How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes

As promised in the article about wreaths, I tell how to paint the bumps to the new year. I'm sure you like it! And also, this is a way to take your babies "socially useful work", that is, they will start their energy for a good thing!

How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year

General Rules Painting

There are rules of work:

  • Be sure to wash the natural material! Pour water to the basin, add a drop of detergent.
  • It is better to look at the fully discontinued fir bumps. You can even in the oven bake them within 1-2 hours until they reveal.
  • It is worth working in gloves. And if sprays are used, then in the respirator and outdoors.

It remains to figure out how and how to paint.

What and how to paint

How can you paint the bumps?

There are many means and methods that are suitable for this purpose:

  • Sprays. Any aerosol enamels are suitable. Place the newspaper and paint at a distance of 15-20 cm. It is better to paint on the balcony or street, aerosols have a very strong unpleasant smell.

    how to paint bumps spray
    how to paint bumps spray

  • Sponge. If it is planned to decorate a lot of material, this method is fully justified. It is best to put a sponge into the container. Drink her paint. The bumps mock, press and twist along the sponge with all sides. how to paint bumps sponge
  • Sequins and hair polish. In order for the sparkles to be fixed, you can use varnish (for hair) with strong fixation. Sprinkle on the bump and immediately sprinkle with her glitters. Extra ride. So you can do several times until you achieve a smooth (or necessary) coating.
  • Sequins on PVA glue. Glue with water is mixed in deep containers. Pine cones are lowered, plunge several times. Then give a knock of the glue and leave to dry. It is possible to apply glue with a tassel, and to trigger with glitters from above.

    Cover the bump of PVA glue and sprinkle with sparkles
    Cover the bump of PVA glue and sprinkle with sparkles

  • Acrylic paint or gouache. Apply a tassel or with a sponge. It is only worth considering that the sponge will only affect the edges. Bruster will get significantly deeper.

    Prayer bumps acrylic paint with brushes
    Prayer bumps acrylic paint with brushes

  • White. Pour white bumps. Capacity tightly close and put in a dark place. Already after 18 hours, the material marks noticeably. Do not be scared, the bumps will be closed; Such a reaction to moisture. But then open again.
    And one more thing that is warning. Often in the photo you can see absolutely white shoots. But do not expect to get such results quickly. For this it costs several times to do the customer. And every time the bumps should be good.
  • A tin of paint. Yes, yes, this is the easiest, but the most costly paint method. The lid on the rope is dipped into the can with paint, remove, hang up the glasses of excess paint. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  • Palm, stearin wax or candles. But this means is special. Show a master class, how to work with it. In appearance they are not ordinary and claim to be Christmas toys. Another advantage - they can be aromaticized. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year

How to work with polyethylene wax

Need :

  • Wax (flakes) can be bought in the store for creativity or buy cheap candles;
  • Dye (oil or liquid food is well suitable);
  • Aromatic oil;
  • 2 bowls for water bath;
  • Wooden spoon.

Mastery Original Decoration Step :

  1. In the water bath we melt wax. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  2. When it is heated, add the remaining ingredients: paint and flavor. I recommend choosing the flavors that create a New Year's mood, more than reference
    How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
    Melting on the bath and add a dye

    Add flavoring
    Add flavoring

  3. Focus shoots. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  4. We leave to dry somewhat.

    How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
    When the first layer is frozen - do the bump for the second time

  5. And again we lower in the wax. So we continue until you get the right color. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  6. Wax do not throw away, but make a beautiful candle. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year

That beauty did Author of this master class, details on her blog

How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year

A couple of tips:

  • The wax should not be neither hot or cold. Only well warm, then he will fall to a smooth layer. When you lower the bump in the penultimate time it is already thicker.
  • For the brilliance, the last time plot in hot wax.

But there are other ideas of decoration.

