How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.

In this article I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions: how to beat the cream, how to stabilize them and how not to take the cream?

Completing our story, we can advise only one thing: if there is such an opportunity, do not refuse natural whipped cream in favor of their artificial substitutes. Moreover, it is quite simple to get a real product.

This is a rather large-scale article in which I will tell about the rules for working with cream. If you are interested in such articles, how to work with those or other products - put likes, so I understand that such a format is really interesting to you and I will write more such materials. I have already prepared an article about the most necessary tools for the preparation of desserts.

What is cream

In stores selling cream with fat content from 10% and up to 20 percent of fatty, these cream are suitable for adding coffee or preparation of various sauces. For whipping, we need cream with fat content from 30 percent, I use a cream of 33-35%, also for sale there are cream 38% and greasy. Buy cream in confectionery stores or large supermarkets such as Auchan, there are always fat cream.

Home cream is usually quite fat, more than 30% and can be used to prepare desserts.

How to store?

The main and basic rule, before the cream whipping, you need to cool well, hold at least 4 hours in the refrigerator, and it is better to leave for the night.

During the storage of the cream, the cream is slightly separated, less fat are lowered down, and the more fat raised upstairs. Before using cream, you need to shake well and combine.

How to beat and what?

To beat the cream, the submersible blender on the knives is not suitable, but you can use a manual blender with a wreath nozzle, the main thing that the blender has enough power to beat them to the desired state. A manual mixer is also suitable and, or for large volumes stationary, planetary mixer. Capacity for whipping cream should be dry and clean.

If you are not sure of the quality of cream, then cream, the whites and the container before the whipping can be sent for 20 minutes to the freezer.

We begin to beat cream at low speed, gradually increasing the speed, if you start to immediately beat the cream at high speed, then the likelihood that the cream will be covered with you.

How many minutes you need to beat cream? It depends on the quality of the cream and the power of the mixer you work. Strong cream of 35% are whipped much faster than 33% and so on.

In my recipes I use cream whipped to soft peaks and tight peaks. The main difference is that the cream whipped to soft peaks is subsequently very easy to mix with some other bases, add to the filling, and the cream whipped to dense peaks uses for dense creams and decorating desserts.

By the way, whipped cream can be stored one day in the refrigerator, it is desirable to store in a hermetically closed container so that the cream does not absorb the smells from the refrigerator

During the cream whipping, you can add sugar powder, it is powder, not sugar. Sugar dissolves quite a long time and can be tied up. With the condition of the tight peaks of the cream, the form is already very well, if you turn the bowl, they remain in place. Such cream can be used for, cream for feeding, serving desserts.

How can I stabilize cream?

There are thickener for cream, but I do not really like to use them and if you want to use, read the instructions on the package. Below I will tell you how I stabilize with gelatin.

By 250 grams of cream, I take one teaspoon gelatin and 6 teaspoons of cold water, remember that it is always gelatin to dilute in a ratio of 1 to 6. Pour water into gelatin and let the time to swell.

Follow according to the instructions on the package, each gelatin needs its time for swelling.

When the gelatin of Nabuch, we melt it in the water bath, or in the microwave with short pulses. The main rule, gelatin cannot be overheated and in no case boil, because it loses its gelling properties when 80 degrees reaching.

We give gelatin to cool to room temperature, after which we beat the cream and a thin flowing, with constant stirring, we pour gelatin. Such cream is convenient to use to decorate cakes, they can be used immediately, or send for some time in the refrigerator. Such creams do not flow and very well in the refrigerator hold the form.

Basic mistakes

The main error is that we are not cold cream, that is, you bought cream in the store, came home put them in the refrigerator. In the store the temperature in the refrigerators is not very low, you put the cream in the refrigerator they had half an hour, did not completely cooled and when you begin to beat them at the initial stage, everything happens quite well, cream start to bubble, start a little thick, but at this stage everything and stops. And when you continue to beat them and wait that here they should thicken, this does not happen. At this moment, the cream is cut off, i.e. They are divided into oil and serum and nothing can be done with it.

Another error to beat cream too long. For example, if you have already taken away cream to tight peaks and then you wanted to add a dye to them, or cream cream or sugar cream, or something else, but will pass literally and 10 seconds, how your cream will also start shall be divided into serum and butter. Therefore, as soon as you beat the cream to dense peaks stop the whipping.

In this article I tried to tell the secrets and errors when working with cream. Perhaps something did not remember, but as I remember it. Use these rules and your cream will always be good, and desserts to get beautiful and will not spread.

Recipes with cream:
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How to beat cream how to make whipped cream thick, sweet and gentle? Experienced confectioners know and make in cafes, vegetable cream restaurants in a matter of minutes. Cream with sugar is whipped into the cream for decorating the cake, soaked in cream cream cordges, add when cooking desserts.

But, having the right recipe, whipped cream is easy to prepare at home yourself.

How to make whipped cream at home from cream, what percentage of fatty is better? Whipped cream (or creamy cream is also called Shantilia) make from ordinary cream, whipping a liquid mass into a thick foam with a whin or mixer.

Shantilia cream is usually sweeten with sugar or powdered sugar, and also often added in the preparation of a cream vanilla or almond extract to improve taste.

What cream is better to use

To beat the cream on this recipe at home, you need a wedge or mixer to beat the dairy product with a fat content of at least 33-35% to an increase in volume by about twice.

If you continue whipping and kill cream with sugar, then as a result of cooking it turns out sweet homemade butter. When drinking cream mass is very important to stop on time.

Testman advises. The answer to the question, how to beat a 20 percent cream into a thick foam, is absolutely unequivocal - in no way, and the answer is not subject to any other interpretation, despite the fact that some sources argue.

Why not cream? In a strong foam, you can beat the cream of 33-35% fat, with less fatty aircraft to decorate the cake will not work.

Sick the cream mixer or a wedge does not matter, the main thing is that dairy products, sugar powder (and, desirable, selected kitchen utensils) were cold, although, of course, the mixer greatly facilitates the process of whipping cream with sugar to cream.

