What guys on statistics like girls: what should be changed in appearance and character

Which guys more like girls in appearance and character

The search for a male ideal is similar to an attempt to ask for a magical mirror what he is - a man of dreams. Moreover, the representatives of both sexes look back with the question. Therefore, if you think that women have some generally accepted standard regarding men - it's time to part with these illusions. Once everything was so. But the twentieth century changed everything here. Men and women were confused: there are no more ideals. But do not despair. We will tell you what kind of character guys like modern girls, what types of guys choose girls and for which girls appreciate guys now.

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Loves of women: What is he?

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Loves of women: What is he?

If you do not particularly love perfume and cologne, then it's just necessary to use a deodorant vital. And no matter what the weather is on the street. The men stink both in the heat and in the bodied frost. So they have nature. But never forget about the shower. No even the most expensive and strong deodorant will not be effective if the skin is dirty.

Let's remember that people are somewhat wise mammals. There are still animals and instincts in us, which means that the internal mechanisms must remember that Partners are chosen by certain signs . Such a feature really did not disappear anywhere, but the development of society, culture and civilization as a whole significantly complicated its work. Now it is not enough to choose the strongest, the largest or best hunter. Yes, and the purpose of choice is often different from the birth of offspring.

This leads to a situation where different women request different men in men. And every man also determines that he is ready to ask and what you need from the girl to him. So appear as men who like girls. We collect several qualities that are often found together, in one picture, so that at least to simplify and "combat" a rather chaotic situation.

The same problem makes you turn to eternal values ​​and rethink them: which no longer be important, which were transformed, and which did not lose the relevance in original form.

Girls love alpha males very much. And among the qualities that you like girls in the guys, you can designate three whales, three main directions that are crushed into smaller and private manifestations and character traits. Speech about the ability to communicate and social skills, appearance and responsibility. These are three maximum common concepts that are divided into many subcategories that are combined in different combinations. We will tell about all the "whales" and explain more and explain that they represent themselves.

What do guys look like that like everyone

Ruddy Corporan, Unsplash

The main answer to this question can be laid in only one word - Burry. The preferred appearance directly depends on the standard, and since it collapsed, and uniform laws for the appearance remained. A century in sixteenth, to like girls, it was necessary to appear and wear a wig. In the nineteenth, it was necessary to wear the shape of the hussar and put the bag in the groin to emphasize the impressive size of the genital organs with tight trico. Fortunately, nothing left now. But think that girls like exclusively business men in costumes are approximately as absurd, as every morning heaving the face and hairstyle in the hope of gaining more location of the weak floor.

Style is deprived of stigma. Fashion changed and diverse - not only female, but also men. We live in amazing time when a man can afford the hair of any length or their absence and not to become an outcast.

Dress as you please. Wear business suits if you like them. Wear sweaters, T-shirts and jeans, if it is more convenient for them. Dress up like hipsters or as rockers - clothes style finally became the case of your taste exclusively. Water the hair to the shoulders and beard or shadow and both, and the society still will not be screamed. Even at the beginning of the previous century, people would not believe that it was possible.

Only one requirement remains: Looks greatly and neat. Follow the hygiene, the condition of the skin, hair, teeth, nails, beard, if you have it. Wash clothes in time and change the old on the new one. If with all this you can combine beautifully and unusually combine it - you are on horseback and you have every chance like.

If your task is to hook as much as possible "Central Central Central Central Asia, you dress up in Casual, diluting it with unusual elements from other styles, wear a male haircut of medium length, strive or grow a small neat beard.

Attractive guy type

Be sure to change socks and linen every day. And suddenly a date, and you smell like a company soldier after jogging? To romantic adventure you need to be ready always. Otherwise there is a risk to stay without a girl. And do not forget to follow the overall state of socks. Drying immediately throw away. And you do not need to experiment with their colors. Otherwise, it may be the very moment when you have 25 pieces of black socks (one will certainly be fed a washing machine), but they are all different shades.

Let's start with simple: There are different girls and different men . Because of this, it is impossible to ensure that the girls are approaching the guys strictly defined character. In the same way, it does not work in the opposite direction.

You can register on the Mamba dating site and make sure that different girls are looking for different men, and no one requests ideal for themselves.

Do not try to be at the same time a careerist, and a master of comfort and purity, and a cheerful adventure, who is not tied to anything and denies worldly values ​​in the name of freedom. You are with a huge probability of behaving yourself, or do not achieve anything, trying to succeed at the same time in too different spheres. In addition, relationships with girls such a rattle combo is more complicated than simplified.

Do not think about what a guy should be to enjoy the girl. Contact one of the type . Choose what you closely and develop in this direction.
  1. Defender. Initiative and decisive, he takes over all responsibility, makes all the elections and taxis relations. This is the person next to whom the girl is comfortable to relax and do not think about anything. Think and says verbs, Takes all the problems which can be solved by money, calling the right person or your own hands. He controls the chief, and it is not embarrassed from the fact that almost everything needs to be asked permission. This type is suitable if you are quite cold, rational and not too emphatic person. Do not like to listen about other people's sufferings and sympathize, do not understand why people don't go about a pile of things that are either solved by a simple conversation or not worthy of attention. And this lack of empathy says goodbye to the ability to take care of the vital spheres.
  2. Dear friend. Also initiative, but in many ways the opposite of the defender. This is, on the contrary, a very sensitive and empathic person who She strives to prevent any inconvenience and always understand. As a rule, such people lacking for financial support of the family and solving serious problems, but their trump card is the ability to provide peace of mind and sensitivity in which strong girls often need.
  3. Romantic. What you need, if you do not want any long relationship and love yourself no less than women. They are pretty quickly such recognize: Beautiful Caring, minimum commitment . Romantic is able to provide a fairy tale. Let and just for a couple of months. Almost any girlfriend sometimes required a fairy tale, and not a satellite for life, so there are no such men to be bored.