How to decorate the cones to the new year

Interestingly, shoots can not only with the help of paints. There are other means:

  • Beads. You can put them on glue between scales. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  • Plasticine. Little figures or balls will decorate, as if Christmas Christmas balls. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  • Artificial snow. So fluffy looks. Salt can be used: the bump is covered with plow glue and dip in salt Corses in salt
  • Bows, serpentine. Mass options. With the help of bows, you can make a loop and hang a bump on a fir. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  • Toys. Crafts of small sizes will perfectly look at a multicolored chish. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  • More option to decorate bumps with branches How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  • More options: How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year
  • Also cute cones are obtained if they have been reeling with small pompons How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year

Color combinations

Yes, and about the combination of colors do not forget, so that your composition of the cones did not look cheap needlework. In the color circle, I do not focus myself, but I keep the landmark on the helpful plate below:

How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year

Well, a little combinations directly cones. How to paint the bumps to the new year - 7 step-by-step master classes. How to decorate the cones to the new year

I think with such a decor that we prepared today, the holiday will be especially beautiful and elegant! Did you like ideas? Share with friends and subscribe to other articles.

Pine or fir bumps have long been very common materials for New Year's crafts. Such a gift from the forest will certainly create a festive mood in the house and will be an excellent interior decoration. The cones are durable, and therefore any workshop will remain in the apartment for several years and will look like it just brought it. Before you understand how to paint the bumps for crafts, you need to pay some attention to the next part of the article.

how to paint bumps

How to choose a material for painting

It turns out everything is not so simple, and you need to choose a bump with the mind. After all, they will soon become a decoration of the house. It is best to stop your choice on open cones, which will look more interesting, but if those in the forest were not discovered, you can dial and closed instances. After drying in the oven on a small fire, natural materials will start opening. The process itself takes not a lot of time.

Preparatory stage

Immediately before work, thinking about how to paint the bumps for the new year, it is necessary to pay for some time the preparation of selected instances. Some of them can be with contaminants that need to be removed. For this, each bump is carefully visible, and if necessary, it ished and dried. The drying procedure is best to hold in a room with good ventilating, but it is not recommended to use heating devices for drying.

In the absence of severe pollution, all cones are carefully cleaning with hard brushes to remove particles of the Earth or other trash.

If the materials for crafts were collected wet, then they must be dried. A brave cabinet is suitable for this purpose. Such a measure is needed that the future element of the decor can delight its owner for a long time.

It is important to know that the cones contain a resin in large quantities. It needs to get rid of it by applying digestive technology. The assembled materials are washed under the jet of hot water (2-3 times). Then you need to put them in a saucepan, pour water and add a small amount of detergent liquid. The digestion process lasts 3 hours, and the water itself changes several times.

After the time expires, the bumps are getting out of the pan, shifted on the towel and wait until water stalks. Then you need to dry. To do this, future crafts are placed in a warm place for several days. During this time, just come up with how you can paint the bumps for crafts.

what paint paint pins

Another subtlety is in the disclosure of the cones. As mentioned above, you can use the oven. But if time allows time, then natural materials are simply placed in a warm room and wait until they begin to open. If you need to leave the disclosure at a certain stage, it is recommended to use joinery glue. It dip the bumps in it using the clips, and then shifted on polyethylene to dry out. The adhesive mass will not allow scales to open further.

What paint paint pins

So, the cones are under hand there, it remains to determine than painting, because painting materials there is a huge amount. First of all, it is necessary to proceed from usability. Alkid enamel is sold in large banks with a wide neck, where you can fully immerse the bump. This approach will significantly speed up the painting process.

what can you beat the bumps

Some people prefer acrylic paints or Guosi. It will be somewhat more work here, because you will have to spend a certain time to paint each bump with a brush. The work itself is simple, just more laborious. But you do not need to think how to paint the bumps for the new year.

You can take advantage of the painful substances from the cans. Such a choice has its own advantages: a large number of colors, there is paint with sparkles (which will make a bump even more original), and again, fast processing of natural materials.

What you need to work

Before creating a New Year's masterpiece and think how to paint the bumps into white, it is necessary to have the following materials at hand:

  • the right amount of pine cones;
  • White paint (it is recommended to stop your choice on alkyd enamel, which dries quickly);
  • a piece of wire made of steel;
  • Several newspapers.

Step-by-step instructing

Wire will be needed to facilitate the painting process. From one end, steel bends in the form of a hook, so that it could be easily fixed on it. The same hook is done on the opposite side so that in the future it was possible to hang the craft on drying.