In Shantilians, not only sugar and vanilla extract, but also coffee, cocoa, and orange zest are added to the improvement of taste.

How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.

Shantilia is a universal product with a wide area of ​​application: based on it cream from whipped cream (custard, creamy, with condensed milk), served with fruits, hot chocolate and coffee, the eclairs and profitrols fill them, punk.

Whipped creams are used to decorate a cake, such as chocolate biscuit, cakes, fruit and berry pies (perfectly combined chantils and clafuti with cherries), cupcakes and caps of red velvet.

How to beat the cream of 33% in a strong foam, make thick

How to make whipped cream at home - Shantilian cream recipe from whipped with sugar cream in thick foam.

How to beat the cream 33% in a strong foam blender or manually a currency for a cake at home - tips and secrets of cooking, recipe with step-by-step photos.

A portion: 1

25 min

260. Kcal per 100 g

Ingredients for the recipe: cream of whipped cream

  • Cream 33-35% fatty pre-cooled - 1 cup;
  • Sugar powder - 2-4 tbsp.;
  • Vanilla extract - 1 tsp. (optional).

Recipe for cooking cream

  1. The first rule that must always be followed to whip the cream of 33% in a strong foam, these are cold products and cold devices. Only so can be achieved the strongest and thick creamy foam. Therefore, especially in the warm season, 15-20 minutes before the start of cooking a bowl for whipping, as well as a whisk or a nozzle for a mixer is removed into the freezer. Cream remove from the refrigerator at the very last minute. How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.
  2. We pour cream into a cold bowl and beat on medium speed to thickening for 1 minute. At first, bubbles will appear on the surface, and then the mass will begin to thick. In some recipes, it is recommended to beat at high speed, but it is not correct. Whipping on the medium speed cream will watch the most air, which will result in the most magnificent and volumetric foam. How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.
  3. After a minute, when the cream whipping was already a little thickened, add sugar powder. If you beat cream with sugar, it is better to add sugar powder. 33% of the cream whipped quickly and need sugar to wander. Together with sugar powder add vanilla extract, you can miss it, replace the almond either to add coffee, cocoa, zest, swelling gelatin to fix the foam or even a color food dye - any ingredient at your own desire. The amount of sugar powder is adjustable to taste and fully depends on how much the sweet product we want to get; The optimal portion ranges from 2 to 4 tbsp. How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.
  4. We continue to beat still on medium speed, until the mass thickens to a strong foam. The time-needed time depends on the brand of the dairy product and is usually an average of 2 to 5 minutes. When the visible circulation of cream stops, Shantilia cream is ready. Cream should be thick, keep well and not spread. How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.
  5. If we use as part of another recipe, for example, to prepare a cake cream, stop at the previous step. If we make whipped cream to decorate a cake or dessert with a confectionery bag, beat even a few seconds that foam becomes more thick and stronger. How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.
  6. We use whipped cream immediately or stored in the refrigerator no more couple days before use. How to beat cream? Secrets, tips and frequent errors.

Tips for cooking

  • A bowl must be selected with such a calculation so that it contains all cream, which is doubled by the end of the whipping in the volume. In addition, the selected dishes should be deep enough, since in the process of whipping the mixer creates a very large number of splashes.
  • From the very beginning, add sugar powder should not be, otherwise the cream will not be swamped. It is best to do this after a minute after the start of whipping.
  • Carefully make sure that during the whipping cream did not smell and did not turn into oil with the whey. This is a very delicate process, therefore it is always better to unlock, otherwise you have to start everything again with another portion of the product. I practicing a little, determine the time when you need to stop, it will be quite simple.
  • If you need to beat a larger amount of cream, it is best to share the product on a portion, especially novice cooks do not take more than one glass at a time.

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I want to share with you, expensive cooks, some secrets, allowing you to conquer such "Capricional'''v cooking whipped cream, and also tell about some ways to apply and storage. I invite you!

For whipping, cream is felt from 30%. It is best to use a cream 33-35%. The most important condition for whipping cream-they should be very cold (but not frozen). Before the start of cooking, they should stand in a refrigerator at least four hours, and better all night. You can still progress and 15-20 minutes before the beating to put them in the freezer. Before pouring the cream from the packaging, you need to shake it well, because when storing cream is divided into fractions: a more fat at the top and less oily below. In addition, it makes sense to cut the packaging: very often the cream clots are settled on its walls, which reduces the fatty mass. All that weed on the walls, also send in the dishes for whipping.

The container in which you are going to beat the cream should be absolutely dry and clean, it can also be cooled to be cooled. We pour cream and begin to beat the mixer on the smallest turns, gradually increasing the speed. If you immediately begin whipping at high speed, cream are most likely to be covered. When cream begin to thick, it is possible (if your recipe requires), we gradually plunder the sugar powder. Cream can be scabbed to soft and hard peaks, it depends on your recipe. In the photo of cream, whipped to soft peaks: the trace is already visible from the bunny, but when the tank is tilted with cream, they flow. The cream of such a consistency is used as part of various stuffs, for example, mix cream with custard, fruit mashed potatoes, etc., as well as in mousse cakes. Such cream are easily connected to other products.

If the cream is needed as an independent cream or for the decor, they are whipped to solid peaks. Such cream holds well the form. They are much more difficult to mix with other products, and if they use them in a mousse cake, the latter can crack when cooled. To obtain solid peaks, we continue to beat the cream and carefully follow the consistency, since the cream is easily tied up, and then they will slam. To prevent it out, at this stage, I stop the mixer approximately every 15 seconds and check their condition: the trace from the whine is very clearly visible in the finished cream, and when you turn the tank, they do not move from the place.

Once you have seen signs of readiness, the mixer is turned off, then it is no longer impossible to beat them. If at this stage you remembered that they need to add something in them (dye, for example), then it is better to use a spoon or handwriter. Dyes are better, of course, enter in advance: dry - at the beginning of the beating, gels can be at the end. Whipped cream can be stored in the refrigerator during the day necessarily in a tightly closing dishes, since dairy products easily absorb foreign smells.

