughts and desires

Everyone wants to be beautiful, rich, successful, beloved. Everyone wishes material and spiritual benefits, but not everyone knows that it is necessary for this. Your thoughts play a crucial role.

Thoughts are materialized, and regardless of whether they are good or not. The life you want to create - this is what you deserve, so throw away any negative. There is a huge number of stories that people who at a certain point in time thought about something bad, got it. It may be an accident, fire, failure, and so on.

Why is it important to avoid negative

Materialization techniques work not only for positive, but also for negative thoughts. We are all people, so none of us can completely abstract from thoughts about defeats and failures. However, it is impossible to allow them to become installations, to enter into your head.


It is not enough to just want to achieve something, you need to invest in it completely. In terms of failures, it is not necessary to try to try, because negative energy is stronger than positive. Stand bad thoughts from the head is incredibly difficult, so always pay attention to what you think about. Do not wish the evil to other people - it can also harm you strongly.

Techniques materialization of thoughts

There are three main ways to make positive thoughts materialized. In order for positive thinking to take a special weight, you need to learn one of the techniques and follow it.

First technique: affirmations " No need to organize these perceptions once at once, pouring them to holes. It is enough just not to spray your focus of attention between the desired and doubts. But what happens in practice? In fact, the fact that on average a few minutes after (plus-minus, who is ashamed of how much) in the brain, a person pops up: "Where to take money to implement the event?"

Affirmations for every day are a faithful universal type assistant. Phrases like "I am a happy person", "luck is always with me", "I will achieve my goals" will change your worldview for the better. This is a good choice for those who constantly have problems with the mood.

There are affirmations for love, for success. This is a special case that requires already prepared and solid soil under the legs. When you felt happier and lighter, go to this level. Start talking to yourself that you will find your love, create a family, open the business, earn a lot of money and so on.


When you repeat something every day as often as possible, you seem to drive the nail into the tree. This will require a lot of time, but it will cost it. Repeat yourself positive phrases to be as close as possible to happiness. It will enhance your energy, good luck, and also materializes what you dream about. This will create certain images in your head.

Second technique: meditation. And here is the climax. This thought becomes

Second event

Third Technique: Visualization and Positive Thinking And drawn in the second wolf, already black. Which man begins to feed his energy in mind the focus of attention has now been focused on it. White wolf as BEE ... puzzled at first. But from now on, energy begins to spray for two sources, two events. And imperceptibly the event "Where to take money?" Begins the brain to be perceived as a necessary condition in order to implement the first, the main desired event. It's a lie! Such a way is knowingly deadly.


Many famous athletes and businessmen say that their success was born in their head, because they saw their future. They just knew that everything would come, as they want it. In addition, forget about peace of mind. Good and peacekeeping are the best friends of visualization.

The farther in the forest ...


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