It is necessary to choose a place in the room where in the future there are cones for drying. Here on the floor, the newspaper is spilled in several layers, so that the liquid paint does not hit the parquet or carpet.

how to paint bumps in white

Before starting work, a jar containing paint shakes. Then they fasten the cone to one of the hooks and immerse it in the jar. When removing the cone, it needs to hold it over the bank to give a track of the insertion of the coloring agent.

The bumps hang in the selected location. After crafts dry, you can carefully remove them from hooks. For convenience, you can install two chairs, put on the backs of any suitable stick (even ordinary mop) and already hang bumps on the stick. So, the answer to the question how to paint the bumps into white, obtained.

Which color you can still paint the bumps

So that the bumps look more original and festively, you can choose any color you like, everything remains at the discretion of someone who is engaged in a cradle. The following things will be needed for work:

  • thick piece of foam rubber;
  • paint (gouache);
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • polyethylene film;
  • a pair of gloves;
  • The desired amount of cones.

Painting is carried out so. It is necessary to take the golden gouache and mix with acrylic varnish, after which the resulting liquid is uniformly distributed over the foam rubber. From the thickness of the layer depends on how well each scales are punished. That is why it is recommended to take a thick piece of foam rubber.

In the workplace, it is necessary to spread the polyethylene film so as not to blur the surface of the paint, over to place the foam rubber, put the bump on it and slowly rotate it clockwise. Before performing the already described stage, it is recommended to protect your hands with gloves. It is especially worth noting that the paint is consumed in a small amount.

how to paint bumps in golden

During operation, the foam rubber should be overdocated to the opposite side, because Painting material will be flushing into the bottom. After reading this part of the article questions about how to paint the bumps into a gold color should not be left.

Small tricks

Some people in front of the painting cones to the new year before them bleach them to the paint lay better. Make such an operation is quite simple, at hand you need to have:

  • a large number of bleach containing chlorine;
  • bucket;
  • plate;
  • a couple of gloves;
  • several cones;
  • cargo.

In the selected bucket put the bumps and pour the bleach to it completely covered with natural materials. On top it is necessary to put a plate, which will not give the cones to float to the surface. The load is required to hold a plate, you can use brick or any other heavy item.

than you can paint chisps to craft

The bleaching process itself takes 24 hours. After this time, the bumps must be rinsed in a large amount of water and dry. After all these actions, they will have to reveal and become light color. As soon as everything dries, you can engage in painting cones to the new year.

How to give cones an unusual view

To make cones more decorative, you can use sparkles that are applied on the edges of the scraps. If the choice fell on acrylic paints to perform crafts, then it is recommended at the final stage of work to use varnish suitable for wood. It will give the hand of a glossy, sparkling appearance.

how can you fly the bumps for crafts

In the event that you need to cover the conex with several paint layers, it should be remembered that it is necessary to have time for the complete drying of each layer. Before you take for another paint and continue to work, you must make sure that the first layer is absolutely dry. Otherwise, you can damage the work already performed.


The article lists a lot of cones painting options to make them beautiful and unusual. In conclusion, you need to talk about safety measures, because the improper use of paints and varnishes can lead to serious trouble. This is especially true in which children take part.

If it is decided to take advantage of aerosol paints, then you need to remember that the volatile substances are harmful to the respiratory organs, and the paint is explosive and easily flammable.

While working is recommended to use special glasses to protect the eyes and respirators. It is worth putting on the gloves to protect the skin. If the work is made indoors, then it needs to be carried out. It is recommended to use aerosol paints to adult people, and very small children are better to take less dangerous preparation for the holiday. The same applies to the coating of cones with varnishes, which have a sharp smell.

All work with substances that can harm human health must be performed in compliance with all precautionary measures. If the weather allows, the use of aerosol paints, varnishes and other substances with a specific aroma is best in a well-ventilated room, or in general on the street.

We hope, after familiarizing with this article, you will no longer have to break your head over what to paint the bumps for crafts.