To secure the consistency, you can take advantage of special thickeners for cream (sold in stores). I never used them, usually use gelatin. To do this, soak it in the water in the proportion of 1: 6 and leave for the time specified on the package. Then I absorb it, usually do it in a water bath: I put the dishes with the gelatin in the container with hot water and, all the time stirring, waiting for a complete dissolution. Gelatin cannot be overheated (boiled), otherwise it loses its gelling abilities. If there were not miserable grains, the gelatin solution can be strain through the siter.

Such creams are deficsed pretty quickly-10-15 minutes at room temperature, they retain the form well and serve as an excellent quick decoration for almost any dessert. It can be done as follows: lesing cream to parchment, sprinkle with cinnamon, freeze and right in the frozen form put in hot coffee, it turns out just a wonderful drink with an air cream foam (cinnamon, of course, you can not use if you do not like). Keep such cream needed in tightly closing dishes.

If you want to beat the cream 33 into a strong foam for a sugar cake to get a thick cream, go to the process in compliance with a number of rules. In combination with sugar and other additives, you will get a magnificent dessert that will have to taste to the family and guests.

How to cook whipped cream

For a thick cream, which you are going to make a baking, take only a dairy product sufficient fat. The magnificent creamy mass is obtained from cream with a fat content of 33 percent.

If you beat cream with sugar, vanilla, lemon, egg protein or gelatin, you will receive several variations in the delicious composition for decorating baking, which will give a delicious taste of dessert. For whipping air sweet delicacy, follow a number of general recommendations:

  • Use only a milky cream product of high fatty. Of the minor compositions, 10 percent achieve homogeneous composition will be difficult;
  • Before cooking, cool the container and the working tool that plan to beat cream. Place the whisk, a bowl or a blender entirely in the freezer for 10-12 minutes;
  • Use thoroughly washed dishes and mixer. The mass will lose their air, if foreign food components will be present in the mixture;
  • Start the scrambled process from small revolutions. Include a kitchen tool on small revolutions or produce a slow rotation of the milk product with a whisk for 1 minute;
  • Intensively beat the creamy composition with the gradual addition of sugar powder, citrus sin, proteins or vanilla sugar in thick foam not longer than 5 minutes. Work more time does not make sense, since the composition will fall.

For those who take care of the decline in calorie dishes. When obtaining a milk-butter cream, a whipped cream of 20 percent fat can be used with special components of thickeners (for example, gelatin or stabilizer).

What cream is better for whipping

To obtain air-based confectionery based on cream, choose a high fatty product. Bad milk formulations will not be able to correctly raise up to a dense state due to the low binding qualities of the substance.

Fatty 10% twenty% 33% 35% 38%
The need for thickening ingredients Agar-agar, gelatin, egg protein, pre-cooling Gelatin, pre-cooling Not Not Not
Beach time, min. 87531-2

Using the cream of 35%, you will need only three minutes to get an air mass for decorating cakes, cakes, baking. Cream based on a drinking cream product with a fat content of 10-20% is prepared with the addition of thickeners and in low-temperature conditions.

How to thicken cream for whipping

Highly liquid foods with fat content of at least 30% do not need to add thickeners. Without additives, the cream of fatness to this threshold is notacened. If you use drinking creamy milk products, the following components will help the lot:

  • Chicken egg protein;
  • Agar-Agar;
  • Pre-cooked gelatin;
  • lemon juice.

When the milk-butter-cream mass is connected, the ingredients are reacted, forming elastic bonds between molecules. In order to operate an air and thick substance, innocent cream with thickeners quickly prepare in a cold container, immersed in an even large ice bowl.

How much time beat cream to a thick state

Whipping the creamy mixture to obtain a cream mass dessert needed for 2-5 minutes depending on the feed content in the product. The greater the composition, the less time and effort is necessary for whipping. Insurgent components require pre-freezing and additives of thickening ingredients.

How much to beat cream to thickening will help a visual assessment. As soon as expressed sustainable peaks are formed on the surface of the air mass, it means that cream mass is ready. Another way is to turn the container with a whipped composition. Thick foam, not falling from the walls and the bottom means readiness.

Recipes whipped cream

Cream is not the only component that can be used to produce air tasty cream design. You can show fantasy and experiment with additives or put on already proven products:

  • granulated sugar;
  • sugar powder;
  • gelatin;
  • lemon juice;
  • cocoa powder, etc.

To obtain a satisfactory result and thick cream, use the product with fat content from 30%. The attorney with additives will not fit the desired consistency.

The whipped cream decorate cakes, cakes, baking, fill in the sdob, served with berries. Any dessert decorated with an air cream cream pattern will become the king of the table and the favorite delicacy of households.

Classic air cream recipe

For the preparation of the cream, only the pure container is used, where the product is put and the tool for the beating. The main rule of cooking is an intense raising the cream ingredient. The scrambled process you can exercise with:

  • mixer;
  • blender;
  • coin
  • forks

Add the sweetener into the milk-cream ingredient and intensively beat the composition before the formation of thick foam. Place the dessert with extrusion from a confectionery syringe or through a hole in a pure polyethylene package.

With sugar

Cream of whipped cream with sugar sand requires chopping sugar. Time that is spent on obtaining thick composition is not enough to dissolve sugar crystals. When eating the dessert will be felt the taste of the undisturbed component.


  • Sugar sand - to taste;
  • Fat cream from 30% - 100 g

For cooking you will need a blender, a whisk, clean dishes.


Grind sugar sand into a mortar or blender to powder. Small crystals are more evenly mixed with a dairy product and give a thick foam faster. Beat the mixture of cream and powdered sugar for 3-5 minutes.

With sugar powder

Cream, whipped with powdered sugar, form a homogeneous composition, which quickly beat after cooling the dairy product. The thick fat creamy milk ingredient can be processed even for a fork. With intense stirring, you will get an air sweet mass for decorating dessert.


  • Sugar powder - 50 g;
  • Faithful cream from 30% - 500 ml;
  • Vanillin - to taste.


Cool the cream product, dishes and kitchen tool in the freezer for 10 minutes. Start with a slow whipping only cream, filled with a sugar mixture with a thin flowing. Mix the components, take the mixture with a mixer or a wedge to thick foam.