Understand what is your main feature that it is vital to you, without which you cannot do. What is this relationship: the desire of adventures, family priority and durable connection for many years, the ability to combine love and career, or the desire to be with an exceptional and strong woman? It depends on how the direction you develop, and the most likely your choices will be likely.

Qualities of guys who like girls

Always clean your teeth twice a day. If you can use the rinse and special pharmacy thread - you are just a dream. Otherwise, the first kiss can become the last. Usually all the ladies are extremely sensitive to unpleasant odors.

We have already called general, what qualities of guys love girls: social skills, neat appearance and responsibility.

Here we give a more detailed list of what women like in men.

  • Independence. The ability to solve your problems, and not to put them on the girl - what is uniquely appreciated by everyone.
  • A responsibility. It is about putting the shoulder on time and not unlock in conflicts, exposing someone else. The ability to take responsibility means to make it necessary to deal with the consequences in case of which and voluntarily agree to invest in the process.
  • Charisma. Initial light, which attracts girls. Charisma is inclined to self-confident people, it shows this confidence and determination. Charismatic men attract attention, because they are felt strong.
  • Politeness. As well as attentiveness, straightness and other communication skills necessary for a comfortable maintenance of contact.
  • Sense of humor. Without it, everything becomes boring pretty quickly. A man who can mix and laugh says much more.
  • Passion. To the case of life, to the hobby, to a woman. The ability to charge the energy and burn with something makes you much more attractive in the eyes of others and helps to develop.
  • The ability to amaze and make pleasant surprises. Like a sense of humor, helps not to get bored and placing girls.
  • Intelligence. To the third date, he will become important: you need to have a wide range of, understand your sphere and be able to support a variety of conversations.
  • The desire for self-development. In the age of the Internet, it is not even somewhat ashamed: in his pocket, the entire information existing on the planet, and the device of society and life constantly requires us to develop new skills.
  • Gallantry. At least minimal knowledge of the rules of etiquette, pleasant little things: give way, help put on a coat, feed your hand, ride or spend, not come with empty hands.
  • Generosity. Willingness to pay for a girl, pamper gifts, and not asking to divide the amount spent on cakes to tea in half.

Which guys girls fall in love immediately

So, now you're surely fully and ready to conquer female hearts. But do not forget that in addition to all these rules, there is still natural chemistry, charm, charisma and a sparkling sense of humor. So just trust fate and dare. But about the socks still do not forget. Good luck!

The answer to this question does not exist, as in many others. We can say what features of the character like girls and what attracts them in men. But no girl will make a portrait of a guy who will like anyone from the very first seconds. You can register on the dating site, write about yourself and find a girl you like, and which you will like.

All you can - take advantage of the data above, and yet agree to wait a bit. Anyone needs time to get to know you. To feel what he is next to you. You can pump all the qualities of the real alpha male, and she will leave you, because it is afraid not to correspond to this standard. Or for some other reason - there is no one hundred percent warranty of success. And even more so when it comes to "immediately". Think ourselves: Did you fall in love at least once in the girl just so that these feelings led to a serious relationship? Unlikely. You feel sympathy, sometimes sharp, to a person who meet. But as you dating, learn it better and one way or another adjust the opinion.

People are not mechanical devices. There are no universal grooves, bolts and nuts that can be turned on the template and not knowing grief. And the process of dating is an unprecedented event with a nonlinear plot. Do not seek to fall in love with yourself immediately, do not ask the question "What girls like in guys most of all." The correct answer to it simply does not exist. All you can - become the best version of yourself and find one who will appreciate the result.

Which guys do not like girls

Beautiful couple at night

With what kind of guy should be, in order to enjoy the girl, figured out. But how to go through this mine field, not allowing mistakes? Definitely there are features that pushed the girls. We will not be able to list them all, because the same qualities attract some girls and annoy others. But there is a list of things and acts of guys who exactly do not like girls. We share:

  • Rough. Not charismatic, not arrogant, but rough.
  • Inattentive. Do not show interest in the girl and do not notice her feelings and reactions.
  • Self-breathed. Why does she, if they already have, who to pay maximum attention?
  • Neakkurat. It is unpleasant to come home, it is unpleasant to go to people with them.
  • Disappointing. Those who together with the relationship are stolen by a dozen new problems that will have to solve the girl.
  • Irresponsible. Those who do not hold the word and are not able to recognize their own errors. The girl is unlikely to want to respond for the consequences of your solutions.
  • Stupid. It is unpleasant to discover what to talk to a person is nothing about. Especially when nonsense becomes the cause of errors.
  • Vain. Most likely, it does not represent life as a race in which you need to take the championship. And it is not prepared for the fact that she will have to serve such interests of his young man.
  • Submarine . It does not even have to explain here - this is definitely not the men who love and adore girls.
  • Not seen boundaries. If she does not want something, and you insist, press or just ignore this fact, it becomes dangerous again.
  • Not ready to cooperate. When two formed personals decide to get closer, they are inevitably waiting for obstacles and the need to come with something for the sake of relationships or, on the contrary, try and accept something new. With incapable of this, nothing will happen.

When the question arises which guys like girls, it is often possible to conclude that individual preferences are characteristic of every woman.

Some of them pay more attention to physical data, while others have high demands regarding intelligence, manner and upbringing.

And yet it can be stated that there are some qualities that most likely allow men to like women.