How to paint the bumps for crafts in different colors: Tips and video lessons

Walking through the woods, sometimes wondering what bizarre paints gives nature to their "children." Of course, we cannot compare with it, but they are still possible to make their modest lept. For example, when creating another craft or inventing jewelry to the new year, knowledge of how to paint natural cones can be very useful. We will talk about it.

How to paint the bumps in white color do it yourself in MK

First of all, it should be noted that the process of seizure selection should be as soon as possible and responsibly, because in the future they will have to become part of the decor in your interior. Yes, and for crafts will need beautiful, smooth and neat cones.

So, the open bumps will look better, but if you were lucky enough to collect closed, do not worry: everything can be fixed. In this case, you just need to dry the bumps in the oven on slow fire. The signal to the end of the drying will be the moment when they all open.

If it goes to the new year, then a truly festive view of the bump will be acquired if they are painted in white. To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • Pine cones;
  • White paint bank (alkyd enamel is best for such work, since it will quickly dry and has a rich color);
  • cut steel wire;
  • Normal newspaper.

Materials are collected, you can start.

  1. First you need to prepare a wire for painting. One of her end is bending so that the bump is easily dressed. And the second bend in the form of a hook, like on her shoulders for clothes. With the help of such a hook, the wire with a colored lump then will be convenient to hang for drying.
  2. In the place where you will dry your cones, lay out the prepared newspaper. Paints are quite liquid consistency, so the drips are simply guaranteed. Before opening the bank, do not forget to shake it carefully.
  3. Next, put a bump on a wire and slowly lower it into the paint. After a complete dive, slowly deliver the cone back. It is better to hold her minute over the jar to all the excess glass paint.
  4. Now it remains only to hang bumps over a newspaper until a complete burden. After carefully remove the resulting beauty from the wire.

Consider bumps in gold. In order to paint the bumps into the gold color (or in silver), it is best to use paint in the form of a spray. In stores offering various products for creativity, you will open a fairly wide range of similar aerosols.

In general, the action plan is similar to the previous one. The bump is best to hang on the hook and make a pretty paint from the sprayer. Try to get it in all clicks and lumets. After complete drying, the bump can be used as a Christmas decoration or any other decor. Several interesting ideas on this occasion you can learn from the collection of video materials proposed by us below.

Pray the bumps of gouache. Another common option is to dye bumps of gouache. Yes, yes, ordinary gouache for children's creativity. In this case, you will need only cones, paints and brush. Moreover, it should be noted that we have a tassel, you have more opportunities for creativity, because the cones can be painted not completely, but rather sore or partially. For example, you can only paint the tips. As a result, there will be such fun decorations:

But, of course, you can proceed and easier (or more correctly say more than traditional), painting a bump "From heels to the top" in a strictly defined color. Thus, you can make a kind of color pine "assorted", which can be part of the decoration of the New Year tree or just a composition in a vase or a wicker basket.

Particularly beautifully multicolored cones will look ahead with candy and tangerines laid on fir sprigs on a big beautiful dish.

Summing up, we would like to give you some important tips on the topic:

  1. It is best to take advantage of more resistant paints, for example, acrylic. In the perfect version, a set of acrylic dyes should be purchased, paints in the canisters (can, by the way, use specialized car enamels), aerosol paints-metallic, finishing varnishes Finish and dyes with special effects ("frosty" coating, sparkles, etc.) .
  2. The technology of working with paints and varnishes, this is especially true of aerosol and car dyes having a sharp smell, assumes their use in well-ventilated non-residential premises, and better and at all outdoors.
  3. If the creation of a craft is provided for staining of cones in several layers, then each new layer should be applied only after the previous completely dry.

Video on the topic

By tradition, we offer you some interesting videos about how you can paint the bumps at home. Here you will find a lot of ideas for inspiration.

Not a little time before the New Year holidays. Those who have not had time to decorate their home or apartment, think over the table service and decoration, it is recommended to connect fantasy and to pay a couple of winter evenings creative process.

Color coloring

For example, the decoration of the interior can be done using natural materials - spruce or pine cones. With proper processing and staining, this durable and natural raw materials will delight households for more than one year.