With gelatin

Decoration of biscuit baking or home cookie cream from whipped cream with gelatin will make it possible to arrange dessert with fantasy. The gelatin component will improve the relationship between the cream product particles. You can use drinking cream 10-20% fat to reduce the final calorie dish.


  • Cream - 300 ml;
  • Sugar powder - 25 g;
  • Gelatin - 10 g;
  • Vanilla sugar - to taste.


For cooking of innocent cream to freeze them in the freezer. Prepare ice tank in which put the dishes for whipping. Dissolve in warm water gelatin and bring to thickening. Operatively sweep the cooled cream ingredient, gradually adding sugar powder into it and the dissolved gelatin composition. Cool the mixture again, fill the confectionery syringe and place dessert.

How to cook cream from cocoa

Cream composition based on high fat cream with the addition of cocoa powder will give the air sweet mass of chocolate taste and aroma. Decorate with thick foam any dessert.


  • Cream - 300 ml;
  • Sugar powder - 25 g;
  • Cocoa powder - 5-10 g;
  • Vanilla sugar - to taste.


Cool cream, cooking tank and kitchen tool for beating in the freezer. At low speed, beat the creamy ingredient, gradually increasing the power and adding the remaining components in the jet.

How to make cream with mascarpone

The gentle creamy cream mascarpone will be a great addition to any pastry baking. The composition is suitable for any test, and the air curd taste in combination with a whipped sweet mixture will not leave anyone indifferent.


  • Cream with fatty 33% - 500 ml;
  • Sugar powder - 100 g;
  • Maskarpone - 250 g


Cool in the freezer all ingredients and a mixing nozzle. After 10 minutes, begin whipping the creamy mass first on small circulation, and then on average. Pull the sugar puddle and continue whipping to thick foam. Add the curd composition of the mascarpone and beat to the complete mixing of the components. Severe a confectionery device for decorating desserts and start design.

Methods of whipping cream

You can get cream from a whipped cream product in several ways. The intensity of whipping is important. Use a mixer, a whisk, a blender or a conventional dining room. Cooking from the fat cream ingredient will take no longer 5 minutes.

Before preparation, be sure to cool the dairy product of high fat in the freezer. There, send the tank for cooking and the working tool that will beat the composition. Cooling will facilitate the process of beating, forming more strong links between molecules in the cream component.

How to beat a blender cream

Cream-cream mass get a job with the help of modern kitchen gadgets. The blender is great for the preparation of whipped cream components with any additive. Due to the high frequency of the working part, you can prepare even a low-calorie composition from a drinking cream product with a preliminary addition of gelatin.

To beat a blender cream cream, use the recommendations:

  • Make sure that the working part blasts are without strangers of food residues;
  • Before cooking, put a removable nozzle and bowl into the freezer;
  • Start the beeping process with low speed at low speed;
  • After 1 minute, increase the speed;
  • Whip on average power 3-4 minutes until readiness.

The whipping of the cream composition of more than 5 minutes can lead to stratification of the cream and foam falling.

As soon as a thick foam on the walls of the bowl is kept steadily, stopped to beat. Carefully remove the nozzle from the tank and send a briefly dishes in the refrigerator, then fill the confectionery syringe and place dessert.


The kitchen tool in the form of a mixer is the most comfortable device for whipping cream into the air thick foam. It is easy to understand, so its work part can be cooled together with a creamy ingredient.

The process of whipping the creamy cream mass is as follows:

  • Cool the nozzle, dishes for whipping and products;
  • Start a whipping at the minimum speed;
  • so that the creamy mixture is not opal for dense add lemon juice;
  • After 1-2 minutes, carefully fall asleep other ingredients (sugar powder, cocoa powder, etc.);
  • Complete cooking at maximum speed.

Whipped cream in a condition of thick foam in the refrigerator. Cover the dishes of the food film so that the composition does not absorb foreign smells.


In the absence of electric devices for whipping, you can get a creamy mass of whipped cream by a conventional wedge. Take advantage of the process of work on the ingredients:

  • Cool the tool, cream product and beating capacity;
  • Connect the high fatty milk-cream product and additives in small quantities;
  • First, gently mix the mixture to form a homogeneous mass;
  • Intensively beat the content before the formation of thick foam.

Get a cream from drinking products by whipping a wedge will be problematic. Choose a creamy product with a fat content of at least 30%.

Why can't cream

There are several reasons why the cream cream may not work. To avoid unsatisfactory result, take advantage of useful tips:

  • Take only the creamy product of high fatty (from 30-33%). The higher the percentage of fat content in the product, the easier it is to get the aircraft for desserts;
  • Always cool the cream ingredient for 10 minutes in the freezer;
  • Start hit at low speed, gradually increasing the pace;
  • Use only special nozzles in the form of metal arcs. With their help, it turns out to saturate the mass of oxygen and achieve airiness of the cream;
  • Add other components (vanillin, sugar powder, cocoa) only after three minutes of whipping.

Compliance with the listed rules will help easily get a lightweight air cream composition for decorating homemade desserts.

Features of whipping cream

The thick cream foam in whipped cream is kept due to durable bias in the milk fat, which is the basis of the component. In stores you will meet the creamy product of different fat content - from 10 to 38%.

Without problems you can get cream cream with high-liquid cream. Whipping of drinking cream ingredients with low fat requires additives of thickeners. Without a mixer or blender, get a low-calorie composition for design desserts will not be released.

Cool the dairy product of any fatness, but not longer than 15 minutes. The overexposure in low temperatures will lead to the decrease of cream for decoration. If you wish, add food dyes to the mass to give any shade. Beat the cream 33 into a strong foam for a sugar cake is an easy process. It is enough just to cool the components and gradually increase the effects of whipping.

Whipped cream

Each hostess wants to please their loved ones and guests to a cake with whipped cream cooked with their own hands. The process of turning from conventional cream and sugar into an incredibly tasty air mass is quite simple, but requires compliance with a certain technology.

How to beat cream cream and what to do if they did not rise in this article.