8 scientific facts about attractive male qualities

nice boy

1. Leadership qualities

Let's imagine how it was in the time of cavemen, when men hunted mammoths, and on Sundays, instead of visiting the church or hugs with a sofa, they fought with bears.

In such a situation, the best opportunity of a woman to survive and the birth of children was to enlist all sorts of support for the man who headed the tribe.

According to psychologists, this evolutionary programming and today continues to have a strong impact on women's preferences.

It was found that members of a certain social group consider its leader more attractive, unlike people who are not part of the participants.

For example, employees of a certain firm are more likely to find her head attractive than people outside the company.

How do you develop this feature? Start with small. Leadership is a lot of art that requires time to master leadership qualities.

Put yourself in a situation where you have to take responsibility for its prosperous permission.

This can be something simple, for example, the organization of a country trip for a group of your friends. But you can challenge a more ambitious project, such as creating your own business.

As soon as girls see that you can completely easily take control of the group of people, as well as inspire them to perform actions, you will be impaired in front of their eyes many times more attractive.

2. Social confirmation

Women do not burn with a desire to be with a man who is sitting at home all day, playing in Xbox.

Girls like guys who are in the center of life events wherever they go. Women like men who are a soul of a company, and are also always surrounded by other people.

As a result, the girls themselves involuntarily strive to become part of such an exciting life, which is manifested by the power of social confirmation.

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During the studies conducted in 2010, psychologists asked for a group of volunteers to evaluate the attractiveness of men and women by photographs.

After that, the same volunteers showed photos of the same people, but this time in an embrace with the representative of the opposite sex, each of which was represented as a former girl or a guy of the objects of research.

What are the conclusions? Guys and girls who were photographed next to attractive "former", almost all volunteers assessed as more attractive.

Therefore, in parallel to the concentration of efforts to find a girl, it will not be superfluous to engage in a whole development of social skills, familiarizing with interesting people and the expansion of the circle of friends.

Develop friendly relations with those people who increase the value of your life and your social confirmation.

3. Feeling humor

Scientists argue that people perceive a good sense of humor as a sign of intelligence and developed social skills.

For the same reason, women are evolutionary due to responding to the presence of the mind as a factor in the attraction.

The logic is as follows: a smart man can better provide and protect a woman and her future children.

As a rule, a sense of humor congenital human trait, but in the case of white spots in this area, this skill can be developed.

If you can always make people around you laugh, it means you have a precious gift that you should not forget to use in the process of communicating with girls.

4. Unlable movements

Take a look at any alpha hero from a famous movie. The first thing you will notice, they do everything consciously, smoothly and leisurely.

Remember, for example, the character of Clint Isovda. He almost does not speak throughout the film, but looks like the coolest guy.

Scientists have discovered that men who have leisurely movements and speech are often perceived as more confident, and, therefore, more like girls.

5. Athletic physique

Of all the existing male forms, most women like "V-shaped" sports male body, that is, a clearly pronounced muscles of the upper body and a narrow waist.

Wear clothes, which is ideal, is another good idea.

6. High Growth

Psychologists argue that most girls like high guys who seem to be the embodiment of masculinity.

And again ancient roots ... The woman is evolutionary tend to give preference to higher men.

And although in a modern context, this advantage may seem less important, evolutionary programming is still deeply rooted in the women's psyche.

It should be added that one of the research has shown that men still enjoy the greatest demand among women.

But what if growth is not the strongest of your sides? It doesn't matter, the main thing is that you are not lower than the alleged object of love, although it is not a general obligatory rule.

If you are low growth, but the real man is not worried at all. A low cheerful guy with a suspended language and a sense of humor is quoted by girls much better than a sullen high pitching.

7. Low voice

Girls definitely more like guys who boast a low voice chamber that, like many previous qualities, due to evolutionary factors.

8. Light bristle

That is why such actors as Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman are accustomed to appear in public in the form of a two-day bristle.

As a result of a survey with the participation of more than 350 women, most of them have agreed that the presence of hair on a male face adds masculinity and attractiveness.

Which guys like girls. 16 more qualities

Guy in a white shirt

1. Success

Success and wealth are not identical concepts. Yes, most successful people have money, however, and a considerable number of unsuccessful they are available.

The person who independently earned money is much more attractive personality than the one who inherited them.

Therefore, it is true that the girls like successful guys like girls.

2. Ambitions and dedication

Most women lack of male ambitions are regarded as repulsive quality.

To be lazy and not desire for yourself and for your loved ones is not that women hope to find in a man.

Ambitions and ambition are not so much in the desire to earn money as in the desire to improve their life to the required level.

Ambitions include dedication and faith in their own strength. The fact that a man seeks to achieve the goal is not only something extremely attractive, but also a rather rare phenomenon, whatever you think.

Ambitious people are an extinct breed, but they are always popular at any level of their lives.

3. Charisma

We will not cut, charismatic guys like girls.

Charisma does not buy for money. There are few of these quality, but almost every woman is trying to find him in a man.

Harizm is difficult to describe, but it manifests itself in how a person moves, says and even looks at others. This is a combination of a strong personality, purposefulness and self-confidence.

Taking into account the foregoing, charisma should definitely be added to the list of your nearest achievements.

4. Intellect

It is absolutely impossible to say that the most attractive male body is the mind.

A significant difference in intellectual development of a guy and girls can easily be the cause of subsequent parting.

Women want to be excited by a man both physically and mentally. With a clever man is always wondering, so such a character is unlikely to be bored with a girl.

5. Appearance and sense of style

Well-groomed guys with an impeccable sense of style can not like to girls.

It is not necessary to resort to designer solutions, but it is very important to take care of your appearance, smell and personal hygiene.