Christmas crafts from cones
Christmas crafts from cones
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Collection and preparation of cones

It is best to collect bumps in the fall, but this possibility is not always. In fact, you can take any fallen cones from late spring before winter. Especially many of them appear under the trees after a strong wind, so the large-scale collection is worth planning in advance.

Important! The ideal option is to raise only freshly ending raw materials, which has not yet in contact with sand, dirt, did not lay in the rain.

Old cones are much worse in quality, they are darker and covered with mold. As for the appearance, it is better to take open specimens that look much more interesting in the crafts.


Preparation of cones start with purification from contamination. We look through each of them, processed with a brush to remove trash and dirt, with the help of a tweezer remove the glued particles.

Then the bumps wash: immersed in water with vinegar (proportion - 2: 1), completely covered with liquid and withstand half an hour. Clean cones are folded on paper, dried, and then calcined in the oven until they reveal (from half an hour).

Typed bumps

Tip! If you have time, you can dry outdoor raw materials for three days. Some wizards additionally digends the cones from the resin and only then dried, but this stage is optional.

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Whitening of Christmas Cryes

Whitening is produced if it is planned to repently paint the bumps of light paint. Otherwise, dark brown streaks will ugly oppose the basics.

For whitening, the "whiteness" or other chlorine bleach is perfect. The material is folded into the container, poured with chlorine, the load is placed on top and leave for 2 days. After washing the bumps and dried in the air to get rid of the unpleasant odor.

Bleached cones for decor
Bleached cones for decor
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What paint is suitable for cones

From the cones you can do a variety of color compositions. It is only important to choose suitable paints and produce beautiful shades for painting. Many compositions are suitable for work, since the cones are a porous material that perfectly absorbs the pigment.

It is best to use such LKM:

  1. Acrylic paints. They are implemented in banks, bottles, tubes and are suitable for complete staining or drawing individual strokes. It is most convenient to use acrylic compositions in bells or aerosol acrylic authemals. Pains with pearl or metallic effect are stunningly.
  2. Acrylic or other finish varnishes. Usually used to perform the terminating layer after any paint, although they are suitable for independent processing in order to obtain the lacquer surface. Also on sale there are varnishes with matte, semiam, satin effect. The most persistent is the yacht varnishes.
  3. Alkyd enamel. Such paints are sold at any economic store. They give a smooth, dense layer on the surface of cones, do not roll, serve for a long time. Their only minus is a sharp smell, so you will have to work outdoors. Such formulations are sold in banks in which you can just dip the bumps.

  1. Gouache. Dense paint without dilution can also be the basis for the creative process. Gouache is applied to all elements or only on separate sections of cones with a brush. The work will be more time consuming, but the cost of the decor is minimal. To reduce labor costs instead of a brush, you can use a sponge.
  2. Aniline dyes. A cones for the decor can be painted with ordinary greenflaw or fuccin from the pharmacy. Alcohol dyes impregnate the surface literally per minute, and then they need to quench and dry the finished elements in the microwave.
  3. Egg paint. Similar dyes also give juicy, bright color. They are bred by water according to the instructions, immersed in a natural material and withstand 30-60 minutes. Similarly, you can use paint for fabric, woolen things.
  4. Sequins and PVA. This original way "Painting" is often used to create a New Year's decor from the cones. It is necessary to simply deceive the raw with glue and sprinkle with sparkles or glitter.
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The process of coloring natural material

Before the immediate painting cone shape, if necessary, remove unnecessary flakes, give the shape of a flower, toys. You can also cut a part of the product by the jigsaw, although most often the raw materials are left in its original form.

Tip! For convenience, a piece of steel wire is used - bend on both sides with hooks and suspend the bump.

Painting products are pretty simple. It is necessary to simply process all the scales of paint, spray from the canister or dip the bump, and then shake and leave to be dried in suspension.

Painting by Okunania

To give the golden or silver tint cones, they are whiten or stained with a white tone, and after splashing with gold or silver from the spray. Another interesting variant of staining is to make scales with multi-colored, for example in the form of a rainbow or color assorted.