⌚ How much time to beat cream to a thick state

Creams are produced with different fatness percentage: from 10% to 38%. Not all sorts of cream are suitable for cooking thick, lush, Creamy masses.

Cream with fatty less than 30% is hard enough to beat without special additives - thickeners. From such cream it is impossible to prepare a thick cream.

Time whipping Directly depends on the fatty of the dairy product.





12-15 minutes

4-7 minutes

When whipping a mixer, use no more than 200-300 grams of cream at a time, starting with small revolutions to increasing speed. When you reach the desired density, stop the whipping, otherwise the fat will be drilled and the airiness will be lost.

What cream for what purposes is better to use

Cream contains 3.5 percent of proteins, 4.3 percent of carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts.

? They are used :

  • in the production of butter and sour cream (food industry);
  • When cooking soup-purees, sweet dishes, sauces and confectionery (cooking);
  • With therapeutic nutrition.

The use of cream depends on the percentage of their fat.




Over 30%


Drinking cream. Ideal for:

- adding to tea, cocoa, coffee (cream with greater fatty poorly dissolved in a hot drink and swim with lumps);

- baking in them chicken or meat;

- Pour pie;

- cooking porridge.

For cooking gravy, sauces and cream soups.

For whipping (cream for cakes and desserts).

Use only natural, fresh cream without additives with properly selected fatness.

? Video - How to make cream for cream from milk and oil

Make whipped cream without cream easier simple. Moreover, the cream of fatness 33 and more percent find in the store is very difficult. Recipe!

Methods of whipping cream

Cream 33% and above better for whipping cream into a strong foam. Floating cream needed in a special dish (narrow bowl or bowl with high edges).

? Fixtures for whipping cream :

  • Manual (whine, plug and hand shaker),
  • Electrical (mixer).

Cream whipping technology using a mixer

Whipping cream using a mixer is the fastest and easy way to prepare a delicious dessert.

Manually whipped cream for cake

Need :

  • 33% cream - 500 ml,
  • Sugar sand - 50 grams,
  • The assembly is gelatin, egg or lemon juice (optional).

? Cooking :

  1. Cream pour into the metal dishes with high sides and put on an hour and a half to the refrigerator. Mixer's whites at the same time also clean in the refrigerator.
  2. On a coffee grinder, grind the sand sugar in powder. To get rid of large particles, skip the powder through fine sieve.
  3. Remove dishes from the refrigerator with cream and whites. Place the minimum speed on the mixer and the circular movements begin to beat, slowly increasing the revolutions.
  4. After 5-6 minutes, the mass will acquire a delicate.
  5. Misely add powder. She will give cream nice-sweet taste and air foam.
  6. Continue hit 4-5 minutes to stable peaks. Slowly slowing down turn off the mixer.
  7. To acquire more thick consistency cream, at will, at the end of cooking, you can add gelatin, egg or lemon juice.
  8. Finished cream decompose in the cream and remove in the refrigerator.

Do not try to cook whipped cream with Blendra Or Kitchen Combine - You will have oil and serum. Store whipped cream in the refrigerator in a tightly closed package not more than 12 hours.

? Manually whipping with a whisk

Many cooking claims that the whipping of the cream is a whisk - the best way. Creams are saturated with a large amount of oxygen and are obtained lush and stable.

Cream whipping

Need :

  • 33% cream - 500 ml,
  • Sugar sand - 50 grams,
  • Vanilla sugar - 10 grams,
  • Lemon juice -1/2 C.L.

? Cooking :

  1. Pour cream into metal dishes with high sides and a wide ride and put on an hour and a half to the refrigerator. The whisk also needs to be cooled.
  2. Prepare sugar powder and skip it through a fine sieve.
  3. Remove the dishes from the refrigerator with cream and put in a container with ice water or ice.
  4. Holding the dishes under a slight inclination, slowly make circular movements with a wedge, gradually accelerating.
  5. After purchasing a mass of dense, add powder with vaniline into small portions.
  6. Beat until the surface pattern from the whin will appear on the surface. Do not overdo it and do not sore this moment, otherwise cream just fall.
  7. Upon completion of the whip process, pour lemon juice, it will perform a stabilizer sustainable consistency.

? Whipping cream 35% on distillation [Venchik vs mixer]

How to beat cream if there is no mixer and no bunny

If you are going to cook whipped cream, but under hand there is no mixer, nor the whin, do not be discouraged, you can do without them. To bring down the cream in this way to thickening will be possible, but strong foam will hardly.

Need :

  • 33% cream - 150 ml,
  • Sugar sand - 15 grams,
  • Vanilla sugar - 3 grams.

? Cooking :

  1. Take the cream and glass jar with a volume of 0.5 liters and remove in the refrigerator for about an hour.
  2. Prepare sugar powder.
  3. Remove the jar and pour cream into it, adding powder and vanillin.
  4. Place a clean wooden plug in the can and close the polyethylene lid.
  5. Intensively shake the can until the cream acquire a thick consistency (approximately 4-5 minutes).
  6. Whipped cream are ready for further use.

If there is no jar at hand, cream can be whipped with a fork, but this method is long enough. Energetically, in a circle, peeling to the bottom, whip the cream with a fork before getting the desired density.

? What to do if the cream did not beat [video tip]

? Recipe for cooking delicious cream for home cake

From this recipe you will learn how to make whipped cream with sugar at home for cake.

Ingredients :

  • Fresh natural cream 33% fat content - 500 ml,
  • Sugar sand - 45-50 grams,
  • Vanillin - 5-7 grams.

? Cooking :

  1. Remove the cream and mixer whites in the refrigerator at least an hour. The whines can be placed in the freezer, but here is cream - only in the refrigerator (even light freezing is not allowed).
  2. While the cream is cooled, prepare the sugar powder with a coffee grinder. Pooh must ask through fine sieve.
  3. Remove the cream from the refrigerator and shake well. Pour into a cup with high edges or a small saucepan.
  4. Install the minimum speed on the mixer and immerse the cup with cream.
  5. Holding dishes under a slight tilt, slowly begin to beat over the entire surface, gradually increasing the speed and immersing the whites in the bowl.
  6. After 4-5 minutes, the cream will begin to thick, soft peaks will appear.
  7. Slowly evenly add sugar powder and vanillin.
  8. Bess approximately 5 minutes while the cream does not turn into a thick mass. But do not cease, otherwise cream will be covered and turn into oil.
  9. Upon completion of the beating, slowly slowing the turnover, turn off the mixer. The delicious cooking cream is ready.