Those men who are willing to make additional efforts usually receive remuneration in the form of greater attention from women.

Therefore, if the inalienable part of your familiar appearance is dirty workings, it is possible to revise your approach and invest time and money in a good wardrobe, corporate aroma, haircut, etc.

Also, do not forget about the importance of your posture, because straight shoulders are a sign of confidence.

6. Confidence

Confident guys like girls, because they believe in themselves, in their strength, and are ready to defend their right.

Confidence in itself is a very important quality for any man, since it is an internal force that others always notice.

One of the most important manifestations of confidence is confidence in who you are. Therefore, do not forget that you should never be afraid to be yourself, but at the same time do not become arrogant.

7. Independence

A man should be able to rely on himself and his abilities, be independent, mature and move in life without using other people as necessary crutches.

Women like independent men who live their lives, and always have a personal space, even when they are in a relationship with a girl.

Such interesting personalities will not stop halfway, implementing conceived, and will also show courage and enterprise.

8. Good work and high income

Mantility - bad quality. But it is better to face the truth, than pretending that money does not matter.

Girls like guys who have prestigious work and high income, as well as possessing the attributes of a successful man, to which their own living area and a good car should be attributed. M-yes ... what is prestigious for Russian, then for an American ordinary thing.

But even if you cannot boast the above-mentioned things, not trouble. Simply, throwing too lazy, remember that you have something to strive for.

9. Positiveness

Each person wants to surround himself with happy and positive people, and not those who bring negative emotions and has a destructive effect.

Happiness is a condition available to everyone, but most people prefer to be immersed in their suffering.

Any man throughout his life will lie down difficulties, and how he can cope with them is of great importance.

Some use their black stripes as a source of personal development, while for other difficult times will be a pretext to remain unhappy.

10. Ability to communicate

As well as a good sense of humor, the ability to communicate with a girl is an attractive feature for any woman.

Women like men in whose companies they feel comfort and ease.

Be a pleasant interlocutor, tell a calm low voice, showing genuine interest in the girl during the conversation.

11. Spontaneity

Women love spontaneity and intrigue.

This does not mean that you should spend every weekend, visiting a new country, or make a girlfriend bath, filled with champagne.

Show spontaneity in trifles. Offer a girl to make a few dance pas during a walk or write an unexpected message.

12. Pupil and respect

Treat any person with appropriate reverence, if he deserves your respect. Turning to people in this way, you will get a good attitude in response.

In addition to the ability to manifest strength, girls like in guys pupil, beautiful manners, a sense of tact and the ability to care for them.

13. Male attention and care

If you are convinced that women need only diamonds, dear decorations and a resort rest, quickly throw away this garbage from the head.

An insignificant, but thoughtful gift will make the heart of the girl fight faster.

Listen to what she is talking about, and sooner or later you will learn that she, for example, loves violets in pots or pendants with the image of cats.

Also, do not forget to ask how the girl passed the day, as she feels, and what is the busy her thoughts. Women need questions such as air.

14. Honesty

Honesty is the basis for many other personal qualities, such as integrity and reliability.

Many women complain that men say one, and then make another. If the girl is sure that you are honest with her, she will not have the reasons for not trusting you or doubt you.

15. Reliability

Girls like guys who are not afraid of obligations.

Reliability and responsibility can be manifested even in performing minor requests, if the man gave his promise.

16. Sexual compatibility

The intimate component is one of the most important causes of entry into relations, their development and conservation.

Therefore, in the absence of compatibility in this matter, such relationships will be either not long-term or painful.

Which guys do not like girls

Which guys do not like girls

1. Having habit to complain

Surely there is nothing more repulsing for the girl than a guy who constantly complains. And the more complaints, the lower the level of respect for such a man falls.

Did you go in a puddle and curse everything out loud everything in the world, because the pants were stained? Minus one score.

You constantly complain that you have a very little free time that you are desperate and unsuccessfully trying to advance through the career ladder, and indeed the whole world against you? More minus 20 points, and the game is over.

2. Guys who have no friends

Women want men to be attractive not only for them, but in order for their satellites to experience sympathy and other people.

The lack of social circle will definitely cause women's alarm. The girl will begin to think that something is wrong with the guy, if she is the only one who spends time with him.

This is probably the simplest trap that is easiest to avoid. But there are cases when guys cater to it.

The exit in this case is very simple - find yourself friends.

3. Needing and insecure guys who build girls on the pedestal

In modern society, the process of seduction of women most often comes down to male attempts to logically convince the girl that she needs to enter into relationships with these guy.

As a result, the entire setting complex and manifestation of themselves in the role of needing: the girl says how beautiful she is lying to her photos in social networks, or guys, as if having a peacock costume, try to show what their wonderful applicants for love.

Men are constantly looking at the female breast. It does not insult and confuse us. It's a little stupid. This is the guys. It is paradoxical. But men who constantly look at our breasts will never be those who attract us. Kristina Hendrix

And the problem is not that guys show interest in girls, but in how they do it:

  • There is nothing bad for a man, if he looks, will appreciate and enjoy the seen female face, shapes, legs or chest, even if it is done completely and obviously. However, stying constantly on the same girl - bust. You can watch, but it is impossible to take - this is the conviction of an insecure man.
  • If the guy looks at the girl with a snout, so that she does not notice this, but with the girl everything is completely clear - this is another manifestation of unsure behavior. Either look or not look. I liked - communicate, did not like it - leave another.
  • Attempts to run for a girl, constantly calling her, to be offended at her, find out, and why she did this or that kinda is generally the edge.

Women got used to the situation in society, and they like it ... They like that they again and again receive confirmation of their sexual demand, but they rarely want to associate their fate with the subjects of the manifestation of such attention.