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Staining with polyethylene wax

There is a unique technique of painting natural material using plastic wax in the form of flakes, which is sold in stores for creativity. You can also buy any candle and use it at work. Still need food dye, a pair of tanks for a water bath, a wooden spoon and aromatic oil.

Wax drown on the steam bath, the flavoring and dye is introduced, and then dipped into the cone. The finished decorations are dried during the day, then repeat all manipulations to make the wax layer thicker.

Plastowax polyethylene wax
Plastowax polyethylene wax

The raw materials painted in any way can be additionally decorated with varnish, applying sparkles on the edges of the scraps, sticking beads, artificial snow, bows, serpentine. All these techniques will allow you to get a real handmade masterpiece, fully show fantasy and make your home unusual and smart to the holiday.

Crafts from cones

How and how can you paint the bumps for crafts?

How and how can you paint the bumps for crafts?

Pine and fir bumps are used to make winter crafts and jewelry. The material is stored for a long time and is easy to paint. The product of the cones will not lose the initial view even in a couple of years. The use of various coloring techniques will create unique crafts.

Suitable materials

When choosing a dye, it is worth navigating convenience, availability and safety. The latter circumstance plays a special role if the bumps are harvested with the child. In this case, it is better to give preference to simple gouache. If the child is already an adult, then any other dye will fit.

It is recommended to use the most resistant dyes, for example, acrylic or aerosol. Alternatively, fixing varnishes are used.

If the bump is painted in several layers, then drying the first, and then apply the second. In this case, the coating will be high-quality.

To apply paint, you need to take a piece of foam rubber or brush. It will also be needed to secure the bump. The painted product must be sown somewhere. Under the workpiece, the container should be installed in which the excess paint will be flushed.

Alkyd enamel

The composition is sold in banks with a wide neck. This makes it easy to dip the bump completely. This approach allows you to quickly paint the product. The easiest way to hook the natural material for the wire so that he will not drow. Dry the product is needed in a suspended form so that the excess material is freely glasses back to the jar.

Alkyd enamel durable and elastic. The coating dries quickly. Staining can be carried out in the room without harm to health. Excellent solution in order to make a white bump. The composition does not shine over time.

Acrylic paints

The material can be in a jar or tube. It is quite easy to purchase a whole set of colored acrylic paints and make crafts from the cones. After drying, it is recommended to use wood lacquer. So the bump will become a glossy and brilliant. Paint will not crack.

The material can be applied with a sponge or tassel. Acrylic allows not only to paint, but also to form volume. Acrylic paint is quickly covered with a crust, but it still remains wet. Therefore, it is important to leave a bump at the time that the manufacturer indicates to complete drying.


The easiest and most common option. The usual gouache is safe for children's creativity. For the manufacture of crafts should be prepared paint, brush and bump. The composition you can paint the workpiece only partially, which will make the decor more interesting.

Usually cover only the tips of the cones or each scales in different colors. You can paint the inner and outer part in different ways. The brush significantly expands the capabilities and gives space for creativity. At the same time, the cone itself can be left in natural color or paint completely, and then add a guachery touches.


Aerosol paint greatly simplifies processing. Only to start you need to secure the workpiece so that the coating has reached all parts. The first bump can be covered unevenly, but it is not entirely scary. Some workouts and the effect will be flawless.

Aerosols may have different effects. Pretty attractive looks paint with metallic effect. The composition is economical, applied with a thin layer. The paint dries quickly and is distinguished by persistence.

You can combine different colors and textures so that the product is as elected as possible and bright.

How to paint?

Corses for crafts can be collected in any forest where coniferous trees grow. Suitable pine and firing, there is no special difference when staining. Billets can be done at any time, the bumps are stored for quite a long time, do not lose their qualities. The master class of staining is gradually useful in the work.