? Recipe for amazing biscuit cake with? You can find out strawberry and whipped cream here.

So that the whipped creams are not too apparent, use powder no more than 10% of the cream volume. Properly cooked whipped creams are obtained with gentle and lightweight, without the taste of fat.

? Video - How to beat cream with powdered sugar in 4 minutes

Whipped cream is one of the basic confectioner creams, on the basis of which hundreds of beautiful desserts are made. But at the same time, he and one of the most capricious. Even a professional confirmer may not get it to cook it. Let's deal with what to do if the cream during a whip is not thick.

Manual whipping cream foam

11 Errors when whipping cream

If one could call one or two reasons, I would be happy. But there are many nuances that can affect the whipping process. All important: from the choice of product and technology to the bowl of the bowl.

Cream not the fat

I am constantly asked if it is possible to use a cream of 10% for cream. No you can not. And 20 percent is impossible. The whole problem is that the basis of a sustainable air foam is milk fat. If it is not enough, then there is nothing to support the cream. He just will not be able to gather in stable peaks. Therefore, it is better to use 10-20% low-fat cream for purposes: for sauces and coffee.

For whipping, only fatty products are used above 30%. Better if it is 33-35%. Although production can also be found and cream 58%, you will not find them in supermarkets.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the composition. Sometimes the manufacturer replaces part of vegetable dairy fats. Such creams are also not taken without a large amount of chemical additives.

Cream warm

It is very funny to read in some recipes: "cool the cream for an hour in the refrigerator and beat." The saddest thing is that novice confectioners are trying to do, and then they are interested in why the cream is not taken into a mixer cream.

Some household chemicals. If the fat is warm, it melts. So, it is meaningless to form a cream out of it. These proteins can and need to warm up, what I have already written in the article about why Merenga is not taken.

For whipping cream cool at least to +7 ОC, better to + 4-5 ОC. In order to in the refrigerator evenly cooled packaging on 500 ml required about 12 hours. Therefore, it is better to be patient and not hurry.

Cream too cold

And this is the opposite problem. Dairy products are very poorly tolerance. Animal fats gather in lumps, water and serum peel. As a result, the resulting alien will be very badly cheb. Even if you are heated, mix it, and then cool it in the refrigerator correctly, the cream will not be so uniform and tasty.

Cream heated

After driving the cream from the refrigerator, you need to beat them immediately, and not to leave on the table until you cook something else. Also note that you can warm the cream not only warm air in the room. If you put the cream in a hot bowl, standing near the oven, the liquid is heated. But the most cunning enemy whipped cream is a mixer.

Sign up for a master class

In cheap manual technology, the case is often heated with long work. And the attached metal whiskers are also warm. As a result, it turns out that correctly cooled cream is spoiled right during the preparation of the cream. To avoid this, cool the container and whites together with cream in the refrigerator before use.

Used square container

For whipping cream, you only need to use round bowls. In any rectangular dishes, some of the cream will be clogged into the corners and do not be scorn. At best, you will succeed simply not very homogeneous cream. At worst, cream simply will not take.

Sugar added early

When you cook cream, you must first beat the cream to stable peaks. And only then sugar and other ingredients, such as mascarpone, are added. Otherwise, impurities will not be allowed to form the air structure we need.

For the same reason, make sure that the whines and the dishes are always clean before starting the whipping. Water, pieces of another cream, garbage will not definitely help make cream better.

By the way, do not use sand sugar. If you try in cold milk to dissolve a couple of sugar spoons, you will have to disturb you for a very long time. The same happens with cream. Sugar sand will remain grain in the cream and will not dissolve. So, the cream will never be homogeneous. Instead, it is better to use fine sugar powder.

Sugar did not add

In principle, you can beat the cream and completely without sugar. But this magic ingredient helps make cream more stable. Therefore, do not rush to reduce its quantity for the sake of "healthy" nutrition. Better follow the recipe. By the way, the sugar rate towards cream is about 10 g per 100 ml.

Why the cream is not scrambled - healed - photo

It is no longer worth putting it, the dessert will be shown sweet, which is not good. Therefore, it is better to comply with the proportions. If you want to cook, dessert without sugar, you can use the sugar substitutes that I tell in this article.

Beat blender

When you whip the cream, the main task is to saturate the mixture with oxygen. The blades of the blender in this matter are useless. Instead of cream you will have lumps of oil, which will swim in liquid cream. If you have only a manual blender, use a wreath nozzle. It is best suited for whipping.

Thought too long

When you whip the cream, the mass necessarily passes several stages of cream formation:

  1. Soft peaks. Tight cream does not hold a form, if you turn the whisk or a spoon.
  2. Medium peaks. The mass becomes easier and more stable. But since the times deformed.
  3. Hard peaks. A bowl with cream can be turned upside down, and the cream will remain stable.

After the hard peaks appear, the cream is very quickly whipped into the oil and gather grapples on a whisk. Therefore, do not try too much. For the same reason, sugar and other ingredients are connected to cream only with the help of a blade. Otherwise, it is very easy to make oil cream.


I have already said that it is not necessary to remove the cream from the refrigerator too early. But there are other common problems associated with the lack of patience in confectioner.

Why the cream is not hurt - sugar did not add - Photo

Very often, beginner cooks immediately use a mixer speed too high. As a result, part of the cream quickly turns into oil, and the other remains liquid. Therefore, we are whipped at first at slow speed, and then switch to the middle.

Another problem is related to the basis for which cream is planted. It doesn't matter what it is: cakes, cupcakes or eclairs. They should be cold. If you place a cap of the cream on a hot test, they melt and sailing. Therefore, do not hurry and give the dessert to cool at least to room temperature.