If you have experienced experience with a large number of women, then probably noticed that often girls, especially very attractive, may seem not the most favorable to your attention.

Their cold attitude has a direct relationship with a large margin of male options.

To each beautiful girl living in a big city, trying to rinse thousands of men throughout her life, uttering the same words and acting equally.

So, in this way, you will become for this girl just number 1 275. She is also looking for a man who will come out otherwise, which will not become her idolatry.

The point is not that bad guys get everything. The fact is that good do not get anything. David X.

Therefore, if the guy seems to be needed or clearly confident, aggravating his unprofitable position attempts to pursue the girl, constantly calling her and sending text messages one after another, she simply shifts him as a page of the Soviet encyclopedic dictionary, and will go to the next interesting section of her life .

Guys who really like girls never take them on a pedestal.

In conclusion. You are sufficient

Guy and girl in the ocean

Self-development is a very useful component of the life of every man, but should not be tied to the offensive of the desired result.

If you think that you should develop some important male qualities in order to like girls, remind yourself: "You are already sufficient to like girls."

First, personal development does not have limits, so there is a chance to be in a state of eternal expectation.

Secondly, awareness of achieving intermediate goals is the time to start acting.

Third, being on the finish, you may understand that without all this acquired tinsel "you have already been sufficient then."

When you first get acquainted with a guy at a kind of event and for a long time, you will lead a long and interesting things to both a conversation, he can suddenly ask: "What type of men do you like?" And that's it. The girl is in confusion, as it does not know how to answer correctly. To tell the truth, listed alternately all the advantages? Follow important things and escape? But there is a way out. Answer options can be several.

"The one I love"

Sostly sufficiently donate from the answer, saying the phrase: "The person in love with, and will be the type of man that I like." This answer is quite abstract, but at the same time mysterious, because it means that the girl is free. She is not in love with anyone. What man will remain after such words indifferent? It is better to answer this only to that guy who interest you, but you have not decided yet, you want a relationship with him or not.

Say which men do not like

To translate a conversation into a more neutral direction, we can not say about which guys like, but about what you do not like, choosing the most unsightly qualities of character. For example: "I can definitely say that I don't like lias and thugs."

Here, the opinions of specialists diverge, because a man who is not confident enough can take such an answer to his account. Giving such an answer, you need to properly pick up intonation and words. However, this answer can be a protective shield. If a new acquaintance has a quality liar or zhades, he will understand that he is not on the way.

"People who appreciate loyalty"

This is another answer. You can say what values ​​in the relationship you are guided by. For example: "I like people who appreciate their family." You can also say: "I like men who can be faithful." Giving it, the girl kills two hares at once. It is on the very first day of dating says that it appreciates in relationships. Of course, it leaves a favorable impression. Such an answer helps the guy to find out whether he has the same look at the world.

Something that relates to a man

This technique is better to use if the girl has already mentally went with a new acquaintance for a date. To the question of what type of men like, you need to answer with a hint on who asks.

For example, if a new acquaintance wears glasses, then say so: "I like guys with glasses." If the cavalier is beard, you can say: "I like guys with a beard." Each man will determine such an answer, so the probability of the first date will increase at times.

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Dares of girls like you guys like. What should they be.

Better, of course, ask the girl who liked that you love. After all, different girls are with their different tastes ...

I like guys who were also attended by seriousness, but not a bore, which goes into pedanthism. So that and humor can shine, as well as intelligence where necessary. To have a family direction, and not to roll the field, seeking adventures and diversity, but in fact, not to understand what. To loved so much, I was able to love, for actions!

Egoism and rudeness, excessive nervousness of me in the guys does not attract.

So that he knew what he wants and sought his goals.

In appearance - bright open eyes! It is desirable that there is a sports physique, but not rush - pumping.

The author of the question chose this answer as the best.

Svetechka100. [46.6K]

3 years ago

Probably, as well as most women, they like decent, non-cynical, open. A man must unail confidence to a woman in tomorrow, know what can be rejected on it. The case of age, appearance is personal preferences each. Of course, everyone wants the man to be a little well-groomed, did not wander with a bottle of beer, and had his goals and aspirations in life. A woman always wants to see a platform in a man when a family is created and a child appears, then there is no longer before levity.

I like men's men, with humor (but not placing clowns), on which you can rely, holding the word, open and kind, not greedy, but not wasteful. The same unpleasant impression is made like those that pumped to treat the girl with chocolate and those that on the date begin to popping with money left and right. If it is a young man, then lightweightness also produces a good impression. This is much better than choppy self-confidence and arrogance.

As for appearance, I personally like the men high, taut, with a good press.



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I like strong men, followed by, as behind a stone wall. Purpose - which will not whine and lie on the couch with "I don't work with me." Independent, so that it was not necessary for the handle to the doctor to drive. Not lubricate and non-volatile love all day on the span. Not trange, but not a bil. And, most importantly, the mutual respect with such a man in the family has reigned and understanding on both sides, as well as mutual support in difficult times.




I like funny, kind, decent, not tedious and not boring, with whom it is fun to be fun. Usually my age or 2-3 years older. Adult men do not like - they are boring and not interesting with them, they are much encouraging a lot, and with a young guy and joking wondering and you can run to the party. By the way, I do not understand those girls who love "adults" men.  alexey92719.


I first heard you now read that you do not like older men. As for how many girls did not know, they all say with the same year not interesting older, always .. I do not understand what the older is better .. Why do girls choose older guys ???  alexey92719.

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Girl and boyfriend lie on the grass
Fools because. Ha ha))) But this I, of course, joking. And so I have no idea. With young guys so fun and interesting, what are the elders there.