  1. Preparation of material. A resin remains in the cones, and the dirt accumulates between the scales, insects live. Collect the natural material is recommended in gloves and in special clothes, which is not sorry to be stained. Later, all the blanks are sorted in shape and size.
  2. Cleansing. Coarse dirt and seeds can be removed by hard brushes and tweezers. Then you should lower the material into water with vinegar in the ratio of 2: 1. The bumps should be in solution completely. Natural material should be left for 30 minutes. After wetting scales on the cones will close, but this is a temporary effect. The washed material should be decomposed on the newspaper and leave until complete drying.
  3. Warming. A foil or parchment paper is placed on the baking sheet, the dry cones are laid out on top so that they do not come into contact. The oven should be heatled to 95-120 ° C. The cones are processed from 30 minutes and until the calculation of the scales. The material can be dried in vivo, but this will require at least 3 days. During the heat treatment of the resin, crystallizes, so it is necessary to cool the bumps gradually. It is enough to open the oven and leave the blanks for a while. It should also be pulled in carefully, after warming up the natural material becomes fragile.
  4. Formation. Lobzika can be cut off a piece of cones. It's easier to simply remove part of the scales to form the desired view. For this, conventional nippers are suitable. Cropped parts should not be thrown away. Scales can be used in creativity.
  5. Making fastening. You can use a screw from the loop. It is enough just to gently screw it into the plump. As a result, garlands, souvenirs or toys can be made from blanks.
  6. Whitening. The bump can handle white. The material should be left in a solution for 24 hours or longer. Then it is enough to rinse the cone running water and dry on the draft. As a result, the billet will be white and completely odorless. You can decompose the cones in packages and drop a bit of essential oil, literally 1-2 drops.
  7. Staining. The selected or simply prepared workpiece should be painted with the selected composition. You can dip in alkyd enamel and leave until complete drying. It is also easy to just paint a bump from the canister. In the latter case, it is better to use a bleached bump. So it will take less paint so that the layer is bright enough and saturated. Gouache and acrylic can be applied to a natural bump. The last two options are better to use together with a brush or foam rubber. Beautifully decorate the bump with your own hands. Painting can be performed in any technique.
  8. Laccurate. It is necessary to choose the composition for a tree that does not turn yellow. Varnish can be applied with a brush or purchase a means in the form of a spray. To obtain a thick layer, it is enough to dip a bump in the jar and leave to leave. Ship varnish will last longer. The remaining species are less wear-resistant.

Varnish can be matte, glossy and satin. It is worth choosing a coverage that is more like.

An interesting method of staining is the use of paraffin. In the color composition you just need to dip the bump. Paraffin quickly freezes. The decorative layer is pretty thick and attractive. However, it will be necessary to remove all the flows and extra drops.

When staining with a foam rubber layer is obtained more subtle. We'll have to repeat the procedure several times so that the color is saturated. If you take a sponge with big pores, the effect will be more interesting. Poropolone can also be used with acrylic paint, but it is worth acting quickly. In this case, the drawing will be relief and unusual.


There are many methods of staining of cones. Different techniques make it possible to turn a simple workpiece from natural material into the original and unique decor. However, it is necessary to comply with a simple safety technique when working with cones and paints.

Especially important to adhere to the rules if the manufacturer is made with children.

  1. Aerosol paints in beans are volatile, so they can harm the respiratory authorities. At the same time, the paint itself is easily flammable and is explosive. It is necessary to work with the composition in a well-ventilated room. Better and at all outside the apartment, at least on the balcony. At the same time, put on gloves, mask, glasses. These funds will protect their eyes, respiratory tract and skin. Aerosol paint can not be given to children, painting should produce adults.
  2. Varnish should also be applied with regard to security rules. It is impossible to make the composition of the skin and mucous membranes. The room is also worth venturing to remove the toxic smell of varnish.
  3. Acrylic paints and gouache are less toxic than enamel and aerosol. However, it is important to ensure that the makeup does not get a child in his mouth or eye.
  4. Gouache can be drawn even with hands. It is this means is the safest for children's creativity. However, one should not forget about protective clothing.
  5. Dry the cones at each stage of processing better on the balcony. So the composition hardens faster, and the smell of paint or varnish will not spread around the apartment.

Crafts from cones look interesting and unusual. The combination of textures and colors allows you to make an original and unique product.

Painted cones can be used as an independent decor or to be an element of garlands, any other decoration.

When working with the child, you should not limit the creative process. It is just important to properly prepare the bumps first and high-quality covered with varnish after staining.

More ways to paint cones for crafts further.


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