Also, do not attempt to immediately beat too much cream. With a manual mixer it is better to prepare small portions of 200 ml. Then it will be much easier to achieve positive results. With the help of a powerful planetary mixer can be prepared with large volumes.

Decided to save cream

Cream of whipped cream must be used immediately. In the refrigerator, he may fall out, to fuse. If you want to make all the work in advance, the best solution will prepare the basis. And beat the cream and decorate the cake better immediately before serving. This requires only 15 minutes.

I have a separate article on what to do with the residues of cream, how to store them in the refrigerator and freezer.

What to do if the cream is not cheb

The only worker way, how to save cream, if the cream did not be hit - this is the use of the thickener. With it, it is possible to make a thick and air mixture even from a cream of 20%. For details on how to use it and where to find, you can read in a separate article about thickeners.

Theoretically, if you beat the oil or cream smelled, then you can warm them and mix well, and then take it up after cooling. But this is an unreliable way that requires too much time and strength.

Why can't cream - a hurry - photo

If the cream is not hurt, then use them as ordinary milk. You can add them to coffee that dilute Ganash, liquid dough for pancakes. And you can simply domable gelatin and prepare gentle jelly.

Pullerated cream perfectly replace the oil in a 1: 1 ratio. You can prepare on their basis custard cream, shortbread dough. So do not rush to get rid of unsuccessful experiments. You can find many options for what can be done with creams that have not begins.

7 secrets of perfect whipped cream

As you can see, mistakes that can be allowed in the manufacture of cream a lot. To not get confused, use a simple check list of 7 points:

  1. We use cream above 30% fat. I recommend buying a petmol brand of 33% and pentamalates 35%. It usually does not arise problems.
  2. Better temperature for whipping to peaks - + 4-5 ОC. To achieve it, cool cream at least 12 hours.
  3. The mixer turn on the first on the slow, and then on medium speed.
  4. No accurate beat time. It depends on the quantity and quality of cream, power technology. Follow the consistency and turn off the mixer in a timely manner.
  5. Turning cream turn into lumps of oil. Non-shifted overlap and flow. Do not admit it.
  6. Perfectly whipped cream form hard peaks. If the container is turned over, they are not glazed.
  7. Whipped cream do not store. We use immediately.

If you still do not get whipped cream, do not despair. Check if you do everything according to check-leaf. Maybe at some stage you make another error. And try buying another cream brand. Suddenly the problem lies not in your skills, but in a poor-quality basis cream.

What to do if the cream is not whipped - photo

And what difficulties do you have with a whipping? What brands of cream you use. Let's try to solve the questions that have arisen in the comments.

Manual whipping cream foam

What to do if the cream is not thick - check-leaf of perfect cream - Photo

Cream is a fatty milk product from 10 to 40%. To get them, our ancestors took the pair cow's milk and gave him to settle. Fat accumulated on the surface, and everything that remained to do is remove or merge the upper layer (hence the product name).

Due to the high fat content of cream is very nutritious. They contain mineral salts and vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, PP. And besides, vitamin D necessary for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. There are a large assortment of cream of different fatty cream on store shelves.

Talk about how to make whipped cream at home.

Types of cream

Depending on the method of treatment, the cream is separated into pasteurized (the product is heated to 85 ° C) and sterilized (up to 100 ° C).

Due to these processing methods, a bacterial purity of the product is achieved, the shelf life depends on them. Pasteurized are stored up to 36 hours, and sterilized - from 30 days to four months.

The cream of all kinds must have a homogeneous consistency: without lumps of fat or protein flakes. The color should be white, a cream shade is possible. Taste - gentle, slightly sweetish.

The bitter aftertaste is a faithful sign of a spoiled product. Most often it is precisely sterilized cream with an expired shelf life. This is due to the fact that the sterilized product is not subjected to drying and immediately begins to deteriate. Pasteurized juice cream simply turn into a very fat kefir.

The cream often meets the Karrageenan Stabilizer (E 407). It is not necessary to be afraid - this is a natural gelhead, obtained by processing red marine algae.

Carrageenan - an alternative to plant origin to such a stabilizer as gelatin. The concentration of carrageenan in the product is minimal. Thanks to him, cream is cheating faster and hold the form longer. Open packaging of cream 33 - 35%, as part of which is Karrageenan, can be stored until the week.

Separately, it is worth saying about "vegetable cream" - a substitute for natural cream, obtained from vegetable fats. Buyers here are divided into two camps: some categorically refuse to add them to food, others are considered to be an excellent replacement for milk fat.

The plant substitute can be a real rescue for adherents of strict vegetarianism and people with lactose intolerance. Like any food, they have their advantages and cons. The main thing is to purchase high quality products and do not abuse them.

Open cream is recommended to store no more than three days in the refrigerator. If it turned out that you left them outside the refrigerator, most often save their properties they will be able to just a few hours.

Application of cream

The use of cream depends on the percentage of their fat. We will deal some of them are better for whipping, and which are not exactly suitable for these purposes.

• 10% fatty is drinking cream. They are perfectly suitable for adding coffee, tea (cream with greater fatty poorly dissolved in a hot drink and swim with lumps); baking meat or fish; Pouring pies; cooking porridge.

• 20 - 30% fat are designed to prepare gravy, sauces and cream soups.

• 33 - 38% - for whipping. Without them, the preparation of light air creams for cakes or desserts will not be prepared.

• Cream with fatty less than 30% is not suitable for the preparation of desserts, it is difficult to beat them without special thickeners. Of these cream it is impossible to prepare thick, stable cream.

From a percentage of fattyly depends on the time of their whipping: 33% washed with 4 - 7 minutes, and 10% from 15 minutes.

Cream can not be frozen in pure form. After defrosting, the structure is destroyed, flakes are formed. But, but the creams and mousses based on the cream are perfectly transferred freezing.

How to make whipped cream for cake?