Guys like business, confident in themselves, who know their work and able to stand up for themselves and for their girlfriend. Any guy is seen as a future candidate for the groom and it is necessary to know his state of health. Beautiful, physically harmoniously developed, with a stable psyche. Here are the main criteria of attractive guys.

Do you know the answer?

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How to like the opposite floor? The answer to this question interests not only adolescents, but also adult people. Even men, despite their natural britality and independence, are looking for information about what guys like girls. Of course, all the tastes are different, but there are many coincidences. We analyze general information in the article.

Which guys like girls: appearance

No matter how scientists claim that the main thing in man is character, the first thing everyone pays attention to external data. What are the guys? All of them are different. Of course, each person has its own preferences regarding the color of the hair, eye, growth ... However, all the same general criteria are available.

So, what guys like girls outwardly:

No, here we are not talking about the vigorous eyebrows and removing excess hair on the legs. However, clean hair and leather, short-cut nails without mud, a pleasant fragrance of a deodorant is a mandatory conditions for external attractiveness. Therefore, whatever nature awarded, always take care of yourself.

What attracts girls in the guys? Of course, the cubes of the press and the taut body. Anyway, men with the tummy are less attractive for representatives of the opposite sex than slender guys. Therefore, try to keep up the nutrition and move more. However, in pursuit of a sports figure, do not get drunk: the guys with the mountain muscles of the girls are not too happy.

Recently, the beard has become a very fashionable attribute of male beauty. It is proved that many girls go crazy from vegetation on her face. True, not everyone likes too long beards. But a small bristle is considered a sign of sexuality.

What voice like girls? In most cases, soft, with light hoarse. By the way, watch out for speech and intonation: the abundance of obscene vocabulary, too loud laughter and screaming notes repel.

Of all the above, we can conclude that girls like well-kept and sports guys. Therefore, watch yourself and feel free to improve the external beauty.

Which guys like girls: character Of course, guys like girls not only externally. Beauty always goes to the background, if a man has a bad character. Try to educate the qualities that accurately attract all the fair sex representatives.

Let's tell which guys like girls in nature:

No one is delighted with women. Let's open a little secret: any girl dreams to re-educate a female amateur so that he is delighted only from her. And did not go left never. Therefore, if you want to like girls, forget about frequent flirting and treasures.

  • What men do girls like? Of course, caring. Moreover, this concern should be in trifles: bring tea, hug when you need to call and find out how the day went. Such a guy has every chance to conquer even the most picky girl.

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What do girls like? Each will be delighted with a presented bouquet of a hundred roses, jewelry and other presents. However, not all men have a material opportunity to give too expensive gifts. But it is not necessary. Bouquet of wildflowers, collected personally, will bring much more joy than expensive orchids.

The main rule: do not gread and do not make report for each penny. Do not skimp on the landed sushi, a new handbag or other little things.

The guy is sad
Reliability and ability to protect.

Each girl next to a man wants to feel like a stone wall. Therefore, be prepared to solve problems, take responsibility and protect the woman in any situation. Then melt the heart of any lady.

  • The ideal character of the guy as a whole is understandable? Then pay attention to the qualities that repel women. What do not like girls? This is egoism, excessive jealousy, narcissism and tyranny. From men with such features of the character, the girl is run without looking back.
  • What kind of guy like you
  • "What guys do you like?" - So I want to ask this question to the girl you like. In principle, there is nothing gallopy. However, it is better to find out everything in advance. To find out which guys like, it is possible by the help of tricks in a light conversation or girlfriends of the rehabilk object. And you can read right now.
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At all times, women attracted such types of guys:

Bad Boys. This is the type of a young man who dreams every immature girl. With the age of sympathy to such guys passes, and the girls are looking for a reliable man.

Sport guys. Everything is simple here: it's nicer to watch on the taut body. In addition, girlfriends, seeing you together, die from envy.

Romantics. What girl does not dream of a prince on a white horse, dinner with candles and serenade under the window?! Good guy. This is an ideal man in every sense.

There are girls who are loving to try on the role of a mother or teacher. Nothing suspected modest guys fall on their fishing rod in the hope of finding their happiness. In such conditions, yesterday's modest turns into anyone: romance, brutal or ladies.

Adventurers are looking for a man to become themselves. He should not keep it and reprimand, but on the contrary, to sign so necessary emotions. Such guys are characterized by excessive activity, cheerfulness and love for extreme actions.

Let's open the secret: girls can say anything, but at the sight of a suitable guy, lose mind. Let him be jealous, insolvented and chasing at the table is the little things. The most important thing is love.

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Girl in laboratory
Original Articles: https://www.nur.kz/family/relationship/1563322-kakie-parni-nravyatsya-devushkam/

And again hello, dear friend. If you visited this article, it means that there is no special drive in your amournless affairs, and the ladies do not fall in the legs of the stacks. It is time to help you a little and reveal several secrets of the female soul. If at the moment in life is the most sharp question, what guys like girls, boldly read the whole text entirely.

I will start with the fact that all the ladies are very different from each other. Not so often you can meet two women who completely coincide the interests and tastes on the opposite sex. However, in all this variety, I may well highlight the several most important criteria, which is drawn to every beauty.

I will immediately say, there will be no topic of finance or appearance (figures, damn face). This is already purely personal. One like powerful men, similar to the Scandinavian Vikings, others prefer slender and pale boys with languid tremble in their eyes. All do not please, as they say.

About money, too, will not. Believe me, not every Madame chooses a cavalier exclusively in the thickness of the wallet or the length of dignity (although, in my opinion, the latter also plays an important role). So, let's go. Like men who attract girls.