The basis for the most delicious cakes, cakes, creams and mousses is cream, which are whipped, bringing to the desired consistency. We will tell how to make whipped cream at home. By the way, it is easy. The main task is to visually determine the moment when you need to stop whipping. Invisible cream will not keep the volume, and the jumped to oil on the oil and the poch.

Creams are whipped in peaks. There are weak, medium and strong peaks.

Weak peaks are when we spend the wedge on the surface, after which the drawing remains. In this form, cream can already be used to prepare creams.

Medium peaks - we carry out a wedge, there is a clearer drawing than weak peaks. They are already well kept form.

Well, the signs of strong peaks - the cream became noticeably more dense, well hold the form and do not fall.

To make cream well and perfectly kept the form always remember several rules:

- the fat content of the selected cream should be 33 - 35%;

- Behind the whipping, cool in the cream refrigerator, a whisk and dishes in which they will be cheb;

- To whip it, it is best to choose deep and unwarked dishes so that the cream is not spread, and the crown completely immersed in them. Begin to beat in a small speed, gradually increasing it to the middle;

- It is better to beat in small portions, the volume of 200 - 300 ml;

- If you use a mixer, begin to beat at the slowest speed. I achieved a stable consistency - stop immediately, otherwise you can take them in, and they will slam. To fix it, unfortunately, it is impossible;

- Beach time - from 3 to 10 minutes depending on what you whipper (mixer or wedge);

- Sugar powder or gelatin add to almost whipped cream.

Why not cream?

Sometimes it happens like this: it would seem that good cream from the proven manufacturer, with the desired 33 - 35% fat, and simply do not be hurt. Or you need to bring them to a very dense condition. How, in this case, to close the cream of 33 percent in a strong foam? It will help the simplest products that will probably have in any kitchen. We list than you can thicken the cream for whipping.

1) Sugar powder - the easiest way

At 100 ml of cream, add 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar, beat the cream 5 - 7 minutes before getting the desired consistency.

2) a mixture of sugar powder and corn starch

In 300 ml of cream, add 2 tablespoons with a slide of sugar powder, 1 tablespoon of corn starch. Mix the mixer on the minimum turnover and let it stand a little. Cream thickening, you get a creamy weight of the desired density. Then take the mass to the desired consistency.

3) Fresh lemon juice

On 500 ml of cold cream will need half a teaspoon of juice. Begin to beat and after 1.5 - 2 minutes add lemon juice. After that, the cream will take up to the desired density. It should be noted that in this case they thicken only when hacking.

4) Geitial

On 600 ml of cream, 1 teaspoon of powdered gelatin is needed. We pour 200 ml of room temperature cream into a cup, add gelatin and leave for 15 minutes so that it sweeps. Then hesitate slightly (do not boil!), We stir the gelatin so that all crystals are completely dissolved. We definitely cool.

The rest of the cream begin to beat the mixer. In the process of the beating, it is necessary to add cream to them with gelatin and, increasing the speed to maximum, beat to thickening. Such cream is perfectly holding a form.

Remember that adding gelatin affects the taste of the finished cream, so when it is used, it is recommended to add vanilla or liquor.

How long should I beat cream?

A visual assessment will help here: as soon as a clear pattern is formed on the surface of the air mass, the cream mass is ready. Another way is to turn the container with whipped cream: thick foam, not falling from the walls and the bottom, means their readiness.

When whipping cream does not use sugar sand, only sugar powder. Because 4 - 7 minutes for dissolving sugar crystals is not enough.

  • Methods of whipping cream
  • The mixer is the fastest and easy way to prepare a delicious dessert. But it is worth carefully referring to the choice of a mixer: the higher the power, the faster and easier the cream takes place than the power below - the greater the likelihood of overheating technology and the exit of it.
  • Blender, unlike a mixer, is not adapted for whipping cream, even if he has a whin-ancient. When the cream whipping the mixer, you need to start with small revolutions, gradually increasing the speed of rotation of the whites.
  1. Many cooks argue that whipping cream cream is the best way. Creams are saturated with plenty of oxygen, obtained lush and stable. Here you can give a few tips.
  2. With this method of beating, the container with cold cream is lowered into the ice tank. The whisk also needs to be cooled. Keep the dishes under a slight tilt, slowly committing circular movements with a wedge and gradually accelerating.
  3. When the mass of thickened, in small portions, add sugar powder with vaniline.
  4. Beat until the surface pattern from the whin will appear on the surface. Do not overdo it, otherwise everything will fall.

Upon completion of the whipping, pour lemon juice, it will perform the stabilizer - will give the sustainability of the consistency.

How to beat cream with sugar for cream?

For cooking 4 servings, pour a glass of thick cream into the pan, put on ice or in cold water and take the formation of a thick foam.

Put 3 tablespoons of sugar powder and vanilina teaspoon (and vanilla sugar), stirrely and immediately serve on the table, otherwise cream can stand and become liquid.

How to beat 20 percent cream in cream?

Recall that cream of fatness of less than 30% is not suitable for the preparation of desserts, they are hard to beat them without special additives thickeners. And it should be understood that a thick, stable cream from such a product will not work. Therefore, how to beat 10 percent cream into cream, we will not tell you.

But what to do, if the cream of the desired fatness does not get? You can try to work with a 20% product.

To do this, you will need some ice. It can be prepared independently at home using special molds. The cream themselves and the capacitance should be chilled in which you beat them (just remove them into the fridge for several hours).

When the water in the molds turned into ice, and cream and dishes were cooled for their whipping, proceed to the process itself. Get frozen ice cubes and put them in a deep bowl. Then reclose cream from factory packaging into the harvested dishes for whipping and put this container into ice tank. It is important to do all this as quickly as possible so that nothing has done to warm up.

Beat the cream should be thickened until peaks appear on the surface of the cream. This may take some time. You can check the readiness you can turn the bowl - the product should not fall out.

An alternative option will be adding to the product of a special thickener for cream, which will not increase the level of fat content, and simply make cream thicker. Products will become dense, thick, and it will be possible to achieve a sustainable consistency.

The scope of the scope of whipped cream is enormous: they are added to cakes, puddings, fruit salads, ice cream, coffee and hot chocolate, make independent desserts ...


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