Sergey Sokolov, Unsplash

1. Carrying

Girl like guy
Original Articles: https://www.nur.kz/family/relationship/1563322-kakie-parni-nravyatsya-devushkam/

Everything is simple here. We are not in the United States and not in Europe, where every second feminist, and the first is ready to shove you in a straight look. Girls really love when the guy can show sincere care. For example, to gain a bath for her arrival after a hard work day, wrap in plaid and bring a cup of fragrant tea. And certainly in your favorite circle, it is important. Because in another tasteless (do not try to understand, just remember as a multiplication table).

There is another manifestation of care. It lies in the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor. Believe it, it will be very nice if you don't borne in the phone, a laptop or a TV with a detached "Yeah" on any replica of a girl. Take a rule to allocate at least an hour a day to ask how a woman had a day and honestly listen. It will appreciate the truth.

Most often, the wonderful sex now loves to talk about work, in particular, difficulties and problems, and not banal Babish gossip. You will not be so tedious. You look, also in the dialogue you get involved, otherwise you will give a couple of good tips.

Dancing. Lera Vatagina

Caring is not pink snot and rainbow unicorns. Sometimes she is expressed in leaving when the girl is sick. Ask, how she feels, make meze the temperature, run into the pharmacy or call the doctor if necessary. A man who is capable of caring for a sick person causes a sense of confidence in the female heart. And what else do we need girls for happiness?

Girl in laboratory
There are such forms of care how to keep track of its appearance. No, I do not consider it necessary to check in the morning, one color lady put on underwear. But remind about cold weather on the street and suggest putting on a warm hat - this is what you need. Or simply correct the scarf on the neck to hung smoothly. It is very nice each, even the strongest and independent. Cats will not be so bored.

2. Alone

I do not tell you that a man is, first of all, an adult adequate and self-sufficient male. Mamienexian sons love exclusively women with unrealized maternal instinct. Want to know which guys like girls? Of course, independent.

Believe, if you know how to contain life and yourself clean, it is able to choose something in the store something other than beer, chips and dumplings for food, and the apartment does not strive to mold and the mountains of dirty dishes, then the chance of charm the girl is growing greatly. In fact, it increases in geometric progression as useful skills accumulate.

To begin with, it is necessary, first of all, you. We cling to a woman just because the man is a domestic disabled person - the last thing. You will not tolerate in the house of an overlooking the capricious lady, to which no more feelings are left only because of cooking and washing. Dude, now so much technology! Clothes throw in a typewriter, products in a slow cooker, yourself in a bath, and on the carpet put a robot vacuum cleaner. Ready, you are great and independent.

Le Creuset, Unsplash

Girl in laboratory
3. Well-groomed

By the way, a few words about appearance will still have to say. No matter how believing the face of you (or offended, I don't know), for them, as well as for the body, you need to care for them. Wear a beard to give a brutality physiognomy? Excellent. You will acquire a couple of special means from Barbershop and at least an inexpensive trimmer. Otherwise, your self-causing will evaporate, and the urine on the face of the ladies will only scare off, and not attract.

Straps long nail. They should always be short and neatly trimmed without black garden under the collapsing tips. A long claw on Mizinza has long been going to the summer of the nineties. Now for such a picking, you can only get a lulley from more specific boys.

By the way, I recommend at least occasionally attending a male manicure. It sounds not very, but the effect of it is clearly available. And very positive. There you will not paint the nails with varnish and turn the intermediate floor into the creature. It will simply lead the harsh cultivations in order and get rid of burrs from curves that are able to cut the lifestyle to death.

If the manicure I have not frightened you yet, then you cook morally for the next advice. Drumroll! Go you, brother, also to pedicure. Probably heels on the floor knock on the manner of hoofs? Then, maybe enough already associated with girls with a goat on the walk? We seem to live in the caves. Shuffle to present your lower limbs to the master on a pedicure? Do not worry, a specialist in the male feet of what has not yet been prevented. Put on new socks and forth. Ana Marcelina, Unsplash

4. Stylish Boose appearance and clothing. It's time to learn how to dress correctly. I ask you to get rid of too narrow jeans in your wardrobe, reminiscent of warm mother's pantyhose. Leave this detail of the outfit beautiful floor. Believe me, their ass looks much better in tight troughs, rather than yours.

You do not need to start viewing all fashionable forums and shows. There sometimes it is possible to see such that for another week futuristic nightmares will be pursued. If you do not understand at all in a fast-fashioned modern fashion, stop at the proven options: Classic.

Girl like guy
Original Articles: https://www.nur.kz/family/relationship/1563322-kakie-parni-nravyatsya-devushkam/

The business style of the 30s of the last century is still in honor of the female. Prutted shirts and jackets, trousers with arrows, shoes with lacing. Even now, when writing these lines, a romantic fler envelops me. Just follow the size of the clothes and do not flatter yourself. When on top of the trummer belt, like a dough hanging fat sides, the style immediately loses its appeal. Quality competently pick up the size.

  • City Casual Casual.
  • It only sounds strange. In fact, I am talking about simple blue jeans and T-shirts. By the way, it can be supplemented with a light jumper (with a cut-out shoe, if in Russian) or a jacket in some interesting color. Watch that T-shirts are not salted or very worn. Not only a hole on the sock can become an obstacle to sex. Jeans are better to choose a direct style or a little narrowed, if the legs are allowed. Add stylish sneakers here, and the image is ready.
  • Brand bow.
  • Take the simplest things from the recognizable stamps, and girls will start paying attention to you. As a rule, within the framework of one brand, you can combine almost all parts of clothing. So it will be extremely difficult to guess. This option is suitable if you do not bother at the clothes.
  • I'll tell you what to avoid in appearance:

Sport style in public places (leave your favorite training for the gym and garage);

the abundance of motley prints (it is better to create a monochrome image from the base color and add one bright part, for example, a shirt);

sneakers in combination with business style (it seems that the last lesson was physical education, and you simply lazy to convert);

Silent T-shirts with inscriptions like "If you want me, smile" (Believe me, the girl will do everything to save the pokerfiaison);

Clothes are not over the years (even if you are supergymatic macho in classical age for forty, learn to take yourself in this style and advantageously emphasize experienced).

Girl like guy
Well, what, having learned what guys like girls? Then go further. Likbez has not yet ended.

5. Smart

Imagine it so. Most girls admire that they pay attention to men intellectuals. Note, not bore. These are completely different things. First, with such a guy it is interesting and pleasant to communicate, which is very important for many representatives of the beautiful sex. Secondly, it will not be ashamed to seem to friends or parents. Thirdly, it is really sexy. I answer.

Try to find time reading books. Complete meme collection is not considered. Be aware of the last world events. It is also nice to mention in the conversation that you love painting or music. This is an excellent reason to invite your favorite girl on a date to the exhibition, a concert or museum.

Smart people are promising and reliable. If a woman is looking for a serious relationship and plans to create a family, then it is clearly not fools and spaces. As they say, you apply - match. In reality, tighten the intellect is generally useful and nice yourself. You look, so the whole life will change for the better, and together with a beautiful lady you will get favorable friends and a good position.

Girl like guy
Paco Vaca, Unsplash

6. Sociable

Do you know which guys like girls? Those who do not lose a thread of the conversation can fill out awkward pauses on a date and can really be interesting to tell even about the "filling" of the hood of a sports car. Women really love ears. Learn to oratory, then, it is likely, she will show you his oral.

Do not be afraid to keep a dialogue. Tell me a little about yourself, ask what hobbies have your new girlfriend. Girls really like when the men do not need to pull the words. It seems that the person is trying in a natural way, and he plays a partisan. In the end, your goal is to get acquainted with the continuation.

To replenish the vocabulary, read more literature. Otherwise, even the most interesting thought will stall in a heap of "EEEE", "Well, like" and "shorter, something like that." And in general, words-parasites do not paint a man. By the way, the abnormative vocabulary too. Few of women love to listen to Russian unprinting in the process of date.

Girl like guy
Katrina Berban, Unsplash

7. Do not run stick

But this is a very important point. Now on the Internet, so much of all slag about various super-duper courses from the best Pikaperians of our time, which is a feeling that such a garbage is climbing from each iron. And what do we dictate these Machomans? They say that for the seduction of the girl, men must be as impudent as possible and demonstrate their selflessness. Seriously? I will tell you the secret, at most, to which these grief-pickuparts can count on - swallowing slaps on the brazen face.

Believe me for the word, none of the adequate ladies loves when an unfamiliar guy begins to break her personal space, to get closer without permission, and even to spread his hands. I do not mean club chicks whose main task is to take a disposal. Simple girls prefer normal men who do not see them a piece of meat.

Girl like guy
In words, it is also not advised to heal strongly. Do not use such phrases of the type: "Baby", "Baby", "Baby", "Chulp", "Pacific" and so on. From the last thing now, it's not stuck on the keyboard right now. It is better that the unshakable classic about mom and son-in-law than such a stupid. Do not try to kill steep peppers. This in the eyes of the incoming guys such communication is the norm and causes respect. Dame Similar men unequivocally inspired for romance.


8. Able to take responsibility

What do you think, what guys like girls? Certainly not infantile. Quea to keep the brand and do not fall face in the dirt. Remember everything I said and do not promise unnecessary, if you do not understand. Always take responsibility for any intensely broken phrase. Believe me, even if for a man it is all garbage, then women are very sensitive to each word.

When you started meeting a girl, believing to it as a part of life. This is a living person with his problems and concerns, joys and sadness. Offering to create a couple with her or live together, you automatically assume responsibility and for its comfortable existence too. Therefore, watch the actions and try to respect her requests.

Girl like guy
Jakob Owens, Unsplash

9. Dobarden

But where without it? The ability to empathize and feel the inner world of another person can simply bind a woman to a man for the rest of his life (which, scary, yes?). By the way, the kindness in this context is considered not so much in relation to the girlfriend itself as to the surrounding, native, friends and even animals. The latter, by the way, works especially well.

Saw on the street homeless tummy? Do not comprehend to treat it with something tasty. For example, at least sucking in the store and got up for 2-3 cheapest sausages. Believe me, the girl will quickly imbued with warm and gentle feelings. Women at all some kind of pathological love for animals. I know about yourself.

The girls very often pay attention to how you feel about your friends, parents and even homeless. Try to behave friendly and no one to bed. It will help you arrange a lady to you and create a pleasant image of a kind and responsive person.

Girl in laboratory
Henry Ravenscroft, Unsplash

10. Chistopotny

In general, the patient theme has recently. For some reason, many men firmly confident that they must certainly be sweaty and fragile. Perhaps someone from women is all fetish on it. But such an exception only confirms the rule. Want to know what guys like girls? Uniquely clean, fresh and spilled by a pleasant perfume.

By the way, about the spirits. Do not overdo it with them, otherwise you will score all women within the radius of a hundred meters. Choose more relaxed flavors with warm wood or refreshing notes. The first is more suitable for solid men in sexual age (yes, I prefer adult boys closer to 50). The second option is intended for young and active. Citrus accents are allowed in the men's perfume, as well as chip. The main thing is to know this measure when applying the aroma. In short, forget about advertising Ax.


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